A/N: Too long to be a drabble. Too short to be a one-shot.

Kisho – Japanese name meaning "He who knows his own mind"


Yuffie could feel someone watching her. She was still for a second, waiting to see if the feeling would pass. Soon enough, a shadow blocked her sun. She opened one eye and squinted at the offender and was surprised to see a young boy staring at her.

He continued to watch her, unphased by her glare. She waited for him to ask whatever it was he wanted to ask, but he never spoke. He had bright, curious green eyes and a mop of dark, red hair on top of his head. He wore a blue swimsuit and looked to be about 5 or 6.

"Hey kiddo. Do ya need somethin'?" She finally asked, more than a little uncomfortable. She glanced down at herself to see if something was wrong. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Her yellow and green bikini was still covering enough to be decent. Another kid did a cannon ball into the pool with a warrior yell, sending a wave of water against her legs.

"Kisho! Stop bothering that nice lady!" A man called. Both the boy and Yuffie's head turned. The voice belonged to a tall, attractive man who couldn't have been much older than Yuffie. She assumed this was the boy's father. It was plain to see where Kisho had gotten his green eyes, but the hair couldn't have been more opposite. The man had silver hair.

Kisho looked back at Yuffie and pointed to her breasts. "My mommy has those too." He stated calmly.

Yuffie's eyes widened at about the same time the father groaned. "Oh damn" She couldn't help but grin. The poor guy looked so uncomfortable. "I'm really sorry." He apologized, flashing her a grin. He held the complaining Kisho underneath one arm, hanging around for a second before shaking his head and walking away.

Yuffie began to giggle as she watched them pack up and leave. The man gave her another apologetic glance as he walked through the gate, a sullen Kisho trailing behind him.



A/N: True story.