The Dark Lord's Pet

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Chapter 3: Defiance

It had been just over a month since Lucius had been rescued from deep within Azkaban Prison by the Dark Lord, and it had been a month since he had told Lord Voldemort that he was pregnant. Pregnant with the evil wizard's child.

The blond was doing much better now than he was this time a month ago; for one thing, he had regained much of the weight he had lost, he was at least the same size now that he had been before Azkaban. He was nearly four months pregnant now, and his baby bump was becoming more obvious as time went by. It was obvious enough for many Death Eaters to have noticed it now (his own wife and son, included), though none of them had tried asking him about it because he was never more than a couple of feet away from the Dark Lord's side when they were present. To be honest, he didn't think that any of them, other than Severus, knew of his relationship with their Master; and he was fairly certain that if they did, Bellatrix, at least, would have something to say about it considering her almost obsessive infatuation with Tom.

At the moment, Lucius was almost fully submerged in hot soapy water in the bathtub in the ensuite bathroom to the Dark Lord's bedroom; he had his head resting on the edge of the bath at one end with his eyes closed and his arms folded over his baby bump. He had been in here for about half an hour now just milling things over in his head and relaxing. He could faintly hear voices and other noises coming from downstairs, there were Death Eaters here and the Dark Lord was handing out punishments for the latest blunder, not to mention fending off the lusting Bellatrix and Narcissa.

Lucius wasn't too bothered with any of that at the moment though, in fact, he could care less than he already did; he had other things on his mind. Other things such as what Lord Voldemort was planning and not telling anyone, the full story of what it was that Draco was being ordered to do; and just why the Dark Lord decided to change his appearance.

The blond was particularly interested in what it was that his son was supposed to be doing. Ever since he had first heard Voldemort mention he was having Draco do something, every time he queried it now either the subject was changed or Voldemort would say something along the lines of "Not now" or "We will talk later". So what was it? What was Draco capable of doing? Was he actually capable of doing the Dark Lord's bidding or was this some form of punishment? What did Narcissa have to say about whatever it was Draco was doing? Of course, she is probably in hysterics or traumatised in some way, considering her 'precious baby boy' was now being used like an expendable piece of meat.

Lucius held his breath and briefly sank right down beneath the surface of the water, fully submerging his head, before sliding back up, his hair wet and dripping; but at least he felt more awake now.

A scream from downstairs made the blond jump, water splashing out over the sides of the tub, it seemed that the Dark Lord was feeling very Crucio-happy today. But knowing that he was probably not going to get anymore peace and quiet now, Lucius forced himself up and out of the bathtub; he tread carefully over the wet floor and to his bathrobe.


"Are we clear on this, Bellatrix?" questioned Lord Voldemort quietly, his voice barely above a whisper, which sent shivers through the other occupants of the room, including the blond beside him.

The dark haired woman on the floor at his feet, now doubled over in pain, gave a meek nod of her head, "Yes, my Lord."

Lucius stood there, partially in Voldemort's shadow, a smirk on his face; he honestly did enjoy seeing Bellatrix pay for upsetting the Dark Lord. It was her own fault really; if she hadn't attacked him, there would be no need for her to be punished. Bellatrix's little outburst on her sister's behalf also left Lucius with another rather pleasing thought… It seemed that Lord Voldemort, for all his coldness, did in fact care about his unborn baby.

Voldemort gave a nod, "Good. Get up," Bellatrix struggled to her feet, passing a nasty look in Lucius's direction. "Now get out. All of you," most of the Death Eaters practically ran for the door to Apparate away from this place. "Not you, Lucius."

The blond Death Eater stopped in his tracks and slowly turned back to his master…or lover… What mood was the handsome Dark Lord in at the moment?

Voldemort leaned against the fireplace and observed the submissive blond before him, "Would I be right in thinking that you provoked Bellatrix into attacking you, so that I would punish her?" Lucius lowered his eyes in false bashfulness, and the Dark Lord gave a nod. "I thought as much."

