Thank you all for your comments. I have put all of your comments together and tried to address questions or observation to the best of my ability. The epilogue is after the comment acknowledgements. I look forward to posting my next story. It is nice to belong to a board that gives feedback so generously.

Alice I

2005-07-14 ch 10
I loved this story. I was always happy to see it being updated. Really great characterization and I loved how Margaret gave Charlie comfort. I like the crossover aspect too. WAT was done well-could have seen more of that interaction and the Numbers part was great. Good mystery to this too. Thanks for writing it.

Thank you Springfield. I am not as familiar with the WAT show as I am with Numb3rs.I wanted to have the story happen in the Numb3rs universe but tell it in the WAT format so That is why there was less interaction between the WAT characters. I thought that Jack hada pretty big part though. His character is the one I am most familiar with.

Prof3ss3r Marsi
2005-07-12 ch 10
Awesome story.
2005-07-04 ch 7
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2005-06-30 ch 5
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AWESOME! Well, kind of bad thing, but stil very cool. Can't wait. Doin' great.

Thank you for all the comments Prof3ss3r Marsi. I have been told that I do good dream sequences. I have quite a few of them in the Harry Potter fic I wrote. They were quite well received.

2005-07-11 ch 10
wow, that was harrowing!
My only wish is an isty bisty one, to have some closure with Jack and Danny. Loved the brothers realizing that they kind of felt the same growing up, like they were misfits. Very nice conclusion. Hope to read more from you!
2005-07-03 ch 7
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2005-07-01 ch 6
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2005-06-25 ch 1
It took me a minute to figure out why the name Jack Malone sounded so familiar...crossover! I was just fantasizing about a Numbers/Without a Trace crossover and here you go. Good start. You have my attention.

Thanks Shoey! Glad you enjoyed the ride! OK sorry about the Jack and Danny thing. I had planned on a nice scene with them but it just didn't fit with Charlie's post operative depression. So I hope you enjoy the epilogue. The guys actually have a lot more in common than they realize. Kim said so in the episode Counterfeit Reality.
Good word usage (ratcheting up the tension) Personally I am a bit melodramatic and I like a lot of tension in my stories. God you should see what I put poor Harry in my HP fic.

2005-07-09 ch 10
That was beautiful. I like how you didn't make us all wait for updates after updates for your story. It went smoothly and finished beautifully. i look forward to reading more works from you. :)

I am glad that you enjoyed the story rhea. I didn't start posting this here until it was almost completely done so that there wouldn't be huge wait times. I have actually completely lost interest in stories that have excessively long gaps between postings. It's too bad really because a couple of them were really good.

kippling croft
2005-07-08 ch 10
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Good Heavens!
Kippling do you realize that you commented on every chapter except chapter eight! Thanks you for your continued interest in the story. Great to hear from folks who like It enough to take the time to comment after what they have read.

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I am very pleased that you LOVED this story Pepleigh. Your wish is my command.
Enjoy the epilogue.

2005-07-08 ch 10
dude that was like an awesome ending...the only thing is that when someone is coughing up blood or something is you roll them as much as you can to the left so whatever they just brought up doesn't go down the other tube...but i understand why you had to roll him right...
oh and as for the epilogue, i say do it...if there's something else you need to clear up, just add it in, because if they don't want to read it, then they can just stop right here... oh and good job with the whole thing
2005-07-04 ch 7
DUN DUN DUN...cliffie much? thats okay...
2005-06-29 ch 4
I really like made the crossover really well... :D

HA HA there is someone else who says TOOTLES! I say that all the time and boy do I get funny looks from people sometimes. I'm am very glad that this story was so well received.

2005-07-08 ch 10
Aw, what a sweet ending. I have enjoyed this story so much and hate to see it end that I'll vote yes for an epilogue, but it isn't at all necessary. If you've ever had the misfortune to stand by and watch a loved one go through one of these attacks as I have, you'll agree that this story is extremely well written. Unfortunately my experience didn't end as well and I lost my husband, but I'm awfully glad Charlie survived.
2005-07-06 ch 8
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2005-07-01 ch 6
As terrible as the bad news is, I feel better now that the problem can be faced head-on, but. . but. . where IS Charlie? I was hoping that the doctor's current surgery patient was Charlie. No such luck.
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2005-06-27 ch 2
This is a great cross-over. All sorts of dire things are running through my mind, wondering what ails our Charlie. Grief can do strange things to people. Please update soon; I worry!

