Chapter One

By strawberry taurus

Love in a animal shelter

Kagome looked out her bedroom window hopeing to find her favorite furball,Buyo,her and her brother's cat that had escaped out the front door yesterday evening.She,souta,and her mother had done everything they could think of to find him,first they looked around the shrine and everyone of Buyo's favorite hiding place's,then they put up 'lost cat' posters around the street,stores,and every other place Souta could find.But still no one had called saying they found Buyo.

Kagome sighed when she spotted a small figure walking around in the snow with a cat bowl filled with cat food in his hand.She sighed again. " really miss Buyo dont you..." Kagome knew that out of everyone it was Souta who missed Buyo the most. Even though Buyo was the family cat he was always hanging around or on Souta the most.

Kagome watched as Souta kept calling Buyo's name over and over again.Suddenly she got an idea on how to find buyo! Kagome jumped up from her seat at the desk and grabbed her coat and ran downstairs excited that she had come up with such a good idea that would hopefully get Buyo back and her little brother out of his depression.

Souta walked into the door looking defeated once again.He sat the buyo's food dish on the kitchen counter when he heard Kagome come jumping down the stairs like a little kid on christmas morning.

"Kagome what are you doing? We have to keep searching for buyo." Souta reminded her while she was tieing her shoes by the front door.

"I know Souta,I think I might be able to findBuyo at the..." Kagome tried to finish but Souta interupted when he heard the words 'find Buyo'.

"What,really! How,where...!" "Souta!" Kagome quickly said before he got to excited "We have to remember that I said I MIGHT be able to find him,so lets not get our hopes up to high just to let them be crushed back down if we dont find her.Okay?" Souta just nodded while thinking and hopeing that they could finally find Buyo and bring him home in their nice warm house instead of being out in the dark cold world. "Good,come on.We dont want to waste time" Kagome said over her should seeing if Souta was on his way,when really he was right behind more than ready to go find his cat.So off the went.

Inuyasha takahashi sat his desk in his room and tried his very best to ignore the bouncing,sugar high, and very annoying kid that he called his brother,shippo.

"Shippo! If you dont stop jumping on my bed right now im going to throw you out into the snow and let you freeze!" Inuyasha growled at his adopted brother who was now sticking out his tongue just to be even more annoying.

Shippo stopped jumping only so he could talk."If you actully payed attention to me and play games with me maybe I would be less annoying!" Shippo shot back feeling pretty proud of himself for doing such a fine job of annoying Inuyasha.

Shippo had been adopted after his parents got into a car accedent and died.His family had been pretty close to Inuyasha's family so when his parents had passed away Inuyasha's father,Taishou Takahashi,adopted him right away.Shippo had always thought of Inuyasha as a big brother so he had no problem becoming part of this family.So as a younger brother,Shippo felt it as his job to annoy the older brother,and personally he thought he did a pretty good job of it.

"Okay Shippo,you want me to pay attention to you? Well how about I stuff you into the trash can and we can pretend that its your own magical kingdom,and then you never bother me again!" Inuyasha said while trying now to actully do what he had just said.

"Your a big meanie! and besides if you did that I'll tell on you!" Shippo yelled while running out of the room when Inuyasha started to get up and stomp toward him.Inuyasha sighed a sigh of relief when Shippo was now out of his room and not bothering him,so now he had his nice peace and least for a minute since Suddenly Miroku,Inuyasha's long time best friend and a long time pervert,walked into his bedroom with a smile on his face while he watched as Shippo ran down the stairs away from Inuyasha.Out goes one annoying person and in comes another...

"Well my friend,I see that you and Shippo are closer than ever as always" Miroku joked while he made himself comfortable in Inuyasha large red bedroom.

"Oh,just shut up monk" Inuyasha growled and closed his door hoping it would keep his annoying adoptive brother out for a little while atleast.

"Ya know Inuyasha maybe you should try and get Shippo a dog to keep him busy" Miroku suggested while flipping through the channels of Inuyasha's TV.

"Keh,he can barely keep a hamster alive for one week so what makes you think he could take care of a dog?" Inuyasha replied rudely,although Miroku didin't mind knowing that was Inuyasha's only way of replying to anything and everything.

"You should give him a chance,and besides it may be the only way to get him off your back" Miroku said turning the channel to cartoons.

"I cant believe you still watch these dumb shows..." Inuyasha mumbled as he watched Miroku get comfortable on a big red bean bag chair "Anyways,It wouldint matter because I would probley be the one that had to take care of the dumb dog.That kid has a attention span of a cat"

"Well I geuss you have a point there..." Miroku said while watching the cartoon show's plot fold out but then shaking his head as to get his mind together "But anyways that not the reason I came over here.I came over to tell you that Sango has told me that Kagome lost her cat,Buyo"

The minute Kagome's name was said Inuyasha had his full attention on thinking about the beautifull girl he had a crush on from school.But before Miroku could see that his mind was thinking about the girl's beautifull voice and how sweet,kind,pure,wonderfully great the girl that he was only fated to be friends with and nothing more,he quickly snapped back to reality.

"Keh,so the wench lost her cat is that supossed to my fault or somthing?" Inuyasha said trying to get his mind off the girl and on to something like slapping his best friend for having a knowing grin on his face.

