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"She's cold and she's cruel but she knows what she's doing. Knows just what to say so my whole day's ruined."- Just The Girl, The Click Five.

The Most Happy

Act One

The day had begun with the sound of the school's first morning bell. It was time for Kiyomaro to begin his morning's class. And while the setting around him remained the same, his personal life had changed dramatically. For the better or for the worse, he couldn't tell. The day his life finally changed was the day a small blond child came crashing through his window with a message from his Father. Gash Bell was his name and he was sent to Kiyomaro for one reason or another. It wasn't long before he dug deeper into Gash's mysterious being and discovered that he was in fact a demon from the Demon World to fight for the king's seat.

The days since Gash's arrive had become long, longer than usual. He had come to grips that he, Kiyomaro, would have to fight alongside his demon partner to save his world from any evil spirit who wished to take the seat of the Demon King. He had to win, not only for Gash's world but for his as well.

Although every day since his arrival Kiyomaro's days had been different and presented a new challenge, the teen genius found himself wishing that his world would become 'normal' once again. To live everyday day-to-day would be a relaxing feet from the many fights he and Gash had all ready undergone. But today much to his dismay, Kiyomaro found himself in a new situation once again. Today, his class would be introduced to a new transfer student.

"Well, class has started and no sign of that badass, guess she chickened out!"

"I bet she isn't as cool as everyone says, I bet she's just a normal junior high student."

Kiyomaro was now used to these remarks, his peers had been going on about this new female transfer student since the day the gossip about her began. Rumors about her seemed outrageous to him and he began to ignore them as soon as they entered his ears. Inside, he hated the fact that his classmates were speaking harshly about this girl; he knew what it was like to be tormented by their taunts. But in the same thought, he was happy his peers had someone new to talk about.

A slam of a nearby hardwood door let the class know that class had indeed begun. His classmates then were quietly seated, for once, and awaited their drama teacher to enter the room in full. Kiyomaro had been seated since the first bell had rung. He had no need to stand and communicate with the other peers. He hated to hear their jabber about 'this and that'. It was all so meaningless. This had been the only class in which none of Kiyomaro's newest friends had been absent from. He had excelled in other subjects and had been advanced into the honor-drama class.

"Okay class, settle down class has started and I have some important news." His least favorite teacher, Mr. Rin spoke as he stood in front of his class with a cheerful grin across his face. "As you all may have heard, you are gaining a new classmate this wonderful afternoon."

Kiyomaro's cheek twitched as he listened to Mr. Rin's stern voice. He had to admit to himself, he didn't much care for the man. He was of American descent and often flaunted it to his students. This attitude caused Kiyomaro's stomach to turn, he didn't care about America he just wanted this class to end as soon as possible.

The students began to chirp and whisper about their new addition to the classroom. What would she be like? Would her rumors of being rude, crude and 'badass' be true? Could her reputation precede her? Kiyomaro had often overheard of the new student's rough and tough attitude. How she could take on gang upon gang member in knife fights and fistfights. How she chain-smoked with the best of them. It couldn't be true; no girl was that awful…right?

"And to add to this news," Mr. Rin continued, "We will begin reading a new novel! Of course, after our new student shows herself." Mr. Rin then began to mutter under his breath, "She should be here any moment now…Shikimori…" He then turned toward the classroom door and watched it with nervous eyes, worried that his new student would refuse to step in.

The class began silent. They were excited to see what this new girl could look like. Would the rumors of her being hideous be true? Would she look British? White? Or even fit the British upper-class stereotype? The class could barely contain themselves on the subject. Kiyomaro had to roll his eyes, he couldn't care less. He placed his well-shaped chin on the palm of his hand and glanced out the window, bored out of his mind. He couldn't find the slight bit of interest in this new girl.

"Any second now," Mr. Rin gave another nervous sigh.

The student's ears then began to stiffen as they listened for any sound. Moments passed until tiny footsteps became clear. Tap, tap, tap. They became louder as she approached. It was her, the new student for sure. The class sat on the edge of their seats, ready for the rough and tumble girl from the UK.

The doorknob began to turn before it swung open to reveal a female figure. The class stared on, only to find themselves littered with disappointment.

"Ah! Ms. Shikimori, we were just waiting for you, come on in." Mr. Rin clapped his hands happily as the girl entered the room. "Please come to the front."

Kiyomaro could only assume that the girl nodded before coming to the front of the class. The class around him began to snicker and snort causing his interest to finally peek. He had to look up from his studies. Were those rumors true? He looked away from his beloved window to see the girl standing at the front of the class. His eyes went straight to the girl's face. She had strange striking eyes. They were blue in color and seemed so cold. Though her strange, cold eyes were hard to make out through the mounds of thick dark blue hair; dyed obviously but still an odd shade. She was not yet fitted with the school's standard uniform and wore a causal outfit of jeans and white t-shirt.

