Disclaimers: Not mine. Will never be. sigh
Rating: G
Pairing: Waya x Hikaru

By Datenshi Blue

There are times when everything seems to be perfect. Like every little thing has its own place, and it's good, and you feel like laughing and looking up at the sky and thanking some nameless God up there for giving you what you have. It's not always like that, and life can get pretty complicated at times. But when the stars are out, and we're lying down in the middle of nowhere with our hands just barely touching, I can feel as if I could do anything, and follow you along that road you're running on, intent on chasing your dreams even if that means leaving us all behind.

And then you turn to look at me and give me that big goofy grin and whisper some weird line that makes me wonder if I really know you, because there's always this fuzzy mystery surrounding you, even when we were inseis, and sometimes it feels like you're keeping some big secret, that makes you sad and bitter and thoughtful and lonely.

"Hey, you know, this summer we could try and go somewhere. Just the two of us."

I smile. Our crazy schedules at the Go Institute will make that most likely impossible, and you know it, but your voice sounds so hopeful and excited that I can't help but go along with it.

We spend this first night of the summer making plans for a vacation that will probably not happen, sitting on a bench in the park. And when dawn starts clearing the sky, dyeing it a pale violet shade, and the conversation has come down to a few disjointed words, I lean forward and trap your lips with mine, revelling, once again, in the feeling of your arms slowly wrapping themselves around my shoulders, and your fingertips caressing my hair slowly.

We both win our games later, in the Go Institute, despite having pulled an all nighter. We meet at the lobby and smile at each other.

"I won," your voice isn't as energetic as always.


"You did, too."

I smile without looking at you.

We walk the rest of the way to the nearest cafe in silence.

Had we lost these games, we would have been kicked out of a major tournament and we would have been able to get some days for us, for our vacation. But go is our life, after all, and we haven't fought so hard just to give up now. It also makes me wonder where did our youth go. We've grown up too fast, acquiring responsibilities not suited for boys our age, and have managed to survive it all fairly well.

I look at you and grin. "China, then?" I say, breaking the silence. "We could go visit Isumi-san. He's spending time there again."

You lean back on your chair and your bleached bangs, longer than usual, fall over your eyes.

"Yeah, let's stay there for three or four days and then we can go down to Korea and visit Ko Yeongha and the guys there."

We spend another hour planning for a vacation that it's not going to happen.

But for some reason I feel happier than ever.