The carrier took three ion beams in the nose, and began to roll. The massive command factory in space fell out of position with the rest of the fleet and hit the Scaffold head on. Titanium snapped like brittle trigs as about five billion tons of propelled weight plowed through support struts and construction bays.

Three frigates converged on the destroyer sitting just above the northern pole, their weapons charged and locked on. The destroyer sat motionless as the enemy ships approached it. The frigates opened fire, their mass drivers boring holes into the ceramic armor covering the entirety of the destroyer's hull. Suddenly the space just below the destroyer shimmered, and a heavy cruiser, its six heavy ion cannons lancing the lead frigate into pieces.

The Scaffold erupted with the fury of the system's sun, vaporizing the trapped carrier and everything within 100 kilometers. Interceptors swore loudly in the last two seconds on their lives as the tiny strike craft were instantly reduced to atoms. The missile destroyer behind the Scaffold split open in the initial shockwave, and then exploded. Rogue missiles shot off in every direction, the nuclear tipped projectiles hitting anything unfortunate enough to get in the way.

The second carrier dropped out of hyperspace a mile above the planet's atmosphere and dropped its payload. The fusion cluster core hit the atmosphere of the desert planet, and the entire northern hemisphere of the planet was flash-fried into smoking ruin. Great charred arcs of combustible gases gouged at the empty tan desert of the southern hemisphere, eagerly incinerating anyone caught in their way.

The main goal accomplished, the attacking fleet slave jumps into hyperspace, heading for the refueling point three lightyears away in a nebula. The shockwaves of so many large ships accelerating to lightspeed in a matter of seconds rips through the remnants of the defeated defenders, most of which had given up fighting when everyone on the planet became flakes of charred ash. Many exploded in the now deafening silence, others were merely disabled, but none of them cared.

The lone frigate that survived the attack partially intact floated near the equator of the planet, venting atmosphere from most of the decks. The captain of the inevitably doomed ship stared out of the bridge's cracked view port at the planet that had been a peaceful place not ten minutes before. The rest of her crew dead, and the cabin slowly leaking air, the captain herself only had a quarter of an hour before she died of asphyxiation. She sat quietly in her chair, ignoring the thinning air and lifeless bodies around her as she focused on the giant sphere in front of her. She typed in a command to whatever remained of the ships' computer, and felt a small thrust as the main drives and emergency boosters pushed the frigate into the still burning atmosphere. The ship began to burn as the undying fires engulfed it, and the frigate soon erupted as one last funeral pyre for those who had died.

Four hours later, four enemy frigates hyperspaced back into the system and began firing on the defenseless cryotrays. The Kharakian mothership arrived shortly after.

"The Burning Of Kharak"

By Stingra

Inspired by Homeworld

A Relic Real Time Strategy Game.