Strawberry taurus

chapter three

Love in a animal shelter

Sango picked up her phone and dailed Kagome's number,with a grin on her face she knew that by the end of this christmas break her two friends would become a couple.After the phone rang a couple of times Kagome finally picked up.


"Hey Kagome! I was wondering if you were free tonight." Sango asked.

"Yeah im free.Why did you want to go to the mall or something?" Kagome asked.Ever since Kagome and Souta started their search for Buyo she hadin't been able to spend much time with her best friend.

"Yeah actully I wanted to know if you would mind if you,me,Miroku,and Inuyasha were to all get together know talk and stuff and maybe talk about where Buyo might be!"

"well thats great and all Sango,but I dont want to bother you guys with my problems.You should just enjoy your break." Kagome twirled the phone cord around her fingers while speaking,feeling bad because she believed that she was just bothering Sango and her friends with her problems.

"Oh Kagome you know that we all want to help find Buyo,and I think it would be good thing to all hang out and maybe take our minds off things." Sango said trying to make up more excuses for her plans.

Kagome paused thinking about it.It had been a long time since they all got to just hang out together..."Oh alright.It would be nice to hang out."

Sango smiled widely,happy that she got Kagome to come. 'Wow I thought it would be harder than that...' "Yay! Im glad I'll call Miroku and Inuyasha! Bye!" Sango said quickly and hung up before Kagome could reply.

"Well that was fast..." Kagome mumbled hanging up the phone.'Inuyasha' Suddenly Kagome felt her cheeks heat up when she thought about Inuyasha being there.

'I hope he's not gonna be upset with me because I kissed him on the cheek.Kagome just sat there for a moment before walking up to her room to find an outfit for tonight.

"Inuyasha why must you make everything so hard?" Miroku asked getting out of his car with Inuyasha following.

"Keh! If it weren't for you making plans for me without asking first then maybe I would be a bit more nice to you for waking me up from my nap and forcing me to get dressed and go some where I didin't want to go!" An annoyed Inuyasha answered raising his voice slightly.

"Im only doing this because you are my friend." Miroku said opening the door of the small cafe for Inuyasha and himself.

Inuyasha just sent him a confused look and walked in. "Ya know Miroku,you make no since half the time.." taking a look around,Inuyasha found that this place was really nice and calming with it's pale yellow,gold and white theme and it wasin't over crowded like most places were now a days.He and Miroku spotted the girls in a corner booth near a window and walked towards them.

"Hey Miroku,Inuyasha,your both late what took ya?" Sango said when she spotted them coming over.Miroku sat very close to Sango while Inuyasha sat near Kagome looking down at the table,not being able to look at Kagome without thinking of that simple little kiss on the cheek she gave him.When Sango looked at Kagome she was doing the same thing.

'Why should I be so embarressed about a little kiss! Its not like it meant anything...but who knows maybe it will mean somthing...!' Inuyasha's thought went around and round while Miroku kept talking.

"Well Inuyasha here,couldin't put his cloths on by himself yet so I helped him out and I think little Inu here has finally learned how to tie his shoe laces by himself.I think we ought to get him a prize! " Miroku said clapping his hands together proudly.

Inuyasha just glared at his friend."Ya know more than happy to make sure that you never become a father.." Miroku just 'eeped' and moved closer to Sango,who just pushed him away for being almost on top of her.

"So Kagome you havin't said a word since the guys got here,whats wrong?" Sango asked innocently knowing that Kagome would want to kill her before this night was over.

Kagome just blushed and looked down at her hands "Nothing im just sitting here." 'Oh no! What if Inuyasha is mad at me? He hasin't said any thing to me,that must mean he didin't like what I did!' Kagome screamed at herself in her head while sneaking glances at Inuyasha.When she looked over at him once more her blue eyes met golden eyes for a second before they both looked back down at a spot on the table.

"Keh! This is dumb,if I knew coming here tonight was going to be this boring I wouldin't have come!" Inuyasha said crossing his arms a cross his chest.Inuyasha was trying to hide his shyness by being rude like he usually did but he just couldin't keep out the image of the very pretty girl that was sitting right beside him out of his head.

"Well..." Miroku looked down at his watch "...speaking of better things to do Inuyasha,it seems that I have forgotten to go clean my room!" Miroku said looking up at Inuyasha and Kagome with a grin on his face.

"How is cleaning your room a better thing to do Miroku? And why would you bring me here to hang out all together if your just gonna go clean your stupid room? whats up with that grin?" Inuyasha said now glaring at Miroku suspiciously.

"Ah..." Miroku didin't ever really think of what to say after saying he had to clean his room sadly...

"Ah...he means that he had to clean his room Inuyasha,why do you always have to judge people for what they do...sooo ..we have to go! Come on now Miroku lets go and get started on that messy room!" Sango said and laughing nervously,pulling on Miroku and then running out of the Cafe.Leaving a very confused and not very convinced Kagome and Inuyasha.

But soon it finally kicked in...

"I cant believe this! They ditched us! Their own friends!" Kagome stared out in disbelief at the swinging front door where their friends had ran out of.While Kagome began ranting about 'How could they do this to us' to herself and anyone else who was lisening to her half yelling rant,Inuyasha began to put his brain to work on the situation.

"Wait a minute...Miroku's room was clean and I was there earliyer!" Kagome turned to Inuyasha with a stare that clearly said 'Well...DUH!'.

"I dont get it! Why in the world would they invite us here tonight if they were just gonna ditch us!" Inuyasha began on his own little rant while Kagome when with her own thinking...

'Yeah...why would Sango do that,its not like her...unless! She wanted to set me up with Inuyasha!' Kagome's eyes widen when she came to that conclusion. 'But wait,I just cant go and accuse her of something I dont know of for sure.Besides Sango wouldin't do that...or would she?' .Kagome's train of thought was stopped by the sound of her cell phone ringing.


"Hey Kagome...!"

"Sango! Why did you just leave like that that!" Kagome raised her voice into the cell phone.

Sango laughed nevously "Ha ha well,you see I had...something to do...yeah! Somthing to do and well how about you and Inuyasha just enjoy your date.Okay Bye!" Sango pressed end on her own cell phone as fast as she could after she said the word 'date'.She sighed and turned to Miroku.

"Miroku...When Kagome and Inuyasha come to kill us let them know this is all of your fault alright." Sango said firmly,more of a statement than a question.

"Alright my darling Sango,anything you say..." Miroku said not really lisening as he slowly had his hand silently heading for his partner in crime's rear.



So sorry for the wait but life likes to take my time away from writing and I have a horrible problem with getting distracked...So anyways let me know what you think and hopfully chap 4 wont take as long to come out.byes