Jonochi – I love my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. –hugs-

Yumi – Well, I love my…um…-glances around- Beef….stew….



Erik: -shudders- -turns on musical monkey box- That'll drown out the sound...runs to the bathroom- What...never seen a Phantom take a leak?

Buquet: -runs around with a towel on his head- RAH!

Random Girl: Batman! Yay! -Oh, wait. Phantom. Gotcha.

Buquet: Oh...I was thinking Quasimodo...but whatever! Yeah...lets seee...the Phantom...ugly paper like skin...a nose...that didn't, no nose! And on one side of his face I thiiiinnnnk he used just a bit too much instant tan cream...or he's a pyro!

Girl: AHH! Tanning cream!

Christine: Whoa, how did I get here in a SWAN BED? I should have chosen virgin margaritas last night. –hic- Ah dear…Wow! A mask! I haven't seen one of those! -takes Erik's mask-

Erik: AH! PERVERT! -pushes Christine- How would YOU like it if someone started stripping YOU!

Christine: Want to find out?

Erik: -giggles- Yes! I mean uh...-cackles- Since you have taken off my mask, I will be somewhat nice to you and sing to you about my ugliness! Then...THEN the stripping reeeaallllyyyy starts!

Christine: -gives Erik his mask- Isn't this taking a step backward, though?

Erik: -takes mask and puts it back- No...I just liked that part...-shifty eyes- Crap...I forgot to send out all those letters to my pen pals! You go back home for now! -runs off to his desk-

Firmin: Carlotta Missing, Christine Missing, Wallet Full. I love the opera...

André: Damnable! Damnable! My pen pals letter came late! Oh, Firmin! -cries on Firmin's shoulder- Oh yeah...and we don't have a cast...Anyway...did you get your letter yet?

Firmin: Why, yes, I got your letter, you sly little thing you.

Andre: oh, you mean from the PHANTOM? -shifty eyes-

Firmin: Oh yes...ahem...that one...yeah...-pockets a letter and pulls out a different one-

Andre: Yeah...My letter says that the performance sucked...and was do ya figure?

Firmin: He wants money? Damn. My wallet was finally full...

André: Awww...-pats Firmin's shoulder-

Firmin: any rate. This Opera Ghost is greedy...and ever so confusing...

André: Yeah, and Raoul thinks I sent that note that says "Don't touch Christine". Hahaha! I thought Raoul knew I mind.

Carlotta: How coulda you send me thisa note? Patron? Paaatron? Ok...who forgotta to bringa him in?

Raoul: Sorry I'm late...girl problems...heh...-adjusts his pants-

PotO Phans: His pants? When did that happen?

Raoul: I mean...never mind that! -shifty eyes-

Firmin: -winks at Raoul-

Raoul: -nods back- Carlotta, I did not send you the note that says...takes out her note "Christine is better"?

Raoul: You know I wouldn't baby! Well...what I mean to say that an overly large naked statue? Oh my! -dives behind Andre-

Mme. Giry: O.o

Meg: virgin eyes!

Mme. Giry: Yeah. 'Ere iz a note. Got to warn you that thehre will be a strange voice ovher when you read eet though. Just for a 'ead's up.

Firmin: -nods- Alright...lets get it over with then...those voice overs creep me out!

Erik: Don't make Carlotta the countess. That wasn't so bad, was it?

Back to Firmin: Whoa...ok...well, I don't like that Idea anyway. reads on

Erik: And if you don't like my idea, a bad thing will happen...ooohhh...scary, eh?

Firmin's voice: -shudders- Gotta be a joke…

Erik: Don't argue with me!

Firmin: But I'm the one saying it all! AHHH!

Andre: -holds his head- don't listen to the voices! Don't listen to the voices! Don't listen to the voices...

Carlotta: Oh Great...this is alla for Christine...yeah...her lover has sent it! Now, the only way I will be ifa my managers grovel again!

Managers: -GROOOOOOVEL- We love you, Carlotta!

Outside Crowd: We love you Christine!

Firmin: See? There saying "We love you Carlotta-ine!"

Carlotta: Well...since you hava givin me a new doggeh...I shall beleef you, and play the countess for you! Even though the idea of a realleh bad thing to 'appen is realleh realleh scary! But I 'ate Christine!

Raoul: You WHAT?

Carlotta: I-'ATE-CHRIS-TINE!


Mme. Giry: Oh my...

Erik: No-one's listening to me. Hmmph!

Cesar: Neigh. –translated- "Sorry bout that Erik..."