At last peace has been restored to the Galaxy. Chancellor Amidala has gained complete respect of everyone in the senate, and thanks to her diplomatic solutions, many wars have been prevented.

The Jedi are now a major part of the senate aswell, expressing their views and opinions. Anakin Skywalker has at last become a Jedi Master, and is also Padme's loyal bodyguard, standing by her side everytime there is a meeting in the senate.

After the arrest of Mas Amedda, Palpatine's majordomo, Padme has employed a wookie called Chewbaaca, one of the only few remaining on Kashyyk. His voice echoes through the hall perfectly and silences even the loudest protests.

Obi-Wan and Mace have taken the two Skywalker children as their apprentices, but it is clear that Leia doesn't want to be a Jedi. She continues the training never-the-less, under the guidance of Mace Windu, but as soon as she is old enough, she has agreed with the Jedi Council, and with her parents, that she will become the new Jedi Senator, representing them in the Senate.

When they aren't busy on Coruscant, Anakin and Padme spend their time at the lakeside retreat in Naboo, enjoying the sun, the peace and the tranquility.

Nothing, it seems can spoil such a perfect time...

But something this good, can't last forever!