First I would like to say that I am so sorry about your husband. That last chapter must have been terrible for you to read. It was very realistic because of all of the research and I am truly sorry if it brought up bad memories for you. I wish to thank you for all of your comments on this story. It is really good for a writer to hear how the story is actually affecting the reader. You conveyed that very well and I really do appreciate it.

2005-07-07 ch 10
this was so wonderful. it was so suspenseful and dramatic. Charlie's seizure was so terrifying. when you wrote about Charlie's medical care, you really sounded like you knew what you were talking about, which really added to the realism and suspense.

A lot of the medical expertise came from research, but I have also worked in the medical field for twenty years as a X-Ray tech. I have had many rotations in Emergency Rooms and Operating Rooms. I have seen seizures and serious fractures. I had thought of having Charlie's fractures be compound but my beta talked me out of that. Compound fractures would have seriously lengthened his stay in the hospital and the infections would most likely have killed him after being down in the ravine for two days. Not to mention the animals the scent of blood would have drawn to the helpless mathematician.

Shadowbolt the Demon
2005-07-07 ch 9
Wow, great fic. I can't wait till you update!

Thanks, I hope you felt that the waits were reasonably short. I tried to do it that way.

2005-07-06 ch 9
Great update. You have a good writing style and have done a good job at developing the story and maintaining the characters. Keep up the good work.
2005-07-01 ch 6
OMG! This is a really great story. Poor Charlie, I hope that he is ok. Please update soon!

I am glad you liked the story. I'm working on my next piece. Don is the one who gets it in the next story.

2005-07-05 ch 8
Another fantastic chapter. Excellent medical research - kudos! Beware of giving too much detail on that front, though. I don't think you crossed that line but you skirted it - just something to think about. Wonderful emotional description and I thought Don especially was perfectly in character in this scene; I could imagine the actors playing it (except for Jack 'cause I don't know what he looks like. :D). Your incidental OC Marty was also very well done - given enough personality to make the reader like him and envision the scene, but not so much as to detract from the action, and this goes for other characters in previous chapters.
Can't wait to see the next chapters!
2005-06-29 ch 1
Oh, and thank you for making a story without excessive violence and without profanity - much appreciated!
2005-06-29 ch 4
Very happy to see a new chapter! I've been hoping to see you post this here since reading the first chapters you sent me. Your lawyer was written very well, very believably. Though I have an inkling what's wrong with C I can't wait to see how you write it - and indeed, if I'm right. :D Please update again soon!

Thanks Susan,
I had forgotten that I sent you the first couple of chapters for beta reading. Did I ever hear back from you? I personally do not like to read profanity. That is my one big objection to Stephen King novels. I still read his stuff though. I tried to be very detailed in every aspect of the story. I find that when I am reading a piece it helps if I can actually picture what is happening. The medical stuff has a tendency to have greater detail, simply because of my professional background. Glad you liked the lawyer. I don't really have any knowledge of lawyers so I just made him stiff and a bit of a jerk.

2005-07-05 ch 8
Ok, now the story's getting happier even though I almost cried reading this chapter. I can't wait for the next chapters.
2005-06-29 ch 4
This story is deep. I'm enjoying the way you're making everything easy to visualize. I know this is just a story, but I feel like this could almost be an actual episode. I can't wait for the following chapter or chapters because I'm worried about Charlie.
Thanks for the story!

Thank you Kim for saying that the story is like watching an episode of the show. That means that I have actually managed to accomplish what I set out to do. I also was picturing this as if it were an actual episode while I wrote it. (although the network would never put one their characters through what I did to poor Charlie.) Just wait till you see what I do to poor Don in the next story.
BTW the name of that will be Anxiety and for anyone who read the first 2 chapters that I posted elsewhere: I will have to delete them and re-post. The story now has direction and it took a terribly gruesome turn.

2005-07-04 ch 7
woof woof What's that Lassie? Charlie fell in Braddocks Ravine! I couldn't resist. See you soon.
2005-06-27 ch 2
OH so Charlie is running from something. an ex-con maybe? You're following the With Out a Trace (Sp?) format perfectly. See you soon.