"Oh well,I was thinking maybe if you could find her cat for her she would want to thank you by going out with you since your to shy to ask her out in any other way" Miroku said while seeing a blush on Inuyasha's face grow even darker when he was probably thinking of a date with Kagome higurashi who had always been on his mind since the start of highschool.

"Keh! like I would want to go on a d-d-date with her..." Inuyasha stuttered hoping that Miroku wouldint notice this.But Inuyasha's mind started going with the thoughts of a date with Kagome and how to find her dumb cat so she would like him more.

Miroku just put on a innocent face as he pulled out his secret way of getting what he wanted from Inuyasha "Well okay...I geuss if someones else finds her cat and gets to go on a date with her like I dont know...mmm...Kouga maybe?" Miroku said innocently.Miroku knew Inuyasha long enough to know that saying Kouga's name would get Inuyasha fired up.Kouga and Inuyasha had always been rivals in love for Kagome (and just about every thing else...) even though Inuyasha never would admit it.

And as worked "WHAT! Kouga? That stupid wolf is AWAYS trying to steal MY Kagome away from me! He is aways going around in school saying how Kagome is his woman and NOW he's starting up on christmas break too! why I outta..." Inuyasha was about to continue with his ranting but Miroku was beginning to become annoyed and tired of hearing his 'kouga hating' parade so he stopped him before he could go any further.

"Well Inuyasha,I guess you'll just have to find Buyo before Kouga finds her and is first to receive a kiss from the lovely Kagome" Miroku said sounding like a host on a dateing show.Good thing Inuyasha wasin't good with catching onto things real fast or Miroku would have a hard time explaining his little plot that had formed into his head.

Inuyasha pouted and looked the other way when he realized that he had said all that stuff aloud.It wasin't that he didint want anyone to know that he hated Kouga,on no it was NOT that since he did a pretty good job of showing that off in school by trying to rip his troat out each day for doing somthing or saying somthing to make Inuyasha unleash his anger,although he was stopped by Kagome every time.He didint mind that much since that would end up with him spending more time with her instead of the wolf.

It was that he had said 'my' Kagome in front of someone.Inuyasha was a real softie under the 'bad boy' attitude but he didint want anyone else to know that even though Miroku already knew this all to well.

"Keh whatever,I guess I could look around a little for the cat seeing as I have nothing else to do" Inuyasha said crossing his arm in a his trademark pose.

"Thats great Inuyasha,im happy that your going to be doing such a nice thing for Kagome and her family" Miroku said happily.

"Im not doing it for her im doing it since...I" Inuyasha couldint come up with anything as an excuse to get closer to Kagome.

Miroku decided that it was time for him to embarress Inuyasha some more " dont want to do it for her? So why are you going to help her find her cat?"

"Well im going to look for the dumb cat because...I I dont want... Kagome chewing my ear off for not helping out!" Inuyasha quickly came up with .After being proud of himself for coming up with a good excuse Inuyasha began to think were to look for the cat first but nothing came to mind. "Uh Miroku,where should I look for the cat?"

Miroku paused to think for a moment and then he turned from his cartoons to Inuyasha "You could start at a near by animal shelter first and see if they found her I guess"

"Good idea." Inuyasha mumbled while putting on his jacket and shoes."Im off and make sure you turn off those stupid cartoons before I come back,I dont want people to know that im best friends with a guy who watches those shows" Inuyasha said over his shoulder while grabbing his keys of his car.

"Ya know,cartoons are very educational!" Miroku called back to Inuyasha who was now half way down the stairs.Miroku returned to his cartoons but then he was interrupted by his ringing cell phone.

"Hello? Oh hey sango"

"Miroku did you talk to Inuyasha about helping us look for Buyo?" Sango,Miroku's 'not-to-fond-of-the-idea-of-being-Miroku's-girlfriend',asked.

"Yup,he's on his way out to search for the cat as we speak" Miroku answered proudly.

"Wow really? I didint expect him to get right on it...How did you talk him into it?"

"Oh I said that Kagome would go on a date and kiss him if he found her cat for her"

"He believed?" Sango asked not believeing what he was saying.

"You do realize we're talking about Inuyasha here dont you? he'll believe anything if it has to do with Kagome"

" what if Kagome doesint want to go on a date with him?" Sango asked even though she already knew the answer to that.Everyone knew that Kagome liked Inuyasha just as much as he liked her but they were both just to stubborn to admit it to eachother.

"Oh I never thought about dont think she'll reject him do you?" Miroku asked puting his full attention on her next answer.

"Well if for some reason that she does reject him,you better go into hiding or I wont have a dumb boyfriend anymore" Sango teased.But for Miroku he took it seriously.Sango just sighed over the phone...Men,they just didint have the brains to save themselves.

well I hope you liked the first chapter if it works out i'll write the next very soon.Anyway I started this fic because I want to improve my writing skills and because getting reveiws from family can mean they may lie just so not to hurt your feelings I thought it would be best to write fanfiction on here and get reveiws from people who wont lie.But please no flames they're just useless and wont help me get better at writing so please just helpfull tips and constructive criticism.

strawberry taurus