AN: This story is crossed over with an AU version of wrestling. Various wrestlers are portrayed here, however, they are not wrestlers in this story. In this story, they have their wrestling personalities, but they are Kindred in and around the city. Also note, this story has been AU'd a bit on the Kindred side. Mostly, I've changed the circumstances surrounding the death of Eddie Fiori. The explanation will be mostly in this first chapter and carries on to other chapters to round the story out. I loved the 8 episodes of this show that were produced and decided to play with it. I hope all readers enjoy the story.

"Lillie's life was forfeit the moment she decided to betray Julian."

Morgana Belize rose slowly from her seat around the council's table. Her nails raked lightly across the mahogany tabletop as she moved to the side. The sculpted feet of the antique chair scraped across the floor. Her dark brown hair hung in long curls around her shoulders. A black corset held her breasts in and bulging mounds pushed against the top ridge of lace. Her linen slacks brushed against her legs. She dragged her nails around the table and her heels clicked as she walked.

She stopped behind the prince of San Francisco. Julian Luna sat with his back resting against his chair. He kept his eyes focused on the others around the table, but he rose one hand to cover Morgana's as she rested her hands on his shoulders. Normally a lenient ruler, he had found that his position had to be fortified as his subjects began to take advantage of his kindness. While he hated to call for a Blood Hunt on anyone, he knew that the Masquerade had to be protected at all costs. Those he had judged guilty wanted war, and that would expose them. It could not be allowed to happen.

Archon was gone, but another elder of the Ventrue clan had taken his place as Julian's advisor. Ric Flair lounged in his chair, his eyes sweeping across the room. He had been embraced nearly three hundred years prior and had seen too many clan wars to allow another to happen. Along with Morgana, it was he who had convinced Julian that something had to be done about Lillie.

Daedalus and Cash were all that remained of the former primogens, the former the head of the Nosferatu clan, the latter leading what had become the motorcycle gang of Gangrels. Cash was his bodyguard and enforcer. Daedalus was a friend, lonely in the grotesque world that had been handed to him when he was embraced by the ghastly Nosferatu. His exterior was frightening, but he had a good heart. Both had fallen on Julian's side when the threat of war came upon them.

Leading the Brujah clan was Dave Batista, a large and muscular man with none of the desires for war that had put Eddie Fiori on the Blood Hunt list. His eyes flashed to the side and he gave a low growl at Cash. While they knew they must all work together, no one was under any delusions that Brujah and Gangrel would ever be friends. The clans were too similar in their rebellious and wild nature to be anything more than associates. At the worst of times, they were bitter enemies.

And then, there was Morgana. She had watched Lillie play games with Julian, trying to sway all of his decisions her way. She thought that Julian was an easy one to control. Lillie mistook his kindness for weakness, and she misread Morgana's interest in her plans for camaraderie when she should have looked past the glowing eyes to see where the vampire's loyalties truly lied. When Lillie was gone, Morgana took her throne as the primogen of the Toreador clan, and quickly took Julian's bed, as well.

"As was Eddie's," Dave spoke from his seat across from Julian. "What of it? They're gone. What's the point in bringing it back up now?"

"We have others in our clans who must be shown the error of their ways." Morgana squeezed lightly on Julian's shoulder. "It wasn't just Toreador and Brujah that wanted this war. There were plenty within our ranks who decided that they were better off following Lillie and Eddie than Julian."

Cash stood up and sneered. "There is nothing but faithful within Gangrel! We know what side our bread's buttered on."

"You think so?" Morgana smirked. "The only clan that is pure is Nosferatu, and that's only because they're neutral. We already know that they won't join in unless they're getting something out of it."

Daedalus rolled his head languidly and turned vacant eyes on her. "You speak with distaste, as if this hasn't been the way for centuries. Disgusting to look at, we may be, but inside, we are nothing if not peaceful. We fight when it is necessary to us, and the last time we fought, it was on Julian's side, to keep the peace."

Ric sighed. "No one wants another war, Morgana. So what is it that you have found out so we can stop it?"

"There are at least ten within Brujah that must be cleaned out. Six in Gangrel. Twelve in Ventrue. I have found eight of my own, and I wait only for Julian's approval to dispose of them. I will not have traitors in Toreador. I rid myself of the last one, and I will do it of many more."

"Morgana." Julian squeezed her hand. His chair moved backwards, and it was a sign for her to back up, though she kept her hand on his shoulder. As Julian rose, Morgana's hand slid down his back until it rested around his waist. His arm floated loosely behind her body. He rested his hand on her hip. "No one wants the peace more than me, but killing off our clans is not the way to do that."

"Then what do you propose we do?"

"All Fiori loyalists will burn tomorrow morning unless you see another way," Dave said, sitting up straight.

"Before we kill them," Julian said, "we must see if we can find another way. They are in too many avenues of society to just be destroyed. Too many at once will bring the police to our attention, and Frank can't cover our executions in that large a number."

"He's another problem." Cash grumbled as he slouched in his seat. "How long are we gonna trust this guy? Half the time, we don't even know if he's on our side. What if he decides to go on the warpath for you again, huh?"

"He won't." Julian didn't go on. He didn't try to explain the agreements he had with Frank. It had already been talked about once, and he was not about to have an argument on something he already laid down the law on. "Frank is not the problem. The traitors within the clans are, and they are what we're here to discuss."

"Torture them, then." Morgana saw the bottom line. If they could not be killed, then they had to be put in line. "Let them know that we mean business. Nothing that will keep them long from their daily work in the Masquerade, but something harsh enough to let them know that if they rise against Julian, their lives are forfeit."

The table was quiet except for grunts and groans in agreement with Morgana. Julian looked around to each of them. He patted Morgana's hip lightly, then circled the room with his eyes once more. "Make them understand," he said. His eyes began to glow and a low growl eminated from his throat. "They have been judged guilty, and their punishment will be Blood Hunt if they continue to rebel. Make sure that they understand." His arms dropped to his sides, then rose as he adjusted his tie. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare for my niece."

No one spoke. They stared at Julian in shock. No one would mention Sasha's name out loud, but they had all thought that she was the last of his human relatives. Sasha had died at the hands of Eddie Fiori, his last act of vengeance before the Blood Hunt caught up with him and Dave's enforcer, the empowered Chyna, ripped his throat out then fed his blood to the clans.

Cash cleared his throat and looked up at Julian. "I thought..."

"There is one more," Julian said. "And she will be here soon. Tonight, put your clans in order. Tomorrow, I expect favorable reports."

Julian turned and with those words, walked away. The others waited silently as he left the room. Once he was gone, Morgana groaned. She gripped the back of his chair tightly. "This better be the last one."

"Morgana..." Ric turned to her. "Watch yourself."

She rolled her eyes. "You act like I'll do something to the girl. I just want him to be careful. And bringing another human here who is not planning to be Embraced is not the best way to protect the Masquerade. Julian is letting his heart stand in the way of his reason."

"We don't know what plans he has for this girl," Daedalus said softly. His long, pointed nails raked along the table. "Before you make demands, remember that Julian doesn't tell us everything. He may have learned where Sasha was concerned."

Cash whipped his head around and glared. "You're not saying..."

Daedalus shrugged. "Where Julian and his human relatives are concerned, there is no telling what might happen."