Well it looks like I had you guessing there for a bit! Good that was my intention.

2005-07-03 ch 7
Bah. Evil.
2005-06-30 ch 5're evil. EVIL!
just so you know.

Me thinks you don't care too much for cliff hangers. Sorry They are a bit of a habit with me.
On the bright side I got you to come back and read the next installment!

2005-07-03 ch 7
I've been lurking on this story a while but I'm trying to review more and I have to tell you how wonderful you are handling this story.
I love the crossover idea and I think you're handling it well. The WAT timeline and the way you're slowly letting us into the last few days of Charlie's life is perfect. I think everyone is perfectly in character, especially the way Charlie pulls away out of guilt for the way he acted after his mother's death. Awesome.

I am glad that you decided to post a reply Brandywine. I too can be guilty of not reviewing when I have read something that I like. I have also tried to be much better about it because it feels awfully good to the writer who put so much work into the story.

2005-07-02 ch 6
very sexy chapter with all the medical jargon... keep it up...

Sexy! Cool I have never had my writing described that way, but I'll take it.

zia 5
continue, pleez! it's getting so good. i love numb3ers and without a trace, and i love your fic. you have a great writing style, and i love the way you do the flashbacks. so just hurry and update!

Glad you enjoyed it zia.

falling star9
2005-06-30 ch 5
NO! How could you leave a cliffhanger of this magnitude! Thats just evil man! I can't remember weither I reviewed this before. . . but I really like it. It's so original and I really think that your portraying the reactions and interactions of and between the characters accurately. Wow, I think that's the most intellegent sentance I've ever written! And that's really sad. But back to your story. I really like it and keep it up!

Yeah that was a big Cliff hanger. Sorry I couldn't resist. I LOVE cliff hangers in stories. Just so long as there isn't a long wait for the resolution. One day seemed appropriate. I have been told that I have a good ear for the characters. That comment seemed strange to me the first time I heard it but I guess that means what you said about portraying the characters accurately.

2005-06-30 ch 5
OK, this ending is just mean :(. Hurry up with the next part, PLEASE! The suspense is way too much to handle.

Well it got you to post! Sorry about the cliffie.

Radioactive Raccoony
2005-06-30 ch 5
What is it!Post more soon and let me know!
2005-06-26 ch 1
Yey!A crossover with WaT!I like it!And I love the beginning!What's wrong with Charlie?Dunno,why don't you post more soon and let me know,will ya? thumbs up

Glad you liked it. PS: Your screen name is cute. I wonder what made you think of it.

2005-06-28 ch 4
i am hooked on this story. i can't wait to read the next part. please post again soon.
2005-06-26 ch 1
awsome story. i can't wait to read the next part. please post again soon

I am glad that you liked the story so much.

2005-06-28 ch 3
woah! this is so cool . like the pace so far . i wonder how much charlie makes a year ... and what don's reaction was to that . can't wait for more:D
2005-06-26 ch 1
we! a Numb3rs and WAT crossover:D i'm so excited for this! Ü the idea's awesome ... and the first chapter was too! Ü i'm so intrigued . you know, with Charlie's behaviour ... it is weird ... i wonder what he was hiding, eh? anyways ... this is just so awesome:D wish we could see more of martin though .. but it's alright! we've got danny anyways! ;) can't wait for more:D

Charlie has hinted on two occations in the series that Mathematics pay A LOT. Cheryl Heuton and Nick F(?sp) stated on the CBS fan site that Math consultants can get up to a years worth of salary on just one consulting job. Good to see I had you guessing. And Thank-you for the comments.

Kado shujin Sara
2005-06-27 ch 3
Oh! I bet that gave Don chills. xD Please update soon! I hope they find Charlie okay, nya...

It sure did.


I hope the final analysis met with your approval. Thanks for the post.

2005-06-26 ch 1
Great idea to have a Numb3rs/WAT crossover! Please continue, I'll keep reading:-D
Well I looked at the other shows on CBS and it seemed that WAT was the best choice for a crossover.

Glad you enjoyed the story.