Lucius raised his eyes again, "Then why did you ask?" he watched as a dark eyebrow rose. If the man before him thought he was going to be formal, then he had another thing coming; he was carrying the spawn of Lord Voldemort, after all.

"Do not question me," replied the dark haired man. "I will not so readily protect you the next time you feel the need to irritate Bellatrix, or anyone else for that matter."

Lucius folded his arms over his chest and scowled, "I do not need anyone to protect me, especially not you, Tom."

Voldemort's brown eyes narrowed, "Must you insist on calling me that infernal name?"

"Yes," replied the blond defiantly. "Must you insist on trying to rule my life?"

The words had barely left Lucius's mouth before Voldemort was upon him, fisting the front of the robes covering his chest and pushing him up against the wall. The Dark Lord gazed into the wide silver eyes of his pregnant lover; he wedged a knee between Lucius's legs before speaking in a low voice. "Remember what I said about you and this child, Lucius. I will not hesitate to harm you both if you continue to defy me the way you have been. Do not forget that," he continued gazing at Lucius for a few more moments before finally letting go and heading for the door only to stop at the sound of the blond's voice.

"If you were going to hurt the baby and I, you would have done so by now."

Voldemort rounded on the blond again, his wand out and pointing at the blond's chest, "You are really trying my patience now, Lucius."

Lucius regarded the wand aimed at his chest in a certain degree of fear before defiantly raising his eyes to the Dark Lord's again, "Go ahead… Do it," he watched for any sign in Voldemort's body language or his eyes. There it was. "You want to do it, I know you do," the wand didn't move, nor did Voldemort's mouth. "Do it, Tom!"

Voldemort sighed and lowered his wand, "No," with that said he turned on his heel and left the blond alone in the room.

Lucius let out a deep sigh of relief, what was wrong with him? Did he have a death wish? He couldn't entirely fathom why he just tried to provoke Lord Voldemort into torturing him and his baby. Maybe it was the pregnancy…or maybe Azkaban really had addled his brain a bit more than he would like to think.

Voldemort slumped down into a chair in his study and put his head in hands. What the hell had just happened? Did Lucius have some sort of psychotic death wish? But it wasn't Lucius's actions that were making him worry, it was his own. Why had he hesitated? Why had he refused to hurt Lucius? He had never behaved like this before, no matter the level of fondness he had felt for the blond; he would always punish Lucius if he stepped out of line. But now he couldn't…or wouldn't…

Was there actually a difference?

Riddle, you've fallen for him.

Have I?

Stop trying to deny it, you fool.

I'm not.

Yes, you are.

I have nothing to deny.

Yes. You do.

I do not.

Why are you arguing with yourself, Riddle? Going a bit crazy are we?

"Stop it!" snapped Voldemort out loud; his head still cradled in his hands.

"Stop what?"

The dark haired man lifted his head to see the blond of his affections standing meekly near the door; he narrowed his eyes slightly. "What do you want, Lucius?"

Lucius hesitated for a few moments, "...I know I am not exactly in the best position to be asking anything of you at the moment-"

"Damn straight. Get to your point."

Lucius opened his mouth to continue but his words seemed to catch in his throat, as he regarded the unpleasant look that he was getting, "…Never mind. It doesn't matter," he turned to leave the study.

"Do not turn your back on me, Lucius, until you are dismissed," Voldemort watched with some satisfaction as Lucius stopped and turned stiffly back towards him. "Come here," the blond didn't move from his spot, he seemed to be frozen there. "Now."

Lucius moved almost like a robot over to the Dark Lord's desk until he stopped in front of the polished piece of furniture; his eyes lowered submissively. He was waiting for the strike, he knew he had pushed Voldemort too far today, especially considering the way he had been the last two days; it was only a matter of time before the Dark Lord bit back. "My Lord?"

"Come here."

Lucius lifted his eyes to see Voldemort indicating to a spot next to the chair he was in. Now he really didn't like the looks of where this was going, but he followed his orders anyway.

