The Dark Lord's Pet

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Summary: Slash. Mpreg. Lord Voldemort is not happy at all about his servants being in Azkaban after the loss of his prophecy, and even less impressed with the state of his beautiful blond after time in the prison. LV/LM.

Warnings: As said in the summary. Also, SPOILERS for Order of the Phoenix.


Chapter 1: A Drastic Change

Fourteen Months Ago: June 26th

Lucius Malfoy was on his hands and knees on a hard wooden floor in the Riddle House, he was lacking in clothes and he was panting from the pain that he had just been subjected too. The blond aristocrat was at the feet of the newly risen Lord Voldemort; he had not been alone with this man…could he be called a man anymore? Well, he had not been alone with the Dark Lord since the night before that fateful Halloween when his love was ripped from his body by that horrible little Potter boy.

"On your feet, Lucius."

Lucius almost cringed at the coldness in that voice, the coldness directed at himself; it had always been like that with the Dark Lord though, he just wasn't used to it anymore. Even still, he forced himself, albeit painfully, to his feet, he steadied himself by gripping a bedpost and hung his head, waiting for the next blow if it came. But all he felt was a long and unusually cold finger under his chin, lifting his head so that his Master could see his face.

"You will never abandon me again, will you, Lucius?"

"No…" Lucius shook his head and winced at the pain from the Cruciatus Curse. "Never again…my Lord…" he started to wilt under those bright red eyes; and it reminded the blond again of how much he disliked the Dark Lord's new body. He had much preferred his lover's old body, the one that had still born some resemblance to his previous Tom Riddle appearance. This new appearance was far too snake-like for Lucius's taste, he had never been fond of snakes, in fact, he hated them…especially that Nagini of the Dark Lord's. He could swear that that snake had something against him.

"You will not renounce your allegiance to me again, will you?"

"No, my Lord," Lucius gulped quite audibly, he noticed a raise of the Dark Lord's brow (if you could call it that).

"Are you afraid of me, Lucius?"

"…A little bit," admitted the blond tensely, his eyes glimpsing a certain serpentine presence in the bedroom. "That and Nagini is watching me…"

The Dark Lord smirked slightly, Lucius's fear of snakes giving him some mild amusement; he then looked over his shoulder and hissed something in Parseltongue to his snake. After a few seconds of throwing a resentful look at its master, Nagini slithered off out of the room. Gleaming red eyes turned back to the blond Death Eater that stood very naked and slightly ashamed in front of him, "Nagini will not bother us again for this evening," long fingers on skeletal like hands trailed lightly up and down pale arms. "Do you wish for me to take you again, Lucius? The way I used too?"

Lucius nearly moaned out loud just from the thought, "I would love for you to do so, my Lord."

One of Voldemort's hands twisted itself into long blond hair and pulled Lucius's head back slightly, so that his mouth opened in a gasp. The Dark Lord took advantage of the parted mouth and crushed his lips to Lucius's in a searing kiss like neither had felt for nearly fourteen years.

Twelve Months Ago: August 12th

Lucius Malfoy stood straight backed and proud as he waited in the Riddle House study for Pettigrew to finish whinging to the Dark Lord; he had just returned from the Ministry where he had been speaking with the Minister for Magic. Cornelius Fudge was such a daft and trusting little man that the blond had him wrapped around his little finger. He rolled his eyes as Pettigrew nearly started crying again, he couldn't quite understand why their Master didn't just kill the little rat now, what other use could he possibly have?

"Y-yes m-my Lord…" Pettigrew bowed low and quickly ran out of the study with Voldemort glaring after him.

"I would happily do away with him for you, my Lord."

Voldemort turned his red eyes onto his blond lover, "I am sure you would enjoy that, Lucius," he indicated for Lucius to come and sit in the chair in front of the desk. "What news do you bring?"

Lucius rested his hands on the arms of the chair, looking about as arrogant as he could while doing so, "Firstly, Potter has won his trial, so he will be back at Hogwarts very soon. Dumbledore arrived and must have swung it for him," Voldemort nodded, his lips pressed into a thin line. "On the off chance that I would get one of Dumbledore's Order, I cast the Imperius Curse towards the door leading to the Department of Mysteries, and it did hit someone."