"Everyone," Mr. Rin spoke with pride, "This is Shikimori Ureshii."

"Ureshii?" A girl from the back giggled, "What an odd name!"

"Ms. Shikimori," Mr. Rin insisted, ignoring the whispers, "Would you like to say anything to your new peers?"

The girl was quick to shake her head to give an obvious 'no'. Mr. Rin had to nod with compassion. This must be hard for the girl; it was her first day of school in a new country, God knows Kiyo would hate to have that much attention on him. The teacher then scanned the room, looking for a seat to have Ureshii to seat.

"Please, take your seat in front Kiyomaro Takamine." Mr. Rin pointed one finger towards Kiyomaro, "Mr. Takamine is the boy in the back, the good-looking one." He gave a small chuckle as he gently placed his hand on Ureshii's back, pushing her forward.

Ureshii blinked for a moment and nodded and turned to Kiyomaro. The two stared at one another for a solid moment. His cheek had to twitch at her stare; he found it odd that she had to be placed in front of him. Why him of all people? He had no intent on becoming friends with this girl, let alone speaking with her. He had no reason to. Ureshii's stinging blue eyes began to squint as she began to glare at him. He was taken back by her sudden glare and quickly looked aside, breaking their stare.

She then made her way to her desk. She took slow steps before taking her seat. She turned another glare toward Kiyomaro before removing her knapsack from her shoulders and placing it in her lap. She then removed a small yellow notebook and pencil, preparing for the day's lesson. Kiyomaro, feeling as though her evil glare was over with, looked back at the girl. He had become curious for one moment. Curious about those rumors, could they really be true? His eyes then landed on her knapsack and the items inside it. If he could get a good look at her personal items, maybe he could determine whether her reputation was correct.

As he stared into her bag he noticed nothing out of the ordinary; books, pens, a lunch bag…nothing until she removed her last notebook. It was then Kiyomaro's eyes landed on a small magenta-colored book. His stomach soured. Could it possibly be? Could it really be true? Was that a spell book?

What the hell? Why here? Of all places? School!

His eyes were glued to the book, thinking the worst of his current situation. How could things possibly be any worse? Now he had a bookkeeper in his classroom…with him. The first thought that ran through his mind was the thought of fighting this new student to the death. He would have to destroy her to keep Gash alive. Or…perhaps, he could keep to himself and keep as far from a battle as possible.

"Ah-hum!" Mr. Rin was quick to catch Kiyomaro staring into Ureshii's bag, "Mr. Takamine please pay attention!" Mr. Rin coughed.

Kiyomaro jumped upward in his seat, caught off guard by his teacher. He bit his lower lip and turned to face his teacher, ignoring the snickers from his peers.

"Oh! Sorry, Mr. Rin." He muttered.

"Mr. Takamine…" Mr. Rin sighed. "Anyhow," He continued, "I would like to carry on with today's lesson. As I said earlier, today we will begin reading a new novel." The older male spoke as he began to hand a set of books to each student; he then came to a sudden halt after handing the last book to Ureshii, "Oh dear," He replied, "It seems we're short one book…I must have forgotten to order an extra one for Ms. Shikimori." Mr. Rin then looked to him, the only student without a book. "Is anyone willing to share their book with Mr. Takamine?"

The classroom went dead silent. So this was how it was gonna be, huh? Typical, great now he was going to be singled out for being the snobby genius, another wonderful memory of junior high.

"I'm not sharing with Takamine, just because he has no friends doesn't mean I have to share with him!"

"Wouldn't dream of sharing with him!"

"HA! What a laugh, me sharing with that science geek!"

He twitched to the sounds of his apprentices sneering and taunting him once more. His wish of his classmates forgetting his presence with the prospect of a new student was shot down in an instant. Inside he could feel his hatred for the American teacher grow. How dare he place the spotlight on him? How dare he have him stand out to all these 'things' called people? Causing him to be a laughingstock.

They were just jealous, he would continuously tell himself. Jealous of everything he had. How easily knowledge came to him. Though he knew that these children were only envious of him it did nothing to take away from the pain he felt inside. It did nothing to ease the burning sensation of the awful words that entered his ears.

Just as Kiyomaro's embarrassment and resentment raced his max, a small movement caught his eye. He looked in front of him to see that Ureshii had raised her hand. She had offered to share her book with Kiyomaro. Shocked, he could only stare on, feeling odd about this new girl.

"What's that Ms. Shikimori? You'd like to share?" Mr. Rin asked, a smile growing across his face.