2005-06-26 ch 1
I read this story on another site, and it is definitely worth reading. I'm glad you decided to post it here. ;-)

I am glad I became a member of this site.
WinterSnow has written a marvelous fic called Satan's Ribbon. This is worth a read and let her know what you think of it. Personally I couldn't wait for each chapter to come up. Charlie makes a terrific hero!

2005-06-26 ch 1
This seems like a really good story so far. I like that you put an old teacher from Don and Terry's old school in there to. I really like it so far and I can't wait for your next chapter! smiles

Thanks Stephanie,
Having Jack as their instructor at Quantico just seemed like a good way to blend the crossover.

Only Memories
2005-06-25 ch 1
I am definitley curious now. I love Without A Trace and glad that someone did a crossover with Numb3RS. I like Don, Terry, and Jack know each other. Update soon can't wait for more.

I hope you liked it. Thanks you for the post.

D. Lerious
2005-06-25 ch 1
glad to see that you posted this here:)

Hey Dee,
How's it going? I won't bother to put the epilogue on the CBS site. This is the only place I'll probably put it. Hope you like it.


Four months had passed since Charlie had come home from the hospital after his surgery. His hair had grown back at an amazingly fast rate and his father had just started commenting on how Charlie should keep it at the length that it currently was. Charlie missed his long soft curls and adamantly refused to keep it trimmed however. "Come on Charlie, if you don't get a move on we are going to miss our flight!" Alan hollered, up the stairs.

Don was waiting out front with the taxi that would take them all to the airport. Charlie had decided that he wanted to pay a visit to Jack Malone and Danny Taylor. He had never really gotten an opportunity to thank them for all that they had done to help find him. Don asked for another week off from work so that he could go with Charlie and Alan had decided to go as well making it a family trip.

Early June in New York this year proved to be unbearably hot for Alan and Don, but Charlie didn't seem to mind. Even in the unseasonably ninety degree weather he still wore long sleeves and jeans, where Alan and Don had opted for shorts during their sight seeing forays.

Jack and Danny met with the Eppes men on their third night in the city to go out to dinner. They had just finished a difficult case involving a missing child, but it finally turned out that the girl was alright, and had been off on a grand adventure with her wayward father. The group met at the Shanghai Pavilion on the Upper East Side.

Jack stepped right up to Charlie and shook his hand briskly. "It's good to see you looking so well, Professor."

Charlie smiled a warm and genuine smile. "Please call me Charlie. I understand that I owe both of you a lot." Charlie said, as he shook Danny's hand after Jack's

"You don't owe us anything Charlie. We are both just very glad that you are alright and that things turned out well." Jack said, as he led the group to the bar for cocktails. The restaurant was very busy and they anticipated a long wait before being seated.

Danny sat next to Charlie at a table by an elegant waterfall with Koi swimming around at the base in a pool. "How's the leg coming along?"

Charlie looked up from the pond and tapped his thigh lightly. "Very well. I will still use the cane for quite a while but I'm getting stronger every day. I started riding again a week ago, much to the irritation of my father. I can only go for a couple of blocks before I have to stop and rest but it's a start."

"Charlie, what would it do to that plate in your leg if you had an accident on that bike of yours?" Alan said, defensively. "And besides I usually have to come and get you after one of these rides and you can't work properly on your assigned physical therapy for hours afterward!"

"But Dad, I like riding! You know it helps me to relax and it actually is exercise." Charlie said reasonably. He had a twinkle in his eye because he knew that his father was not going to stop objecting to him 'over doing it' no matter how much logic he used to back it up.

Alan huffed and said "Personally, I think that you shouldn't be riding until the cane is gone, but then again what I think is of little consequence on my sons here." Alan directed this comment to their New York hosts.

"Now hold on a moment. How did I get involved with this argument?" Don asked, with his hands raised up defensively, although he and Charlie exchanged winks that they didn't think Alan had seen.

"I saw that young man!"

Danny and Jack chuckled at the good hearted banter between father and sons. The men laughed and joked with each other through the evening and the meal and Charlie found that he was quite comfortable with this social situation. This struck him later as slightly odd. Before coming to New York to spend an evening with Jack and Danny, they were virtual strangers to him and he was usually somewhat shy and quiet in those sorts of circumstances. These men had helped to save his life and had guided Don and the LA personnel through the process of finding him. They had read his journals and found out so many aspects of his life that they seemed to know him like they were all old friends. Perhaps it was this imperceptible familiarity that put him at ease. He had always been somewhat skeptical of new people and found himself more comfortable with solitary endeavors, but the evening spent with these men was relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. He decided that perhaps if he could be a little more open with people he may have an easier time of it socially.