Voldemort turned his chair towards the blond, "On your knees," as soon as the blond was on his knees; Voldemort raised a hand and struck him across the face.

Lucius gripped an arm of the chair and one of Voldemort's legs to keep himself from falling to the side, he had not been prepared for that but he hoped that that was all the punishment he would get. He kept his head lowered, slightly fearful of what might com next.

Voldemort placed a hand under Lucius's chin and raised the blond's head so that he could see the fearful silver eyes, "Are you afraid, Lucius?"


"Are you afraid of me?"

Lucius closed his eyes briefly before replying quietly, "…Yes…"

Voldemort gave a slight nod of his head, "Good. Then maybe you will think twice next time before you defy me and talk me into torturing you."

Lucius lowered his gaze once again, "Forgive me, my Lord…"

"Look at me, Lucius."

Lucius did as he was told and looked back up into those calculating brown eyes; a hand still under his chin.

"Tell me, why should I forgive you, Lucius?"

Lucius held the brown gaze, "You have no reason too, my Lord, but I have known you to be merciful in the past," he could feel a faint stinging sensation on his right cheek where he was struck. "I am also carrying your child…and you have not yet harmed me."

"And do you think I should give you leeway to defy me while my other followers are punished for their ignorance?"

"No, my Lord."

"What do you think I should do with you, Lucius?"

"I…" Lucius sighed and shook his head, but the hand that was now stroking his hair made him continue quietly. "I don't know, my Lord."

"Do you not?" the Dark Lord leaned forward so that his face was level with Lucius's, one hand still stroking the silky blond hair. "Perhaps extra service in my bed chamber may do you some good?" he smirked at the look of confusion that passed over the blond's face.

"Is that a punishment, my Lord?"

Voldemort raised his eyebrows slightly, "Do you want it to be?"

Hesitant once more, Lucius replied, "…I'm…I'm not sure…"

"Indecisiveness will not do you well, my pet."

Those last words gave Lucius the will to relax; if the Dark Lord was using a pet name again it meant that he was not angry. Of course, he could be trying to lull Lucius into a false sense of security before striking again. It had happened before.

The Dark Lord continued to thread his fingers through Lucius's mane of blond hair before kissing him briefly on the lips, "Now what is it you wanted?"

Lucius shook his head, "I can't remember, it wasn't important," before the Dark Lord could reply he spoke again. "There is something that I have been curious about though…"

"Oh?" a dark eyebrow rose.

Lucius nodded, "Why did you change your appearance?" his knees were beginning to cramp a bit, but at the moment it didn't matter; he wanted an answer.

Tom frowned slightly, "Thanks to Dumbledore many people know of my reformed appearance; however many people do not remember or do not realise who I once was. I can now blend in with the crowds if I so choose too."


Tom considered Lucius for a moment, "Though I also recall that you were not overly pleased with my previous looks."

Lucius sighed, "With all due respect, I was rather used to you like this," he indicated to the Dark Lord before him, "before that Halloween night. Then when you returned, it was…I admit, rather frightening seeing you like that, especially at the dead of night if I woke up."

"You did not say anything."

"It was not my place to say anything," replied Lucius honestly, as he gazed directly at the handsome face of Tom Riddle. Is he implying that his change in appearance was partially for my benefit? Dare I question that?

"You may question it, if you wish," said Tom as though he had read Lucius's mind, and in this case, he had. "What do you think the answer is?"

"Yes," Lucius replied quietly. "To some extent I think you wanted to make me happy."

"Perhaps, my pet."

Lucius lowered his head and rested his reddening cheek on one of Tom's thighs, "Thank you."


Author's Note: Just thought I might point out that when Tom is annoyed or upset with Lucius he is referred to as 'Voldemort' or the 'Dark Lord'; both by me as the author, and by Lucius's thoughts. When Tom is in an 'ok' mood, he is referred to as 'Tom'. Though he does not really like being called Tom by Lucius, he has not done anything to stop him.

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