No One, But You

by xx-mads-xx

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the movie King Arthur. Thank you.

The ground was damp from the morning's dew. The smells of the woods invaded every pore in her face, while the fog slightly clouded her vision. Behind her, standing with a group of men was Merlin. He watched the carriage move across the grass just beyond the forest. There were pairs of Roman soldiers in both the front and back, all to escort one little carriage.

She glanced up to make sure everyone was ready, there could be no mistakes. They had come past Hadrian's Wall, to the south. This was Roman territory and they would be killed if they were caught. She turned her gaze to Boden, who stood, awaiting her signal. She nodded, and Boden brought up his bow and let fly his arrow. It hit its target with enough force that the Roman was sent to the ground.

The rest of the guard had all watched him fall and snapped their attention toward the forest. Out from the shadows came a small horde of men in scraggly clothes made mostly of animal skins. Their faces and bodies were covered in blue paint and dark tattoos.

As they ran toward the Romans with spears, daggers, and swords, they yelled as loudly as possible. She stood watching the fight, knowing that they would most likely lose. Looking back toward Merlin, she wondered if he would have her join the others in the fight.

Many of the Woads were killed almost immediately, but they still outnumbered the Roman guards. Above her, Boden sat in his tree, firing arrows helping out when necessary. The thudding sound of horses reached her ears, causing her to snap her attention to the left. All the Woads could plainly see seven horsemen, coming fast and unsheathing swords and axes.

One of the riders, their leader apparently, was thrusting his sword into all that he passed, another had come down off his horse and had currently fallen into the water with two Woads and came up yelling. Yet another rider had killed his way toward the carriage. As he tried to look in the carriage, he was tackled from behind. He quickly stood and brought down his axe on the attacker, only to have an arrow shot in his shoulder by Boden.

She looked up at him, and smirked. He looked down and smiled at her approval, but suddenly had an arrow in his eye. He fell, dead, to the ground at her feet. She looked up to see who had fired the shot. She saw a man with dark hair in loose braids covering a good portion of his face. He dropped his bow and brought his horse to a stop and got off. He slowly walked forward and pulled out a long, curved sword, not a usual weapon.

She glared at him as he took those steps, her anger burning inside. He fought as though he was in a dance. Taking a step back, he swung his sword, cutting down an attacker to his right, only to turn towards another victim. She didn't look back at Merlin, she didn't silently ask for permission, she just ran out of the forest toward the braided idiot, taking out her sword. He heard her and stood waiting for her approach.

She came to stand in front of him, glaring. He just stared back at her, his sword held out. They stood like that for a moment until she lunged forward. She thrust out her sword trying to cut him, but he easily blocked her, moving to graze her side. She took a step back feeling the end of his blade cut her skin.

Glaring at him once more, she ran forward ready to pounce. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground on her back. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked up at him. He was now standing over her, his sword at her neck.

"Damn him!" she thought, furious with herself. He made no move to kill her, only stood, staring at her.

"Pick it up," she heard a voice say behind her.

Straining her head she looked back to see Kalen on his knees in front of the leader of the riders. He seemed to be in the same predicament. Looking up towards the man standing above her, she sighed, "Are you going to kill me or not?"

He stood for another moment before stepping back and sheathing his sword. She rolled onto her stomach and got up quickly, going over to Kalen. Everyone was dead, save the two of them, the surviving Roman guards were over by the carriage, watching.

She stood next to Kalen, watching the man before them.

"Why did Merlin send you south of the wall?" he demanded.

"He has many reasons for his actions, Arthur Castus," she told him. She noted that the rest of the riders were standing around them, watching, and their weapons at the ready just in case.

Arthur looked up into the forests, searching. He held the sword at Kalen's throat a moment longer, staring into the trees, then let it down and stood watching them.

She helped Kalen to his feet and prepared to disappear into the woods once more. Kalen spoke to her in their native tongue, "That one, with the braids, he defeated you."

"I know what he did!" she said, angrily. "And if you remind me of it ever again, I will hurt you. I don't know how you saw it anyways, you were to busy getting your ass kicked."

Kalen bristled at the comment, about to reply when one of the men spoke up, "Wait!"

The pair turned back, suspiciously. A tall man with dark, curly hair stepped forward, his hands on the handles of his two swords.

"I was wondering if we might know the lady's name," he said, smiling at her. She looked at him surprised. Never had any man ever called her a lady. She noted the man she had fought was staring at her again. She met his gaze, holding it.

"Isolde," she said, loud enough for all to hear. With that she turned and ran into the forests towards Merlin, Kalen behind her.

Arthur turned toward the carriage where Bors stood, looking in.

"What a bloody mess," Bors said to him, pointing at the dead man in the carriage. Arrows protruded from the body and the side of the carriage. Blood was beginning to pool on the carriage floor.

After looked inside, taking in the sight, "That's not the bishop."

Bors mumbled something going around the carriage, and past a babbling man.

"God help us. What are they?" he said, in fear.

"Blue demons who eat Christians alive," Bors said, gruffly. He suddenly turned toward the man and pointed at him, "You're not a Christian, are you!?"

The man backed up into the back of the carriage and put his hands together as if in prayer, whimpering.

Bors looked at him quizzically, and put his hands together, imitating the man, "Does this…really work?" he mumbled, his face upward, then looked at the man again. "Nothing…maybe I'm not doing it right."

"Arthur! Arthur Castus," one of the Romans said. "Your father's image. I haven't seen you since childhood."

"Bishop Germanius, welcome to Britain," Arthur said smiling. "I see your military skills are still of use to you. Your device worked."

Germanius laughed, "Ancient tricks, for an ancient dog." He looked over to the rest of the knights, "And these are the brave Sarmatian knights we have heard so much of in Rome."

Germanius got down off his horse, "I thought the Woads control the north of Hadrian's Wall."

Arthur walked with the bishop, who was dressed in a Roman guard uniform, towards the carriage. "They do, but they occasionally venture south. Rome's anticipated withdrawal from Britan has only increased their daring."

The man at the back of the carriage, by Bors looked confused, "Woads?"

Gawain, who was now atop his horse, spoke up nonchalantly, "British rebels who hate Rome."

"Men who want their country back," Galahad said to Germanius, leaning forward.

The Bishop ignored him, looking to Arthur, "Who leads them?"

"He's called Merlin. A dark magician, some say," Lancelot said, waiting to go.

The carriage had been cleaned out as two of the Roman guards carried the body out, one took a piece of cloth off the body to try and mop up some of the blood.

"Tristan, ride ahead and make sure the road is clear," Arthur said. Tristan gave a nod and took off. Arthur looked back to Germanius, "Please do not worry, Bishop. We will protect you."

Germanius stepped up into the carriage saying, "I have no doubt, commander. No doubt…"

The man at the back of the carriage started to go toward the carriage door, muttering. "Dozens don't worry me nearly so much as thousands."

He stopped short when the door was shut in his face.

"Thousands?" Lancelot said, glaring at him.

A/N: So this is the official rewrite of my fic. I just found so many mistakes and when I re-read the story it read... well crappily. So, I rewrote parts of it. The dialogue that's straight out of the movie, I'm not even touching cause that was just filler and getting settings down. But the stuff with Isolde and stuff that wasn't in the actual movie will most likely be changed a tiny bit at the least. Thanks to all loyal readers and reviewers, the reviews keep me from forgetting about this fic!