"Make sure you put it to use very soon."

Lucius frowned slightly, "My Lord, I am dubious about Avery's information."

"Are you questioning my judgement?"

Lucius shook his head, "No, of course not, but…I just do not trust the information of a man so thick as himself," he now wished he had kept his mouth shut due to the look Voldemort was giving him. But he swiftly continued with the rest of his news. "I had words with Fudge as you requested, my Lord, and he is most definitely against Dumbledore and Potter. He believes everything that has been reported in the Daily Prophet over the last year; he also mentioned that Dumbledore has found it difficult to find a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor this year, so a Ministry employee has been forced upon Hogwarts."


"Dolores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister, she is a horrible little woman," Lucius shuddered involuntarily from the thought of that wretched woman, she made his skin crawl. "Both Umbridge and Fudge are also still strongly denying your return, my Lord."

"Ah good. You're sure that they distrust Dumbledore?" questioned Voldemort, raising his non-existent eyebrows. "You are certain that Fudge is not pulling the wool over your eyes?"

Lucius forced himself not to glare at his master, he did not like his intelligence being insulted, "I am certain, my Lord. Fudge does not have the smarts to deceive me, nor, I believe, does Umbridge."

In a great change of conversation, Lord Voldemort spoke again; addressing his most trusted servant, not his most loyal however, as he still had not entirely forgiven Lucius for abandoning him all these years. "How are Narcissa and Draco?" he admired the fact that his blond pet looked as though he had barely aged a day since his own downfall. The silvery eyes betrayed him though, they showed that the blond was a bit older than he looked, but he was only in his forties now.

Lucius smirked humourlessly, "My wife is a whore, my son is a little shit, and I would like nothing more than for them to both die in some freak accident."

A sarcastic tone of voice accompanied the Dark Lord's next words, "Wedded bliss, I see."

"Very much so."

Two Months Ago: June – Pre-Department of Mysteries

Lucius lay panting on his back in the Dark Lord's bed, his slim and pale body covered in sweat, his hair extremely unkempt, and the Slytherin green silk sheets tangled around his waist. Though he was blissfully unaware at the moment, this would be the last time he would spend in his Master's bed for a good two months. He felt the bed move so he forced his eyes open to see Voldemort hovering above him, a serious look in his slitted red eyes.

"You will not fail me tomorrow, will you, Lucius?"

It took Lucius's sated and sleepy mind a few moments to click but he then shook his head, "No…I won't, my Lord…" he rested a hand carefully on his abdomen, a new habit that he had developed in the last couple of weeks..

Voldemort stroked Lucius's messy blond hair back from his gorgeous face, and out of those rather warm silvery eyes, "My little pet…do promise me that you will not get yourself thrown into Azkaban tomorrow night…"

Lucius bit his bottom lip lightly, "I thought that would prove my loyalty to you?"

"Perhaps so," replied Voldemort before lowering his head and biting Lucius on the juncture of his neck and right shoulder, drawing blood and gaining sharp intake of breath from the blond. "But I would sleep better at night knowing that you are not wasting away in that hellish place."

"Thank you…for the concern, my Lord…" Lucius moaned quietly as he felt the Dark Lord's tongue lave at his new wound.

Two Months Ago: June – Post-Department of Mysteries

'Among those Death Eaters that were captured last night is aristocrat Lucius Malfoy, 42. After being detained Mr. Malfoy refused to speak with your Daily Prophet reporter, however he was heard muttering "You will pay for this, Dumbledore," before being taken away to the sinister wizard prison of Azkaban with his fellow cohorts…'

Lord Voldemort threw his copy of the Daily Prophet down onto his desk in a petulant fit of rage. Damn that irritable old man and that stupid boy for thwarting his plans again! Now his prophecy was gone, smashed during the battle in the Department of Mysteries late last night; several of his Death Eaters were in Azkaban, one of them being Lucius which greatly annoyed him.

Dumbledore and that Potter brat certainly would pay for this, he would make sure of it.

