Chapter 6: Hitting Vlad Where it Hurts

As Raven once again used her powers to teleport everybody to Vlad's mansion, Walker and Skulcker thought it was a good time to escape from capture even though they had anti-ghost cuffs on them. As they were trying to run toward the main door of the mansion, Tucker and Sam took out their Ejecto-guns and fired at the bodies of Robin and Cyborg. The green beams hit their bodies, sending Walker and Skulcker right out. Robin and Cyborg fell unconscious, and Sam took out the Fenton Thurmus and sucked Walker and Skulcker in.

"I knew we should have thought this out!" yelled Walker as he was being sucked into the thurmus.

"You knew they were going to do that?" asked Raven to Danny.

"Certainly" replied Danny, "when you are a villain, of course you are going to take desperate measures like this."

Suddenly Robin and Cyborg were waking up from their ordeal.

"Hey, where are we?" asked Cyborg.

"We're back at Vlad's mansion" replied Robin.

"What do you remember?" asked Starfire to Robin.

"All I remember is a blur" replied Robin, "right after those five ghosts appeared."

"Those five ghosts took over your body" said Danny, "but I have some devices that may provide a good way to kick Vlad's butt."

Danny then took out five Fenton belts from Tucker's backpack.

"What are these?" asked Starfire as she studied one of them.

"These are Fenton belts" replied Danny, "they are suppose to repel ghosts."

"Then let's put these things on and kick Vlad's behind" said Beast Boy as he was putting one of them on.

"Not very much of a fashion statement" said Raven as she placed hers on, "I hope it doesn't interfere with my powers."

"Don't worry" said Danny, "this only works on ghosts."

As the Titans placed on their belts, Danny opened the door.

"Are you sure we should do this?" asked Cyborg.

"And let Vlad get away by thinking he can control you like some meat-puppets?" asked Danny.

"Good point" said Raven.

"Are you two going to come in?" asked Beast Boy to Tucker and Sam.

"Nope" replied Sam.

"We're going to let the professionals handle this" said Tucker hiding in some bushes.

As the Titans and Danny Phantom entered the main hallway, Vlad was standing right there thinking the Titans were still being controlled by the ghosts he hired to do the job.

"I'm pleased that you have brought Danny Phantom in" said Vlad as he changed into Vlad Plasmius.

"That's what you think" said Robin as he took out his fighting rod.

"How did you manage to free the Titans?" asked Vlad to Danny.

"Let's just say my dad has invented another weapon that did the job" replied Danny.

"Titans, go!" shouted Cyborg.

"You think I am weak alone?" asked Vlad.

Suddenly as the Titans were racing toward Vlad, Vlad turned into five more Vlads.

"Now Vlad clones" said Vlad, "attack the Titans!"

"Dude" said Beast Boy to Danny, "you didn't tell us he could do that."

"Just keep fighting" said Danny, "I'll handle the original."

As the five Vlad clones were racing toward the Titans, one of the Vlad clones gave Cyborg a hard punch, sending him flying into a wall. Cyborg got up and raced toward the Vlad clone and activated the Fenton belt and knocked the Vlad clone down. Beast Boy changed himself into raptor. The belt was still attached to Beast Boy and he managed to swing his tail at the Vlad clone that was trying to attack him. It sent the Vlad clone across the hallway. Beast Boy then changed himself into an elephant and raced toward the Vlad clone, stomping on the Vlad clone and making the clone disappear. Robin took out his fighting rod and knocked the Vlad clone down. The clone recovered and broke Robin's rod in half by shooting a ghost beam at it. Robin leaped and kicked the Vlad clone, sending him flying into a wall and disappearing instantly. Starfire fired several star bolts at a Vlad clone. The Vlad clone then became invisible and the star bolts missed the clone. Starfire then flew right toward the Vlad clone and gave the clone a good punch and a kick, sending the Vlad clone flying out the window and crashing outside. Raven then used her powers against the Vlad clone that was trying to attack her. Raven used her powers and attacked the Vlad clone. She trapped the Vlad clone in a dark sphere with her powers and started to have the sphere shrink on the clone. The clone instantly disappeared. Suddenly it was just Danny Phantom and Vlad Plasmius.

"You call this a fair fight?" asked Vlad, "I'm out numbered six to one."

"I can see that" replied Danny, "but it wasn't fair that you hired some ghosts to control their bodies."

"So we're going to return you the favor" said Cyborg as he was walking toward Vlad.

"Titans, attack!" commanded Robin.

