As the new morning rose, Iru's eyes opened to the new day. She leaned up in her bed then looked around, "..." she said nothing cause it was to early. Getting out of bed, Iru threw on some new clothes, her new uniform to be exact. It felt comfortable, and nice to be in it. Looking around, Iru saw an apple on the table. The lucious green color of the apple made her wanna eat it.

"I guess I should" She says quietly, taking the apple in one hand, and bringing it to her mouth. She takes a bite out of it, feeling different some how. "That's a good apple" She smiles, then walks over to the veranda. She looks out it, looking at her new world. The world of FUNERAL.

"I think...I could get used to this, I love the view" Iru heads off the veranda, heading towards Ryu's room.

Looking through Ryu's slide door, she smiles, seeing Ryu sleeping, almost curled into a ball on the bed. He was on his side, his head laying on one arm, and his other arm infront of his face, covering his eyes.

"So adorable.." Iru smiles then knocks on the door and opens it quietly. She goes over and sits down in a chair, looking at Ryu as he sleeps. Forgetting to shut the door she hears someone's voice, "Seems cute and adorable doesnt he? But you must know, he isnt that way intierly. He can be ruthless and scary, if you know my meaning. You may find out, before your supposed to..." The voice fads, making Iru feel awkward and a little frightened.

"Who was that..." She asks, quietly. Turning her face up, she sees Ryu, his face was emotionaless and he wore only pants. Ryu looked at her oddly then went back over to his bed, sitting down on the edge, asking "what are you doing here?"

Iru looked away from him, then back at Ryu, "I was gonna see if you wanted to take a walk with me around, but you were sleeping, so I let myself in..." Iru said, her voice going soft at the end.

" that again" Ryu said, his emotionaless voice ringing in Iru's ears. Iru looked away from Ryu then got up. Turning her head to him she said, "Have a good day, Lt. Ryu Soma..." Her voice was semi-sad, and her eyes were glazed over somewhat. Going over to the door, she slide it open and let herself out, leaving a typical Ryu on the bed.

Standing outside her slide door, Iru started to cry, "he's such a jerk!" she cried. Putting a hand on her face, and whipping her tears she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Why are you crying?" Someone's slick voice said from the side of her. Iru looked up to see the blonde Lt. Dan standing next to her.

"Ryu...he's a jerk..." Iru said, still crying some. Dan looked at her, with a face that was like 'so what? do i care?' but then it turned to a happyish face.

"He's like that just have to give him some time." Dan said, moving his hand to Iru's cheek to whip the tears with his thumb. Iru's eyes shifted to Dan, looking at him, she started to blush. They were so close, she could feel his breath on her neck. Dan looked at her a little then tried to move closer, but someone walked up behind Iru, stareing at Dan with a glare.

'Ahh damn...' Dan cursed slightly then bowed his head at Iru and walked away. Iru blinked a few times, wondering what just happened then felt a hand on her shoulder again. Turning around she saw Ryu.

"Dont let him try and pull something like that on you..." Ryu's emotionaless voice said to Iru. The littler Lt. looked up at the augmented man and blinked twice.

"...ill try..." Iru said like a child. Her voice was already childlike, but talking like this was more childlike. She looked at Ryu, to see his cold eye glaring at her, the emotion in it never changed. Smiling some, she heard him say, "im sorry for earlier.." which made her smile a little more.
"It's ok, it wasnt my place to come and walk right into your room..." Iru said to the augmented man. Ryu looked at her, his sincere red eye showing some, "yes, it wasnt your place...but thanks..." He said with some emotion. It wasnt like his nromal voice that he normally used, it sounded more happy like.

"We should get going..." Iru said to Ryu then smiled, she put a hand on his cheek then walked off saying, "thanks for trusting me.." That left Ryu with a tiny, tiny smile on his face as he walked off with her.

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