The Eppes men stayed in New York for another two days to catch a show on Broadway, visit the Statue of Liberty and put flowers down on the site of the World Trade Center, but they were glad to go home at the end of the week.

Seven months after Charlie's fall into Braddocks Ravine, he stood looking at the new fence that had just been completed along the length of the bicycle path that ran along the edge of the ravine. Charlie had spent quite a bit of time working with Larry and his father's contacts in the city zoning board to get approval for the new fence to be built.

Charlie had gotten the entire student body and faculty at Cal Sci to sign a petition for the fence, as well as several thousand signatures from the surrounding community. Most of the signatures he obtained, going door to door. He used the opportunity to get to know his community a little better and it was excellent physical therapy for his healing leg.

Don, Alan, Amita and Larry had all joined in on the campaign. They came very close to loosing Charlie and felt the need to help him come to terms with his experience while he lay helpless at the bottom of the ravine. Charlie had also been seeing a counselor to help him deal with the emotional ramifications of his rather harrowing experience and to come to grips with his feelings about his mother's death. A part of him had always known that he had never really faced the tragic loss of his mother and what that meant to his overall emotional health.

As he walked along the edge of the ravine leaning on the cane that he still used he realized that his fear of heights had disappeared. He couldn't pin-point when that had happened, and shook his head amazed at how the human psyche worked.

He had resumed his teaching schedule nearly two months ago and was looking forward to the end of term break. Charlie looked up at the trees overhead with his eyes closed, feeling the dappled sunshine warming his face through the canopy of brightly colored leaves. Even though the temperature was still quite warm, he wore a long shirt and heavy socks. He had never lost his fear of feeling cold. He wondered if he ever would, and he often times he went to bed bundled up far more than he needed to be for the late summer and early fall temperatures. As he stood there quietly with his face turned skyward a light tough on his shoulder brought him from his musings. Larry had come up beside him and Charlie smiled when he saw his friend and mentor.

Larry dug into his pocket and withdrew a small round object and handed it to the young mathematician. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Charlie draped his arm over Larry shoulders and pointed to the new fence with his cane. "Looks great doesn't it?" Larry looked up and down the length of the fencing and nodded. "Larry,… thanks."

Larry scratched his head and frowned in confusion. "What for?"

Charlie had begun to walk slowly back toward the campus still leaning on Larry and lightly carrying his cane. "For helping me to get the planning board to build this." he said, gesturing at the fence. "For helping me stay focused on the physical therapy when all I really wanted to do was sit in front of my laptop and burry myself in the numbers. For being a complete pain in the ass about getting me up and walking every morning before you would go in a teach your first classes, and for putting up with my temper tantrums when I was being stubborn." Charlie stopped walking and tugged on Larry's shoulder to get him to turn and face him. "Thank you, Larry, for being my friend."

Larry blushed slightly and raised his hand to squeeze Charlie's shoulder. "You're quite welcome, Charles."

They resumed walking back toward Cal Sci this time with Charlie using his cane rather than Larry for support. Larry seemed content to walk quietly for a time then said "You know Charles, I actually have very few of those; friends that is. Most people find me to be… well, a bit eccentric I suppose, but not you. You have always accepted me for who I am. How could I be anything but your friend?"

Larry looked sideways at Charlie as he rubbed his chin nervously. "When I found out about your brain tumor Charles, I felt as though I was falling through a black hole into some other dimension. I must admit that the thought of losing you scared the hiebbie jiebbie's out of me. Who else could I go to, who realizes what a brilliant mentor, teacher and scientist I am?"

Charlie laughed and said "What about Laurel Wilson?"

Larry blushed scarlet at the mention of her name, but said, "No, no I'm afraid there is no one quite like you Charles. The world simply wouldn't be the same without you. I have therefore come to the logical conclusion that you must stay healthy and live forever, and as a former Professor of yours, that is not no mere request. I'm I understood?"

Charlie smiled and said quietly "You can count on it, Professor."

The End