Robin made the first attack on Vlad, by giving a good kick at Vlad. Vlad turned around only to find Cyborg racing toward him with his rocket arms aiming at him. The rocket arms grabbed Vlad's shoulders and dragged him toward Raven. Raven then used her powers and body slammed him a few times. Starfire then raced and flew toward Vlad and gave several good punches at Vlad. Vlad was trying to recover from the attack, but it was Beast Boy's turn. He changed himself into a large ape and threw Vlad around the room sending Vlad flying across the room and hitting a wall. Vlad managed to get himself off the wall and was very weak as he struggled to walk straight. The Titans got together and prepared for an attack.

"We have him" said Robin.

"Let me handle him" said Danny as he went right in front of the Titans, "he's my main villain after all."

"He's got a point" said Raven.

"But we were kicking his butt" said Beast Boy, "why not let us finish it?"

"Because" replied Cyborg, "that would be too much intruding on another super hero's turf."

As Vlad was trying to recover from the Titan's attacks, he was shocked to see Danny flying toward him. Danny delivered a good punch at Vlad, knocking some teeth out of Vlad's mouth. He then delivered a kick at Vlad, sending Vlad flying across the room and hitting a wall again. Vlad tried to use his ghost beam at Danny, but Danny created a ghost shield, and the beam deflected off the shield. Danny then raced toward Vlad and delivered several more punches and kicks. Danny then fired one large ghost beam at Vlad, sending Vlad flying to the wall and turning back into his normal mode.

"You have beaten me fair and square" said Vlad as he recovered from the attack, "and I commend you on that."

"Try taking over our bodies again" said Cyborg as he was shaking his fist at Vlad, "and we might not be so generous in having Danny Phantom kicking your butt for us."

"Fine, fine" said Vlad, "I submit to you a truce. But it's only temporarily."

"I don't like these truces" said Robin, "but I guess we have no choice. It would be too unfair to attack him now."

"Let's get the heck out of here" said Danny.

"Good idea" said Raven, "thought you never asked."

As the Titans and Danny headed out of Vlad's mansion, Sam and Tucker emerged from the bushes.

"We watched the whole thing" said Tucker in an excited mood, "you people kick butt."

"Thanks" said Beast Boy, "but we couldn't have done it without the help of Danny here."

"What about the media?" asked Sam to Robin.

"Don't worry" replied Robin, "I believe we can fix things for Danny Phantom."

As Raven teleported them back to Sam's mansion, the Titans departed once they have arrived. A few hours passed and Sam turned on the television and was surprised to see the Teen Titans on. Tucker and Danny came into the room.

"Turn up the sound" said Tucker as he sat on the sofa.

"Sure thing" said Sam.

On the television screen, the Teen Titans were trying to convince that the ghost boy wasn't a bad guy at all.

"The ghost boy isn't really a bad guy at all" said Cyborg as he replied to some reporters.

"Yea" said Beast Boy, "he's just, what's what word Raven?"

"Misunderstood" replied Raven.

"Yea, what she said" said Beast Boy, "so lay off the negative stuff on him."

"But he attacked the mayor" said one of the reporters.

"Give me that photo" said Robin as he took the photo of what it looked like that Danny was attacking the mayor.

"Maybe the mayor had something down his throat" said Cyborg as he studied the photo.

"Come on" said a second reporter.

"Look, our statement stands" said Robin as he handed the photo back to a police officer, "the ghost boy isn't such a bad guy. If you don't like it, deal with it."

"Yea" said Starfire, "he's our friend."

"Turn it off Sam" said Danny to Sam, "they're not going to believe them."

"Fine" said Sam as she turned off the television, "but if the Titans believe you are good, then I'm probably sure the rest of Amity Park can see you are good."

Suddenly a few hours later as Danny and Tucker were about to leave Sam's place they heard engines landing in the street. It was Cyborg in his car along with the other Titan members in the back. Danny raced toward the car to say goodbye to the Titans.

"Before we leave Amity Park" said Cyborg as he was given a communicator by Robin, "we would like to give you this."

"What is it?" asked Danny as Cyborg gave him a strange communicator.

"Since you have helped us kicking Vlad's butt" replied Beast Boy.

"We have decided to make you an honorary member of the Teen Titans" continued Robin.

"Wow, thanks" said Danny.

"But don't mention this to even your friends" said Raven.

"We might come back to help you" said Starfire.

"And don't think we will not either" said Robin.

As Cyborg drove the car away, Sam and Tucker came out.

"What was that all about?" asked Sam as Danny was putting the communicator in his pocket.

"Uh, they just wanted to say goodbye" replied Danny.

"I see" said Tucker, "well, let's head home."

"Good idea" said Danny, "see you tomorrow Sam."

"Yea, whatever" said Sam.