Ureshii gave a silent nod. This seemed to please the drama teacher as he clapped his hands together in delight. He then turned away from the class and stepped toward the chalkboard in the front of the class and began to scribble across words onto the board.

"Now," He began as the word began to form, "Today we will begin reading the epic novel, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare." The class 'oohed' and 'awed' at the news and began to flip open their books. "Now to begin," He continued with pride, "Everyone please turn to Act one, Scene two? Where it says, 'Enter Romeo'."

As instructed, the class turned and flipped through the pages of the novel until each student had reached the correct page and paragraph. It was then that Ureshii turned about to face Kiyomaro. She brought her book along with her, and placed the novel on his desk. She then opened the tiny book. The male brunette watched as she placed her finger under the words in the book, once she had arrived at the proper page.

"Now," Mr. Rin began, "I need someone to read aloud the part of Romeo, is anyone up for the challenge?"

He wasn't surprised to see that no hands were offered. Mr. Rin's brow twitched at this sight and he grumbled to himself. He was left with no choice by the looks of it; there was no doubt that he was going to have to choose someone himself. He let out a great sigh before looking about the room.

"Mr. Takamine!" He shouted, "If you're not going to pay attention, then I suppose I'll make you. Read aloud Romeo's lines, please."

Kiyomaro grumbled and his cheek twitched before he sat upward from his seat, taking the novel with him. "He jests at scares that never felt a wound…" He read in a hasty manner before taking his seat once again.

"Very good." Mr. Rin nodded, "But there is a bit more there, Mr. Takamine."

He sighed before standing up once again, "But, soft. What light through yonder window…breaks?" He hesitated for a moment, feeling odd about the novel's dialogue. "It's the east and Juliet is the s-sun."

"Mr. Takamine," Mr. Rin cut in, "I feel like you're not enjoying this story, or its text. So, you may quit if you please."

Kiyomaro couldn't take his seat quick enough. He plopped down into his seat without another word. He had to let a sigh of relief leave his lips; he couldn't stand being the center of attention. He'd rather remain quiet and avoid any comments, good or bad, all together.

"The next one to speak is Juliet, so I need someone to speak as Juliet, anyone?" Mr. Rin looked about and to his surprise; a small group of girls raised their hands for the part. "I want…you! Ms. Shikimori, no one has really heard you speak yet, so why not?"

Ureshii nodded and stood up, "Ay me!" She, like Kiyomaro was quick to return to her seat.

"Ms. Shikimori, will you sit back up?" Mr. Rin's brown again twitched as he watched the new student's reaction to reading aloud, "I would like you and Mr. Takamine to read together. Perhaps then you two will enjoy this class."

Kiyomaro and Ureshii looked at one another for a moment before they arose from their seats and stood together. They then began reciting the words of Shakespeare together.

"She speaks: O, speak again, bright angel." Kiyomaro began, feeling nervous about his reading, "For thou art as glorious to this night, being o'er my head as is winged messenger of heaven unto the white-upturned wondering eyes of mortals that fall back t-to gaze? Oh! On him when he bestrides the lazy-pacing clouds and sails upon the bosom of the air."

Ureshii cleared her throat before she began reading, "O, Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Capulet."

"Shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?" He was quick to reply to taller female.

It was like a sudden urge to compete with him started and Ureshii took a deep breath and began to say her next set of lines when Mr. Rin cut in, "Ms. Shikimori, Please come to the front of the class, if you may."

Again the couple paused and stared at one another. Before he could rip his eyes away from the rumored rebel, the new female student walked to the front of the class, novel still in hand.

"Ms. Shikimori, please read the death scene of Juliet."

Doing as she was told, Ureshii reopened her tiny booklet and skipped through the many pages until she found Juliet's famous death scene.

"Start form where Juliet tells the hence to flee," The teacher instructed.

"What's here? A cup closed in my true love's hand?" The words sailed through the air with an eerie sense, "Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end: O churl! Drunk all, and left no friendly drop to help me after? I will kiss thy lips; haply some poison yet doth hang on them, to make die with restorative."

Mr. Rin gave a sly grin as Ureshii finished her scene. He then gave a small clap. The class watched with confused eyes, how could this so-called, 'tough girl' speak the words of Shakespeare with such kindness? How could she be called rough when her voice was shy, small and low? These rumors must be false by all means.

Mr. Rin then moved his hand to point toward her seat, Ureshii nodded and walked to her seat in silence. She then sat down and closed her book. She was not what the class was suspecting. Not rough, not tough, not mean. She was a typical girl. Nothing special, but Kiyomaro knew otherwise. She was a bookkeeper, and as far as he knew she was his newest threat.

Act End.