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Slash (m/m) you don't like don't read.

Chapter 3

Well, umm we better go then, said Harry. He swallowed.

Harry, are you blushing? Alex smirked.

No… ah, why would you say that? Harry replied coughing nervously.

Because you are, and it's cute.

Harry looked down and quickly looked back up again, I'm not cute.

Alex's eyes flashed red, which one of your relatives made you believe that! Please tell me Harry.

Err, umm, what are you going to do with them? It really isn't their fault, I'm just a freak, my best friends didn't even really like me… tears started to fall from his eyes… they were paid b…by Dumbledore… god I hate him.

An unnatural wind started to blow; Harry would have fallen to the ground if Alex had not caught him in his strong arms.

A passer by would have seen one moment a scrawny looking boy in the arms of a gorgeous man the next a well built man… even if he was still short., with long black hair with dark blue streaks.

Harry started to stir… what…. what happened.

You came in to your inheritance… because you found your mate.

Mate… what I'm confused, Alex, help me understand, please.

Oh... I'll do more than help you understand… I'll give you the information… Come let's go home…