Present Day: August 28th

The Dementors of Azkaban, despite their allegiance with Lord Voldemort, had been extremely reluctant in giving up the imprisoned Death Eaters. It had taken the Dark Lord a good two months to finally get his servants out of that horrible prison; though for some reason that he did not know, the Dementors had been even more reluctant to give up Lucius. That had angered Voldemort even more, especially when he found out that Lucius was the only Death Eater captured that had been held in the highest security part of the prison.

Upon seeing Lucius's dreadful appearance after he had been plucked from the depths of Azkaban, or hell which seemed more fitting; it only served to infuriate the Dark Lord even more. He had tortured many of his Death Eaters, Bellatrix Lestrange included, as she was beginning to greatly annoy him; not to mention that he killed two of them as well. There was also that daft tart Narcissa whose son he had tortured in front of her, just because the main concern of both was that without Lucius around they could not get their hands on his money. All of this was because of Lucius, his pet.

What was happening to him? That was a question he asked himself quite often now. He had honestly never felt like this before, could it be possible that the evil Lord Voldemort was actually feeling love towards the blond? A feeling like that was not something he could really fathom, but he felt that it could be a definite possibility.

The Dark Lord let his thought-narrowed eyes travel over the sleeping body of Lucius, who was in his bed while he was seated next to it in an armchair. Two months of being in Azkaban and surrounded by Dementors day and night had not done the blond very much good. Despite being out of there for a couple of days now, his once shiny and immaculate hair was lank and greasy; there were dark shadows under his eyes, making him look older than his forty-two years. The once lovely slender body was now almost unbearably thin; he looked unhealthy and weak, which seemed most certainly how the man felt as well when he was awake. Pale cheeks were sunken, sharply defining the prominent cheekbones and the pointed face; the silvery eyes were now dull and haunted.

Voldemort sighed, he rested his head on a hand his elbow on an arm of the armchair; how on earth had that dead cousin-in-law of Lucius's survive twelve years in that hellish prison and still come out with his wits in tact? It did give the Dark Lord a certain amount of respect for the dead Animagus for accomplishing that feat.

Lucius. His Lucius. He could only find himself to blame for Lucius's terrible ordeal in Azkaban at the moment, if only he had ordered another Death Eater to head his operation of getting the Prophecy from Potter down in the Department of Mysteries. However, he had only trusted Lucius with that task, he knew his lover could remain calm and collected while getting the prophecy where as someone like Bellatrix could not. She was mentally unhinged and Lucius wasn't.

A quiet whimpering broke the Dark Lord out of his thoughts and he saw Lucius starting to fidget in the bed, it seemed he was having another nightmare. This was the first time that Lucius had managed to sleep for more than two hours since he had been broken out of Azkaban two days ago; his nights usually fitful and restless due to nightmares of his two month stay in Azkaban.

He moved off the chair and sat down on the edge of the bed, he ran his fingers through Lucius's white-blond hair, and as the weakened man jerked awake Voldemort picked up a goblet of Dreamless Sleep Potion.

"Drink this."

Lucius groaned, his chest rapidly rising and falling from his heavy breathing; he tried to push the hand holding the goblet away from his mouth but eventually he just gave in and drank the potion down. "…I need to tell you something…" he mumbled sleepily as the potion took over.

"You can tell me in the morning," Voldemort put pressure on Lucius's shoulders so that he would lay still. "Sleep, my pet," he pressed a tender kiss to Lucius's forehead and stroked the blond hair before getting up and leaving the bedroom.

Important business needed to be taken care of. Important business that was being conducted on Lucius's behalf, because the Dark Lord was not so blind as to not notice that his blond pet did not particularly like his new body. Although, regaining his old appearance would also give himself greater opportunity to wreak havoc as the British Wizarding World now knew of him by his current appearance; reverting back to his former-self, his Tom Riddle self, would once again, make him unrecognisable to pretty much every body except for Dumbledore.

As Dumbledore rarely left his school except for under important circumstances, then Voldemort was fairly confident that this plan would work.

Lucius would also have a rather pleasant surprise when he woke up tomorrow morning.

Lord Voldemort stopped in his tracks on the way to his study, there it was again. What he thought or did now always had to appeal to Lucius…or he had this feeling deep down that whatever he did do, it had to make Lucius happy.

This plan certainly would thrill Lucius though.


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