Important authors note: Before you start reading this story there's a bit of background information that you need to know. This story was first inspired by the song 'Full of Grace' by Sarah McLachlan (hence the title), and so every chapter I hope will be a different song. The second inspiration was the movie 'Pretty Woman'.

Now this is an AU fic, and you need to know that everything up to 'Blame Booze and Melville' happened except that Mitchum told her she was doing good and so her and Logan never stole the yacht, never went to jail and she never dropped out of Yale. Now here's where the AU part comes in, everything that has happened on the show to Rory happened in my story to Brooke, her stepsister! Now you're probably wondering how that happened…well Christopher got another girl pregnant when he got Lorelai pregnant and that's why they broke up. Brooke was raised in Connecticut by Lorelai, and Rory was raised in California by Chris and her mom (who I haven't decided on a name for yet). This is a new way to think of Rory and she'd very ooc in this story.

This first chapter might be a little confusing but please hang in there because everything will get explained in the following chapters. Oh and by the way this is a PDLD! Go Finn!

Now on with the story…

Full Of Grace
Chapter One: Sweet Surrender

It doesn't mean much
It doesn't mean anything at all
The life I've left behind me
Is a cold room
I've crossed the last line
From where I can't return
Where every step I took in faith
Betrayed me
And led me from my home

The night was rainy and cold, as a tarnished looking bus pulled to a stop on a deserted street corner. The driver called to the few passengers on board, not knowing if any had to get off. A man dressed in a black business suit shook his head vehemently and then lowered it back down to cradle it in his hands again. An old woman continued staring out the window, an umbrella lying on her lap and muttered something about the dreaded rain in Connecticut. Behind her, cuddled up to the side of the bus, was a young girl. Her hair was flat and pressed to her face, her cheeks were a little sunken and her skin was pale. She slowly pushed herself up and onto her feet, staggering slightly but she managed to maintain her balance. She walked down the narrow isle right towards the driver who had, up until now, been staring outside his window. He turned quickly though when she passed and he reached his hand out, stopping her before she could get off.

"You going to be okay miss?" he asked his voice gruff but worried.

The girl looked down at his hand, grasping her wrist snugly and then positioned her gaze up at him. She nodded her head slightly and gave him a tiny smile. "I hope so," she told him and he let go of her hand.

The bus drove away from the curb, leaving the young woman alone. She looked around her, as if for the first time noticing how empty the city was. The night was cloudy and dark, with a bitter wind howling around the corners of streets with steady drops of rain falling from the sky. She paused in her attempt to start walking and looked down at her outfit. She cursed herself as her bare legs started to tremble and were instantly covered in goose flesh, her dress beginning to get spotted from the rain. On their own accord, her fingers skimmed down the front of her dress and played with the fraying hemline, which ended a couple inches below her thighs. She couldn't believe how stupid she was, wearing something like this in the middle of January. She wasn't in California anymore…

The young girl continued in her first attempt on starting the long journey she'd set out on. She crossed over the street, not before looking both ways even though there weren't any cars. She knew in her heart where she was to go but in her mind, the only sensible part left of her, she knew not to go knocking on Brooke's door right now. She would have to resign herself to finding another place to sleep for the night. Which she knew would be damn near impossible when it was past midnight and she didn't have any money. Her last few dollars had been spent on her bus ticket. She once again found herself wanting to scream out of frustration. She had no where to go, no money and no food and she was in a city she'd only been two a couple of times before. She sighed out loud and pushed her hair back from her face, she knew now wasn't the time to get lost in thoughts of how stupid and naïve she was. She had always been a firm believer that the past was the past and you can't live your whole life regretting every stupid decision you made, because then you weren't really living your life, you were trying to re-live it. And re-living life is just like having a second chance…it doesn't exist. When you live in the real world, you can't go turning back the clock.

The week before, Rory had hopped on a bus from Los Angeles and started making her way across the country. She laughed wryly when she thought about how daft and ludicrous that decision was. She'd spent all the money she had –which wasn't a lot- to go from one state to another, from one place where she had no future to another place where she would find the exact same thing.

She leaned back against a lone street sign, quiet until she felt that familiar tickle in her throat. Rory started to cough uncontrollably for a minute or two before getting it under control. As she caught her breath she tried to figure out where she was. The night was still and empty, only a few lights were on in the apartment buildings and houses that Rory could see. There weren't any cars on the street at all and no one walking along in either direction. She felt alone in a city that was sleeping, and she wasn't used to that. She'd lived with the rowdy night life of L.A. for almost three years and the quiet seemed wrong somehow.

She walked forward a few feet, bringing her hands up to her head, messing up her already tousled hair. As she turned around her eyes caught the name of the street perpendicular to the one she was standing on.

York Street.

Why did that sound so familiar to her? She couldn't think at the moment, she couldn't make her mind concentrate on anything other then the iciness of her body, the dull throb in her head and the constant itch in the back of her throat. She rubbed her fingers against her forehead, racking her brain for why that street sounded so familiar.

And then it came to her.

Rory's head shot up and she turned around to face the street, taking in a ragged breath before she started running down it, a faint hope burning in the pit of her stomach. She didn't know how long she ran, but it felt like miles, until she saw the faded outline of a very imposing building appear. Her lips twitched into the ghost of a smile and she forced herself to run faster.

Rory tore across the street, not even bothering to look for cars this time, and didn't stop until she got to the set of gates separating her from the campus. Rory brought her hand up and ran it over the chipped metal, feeling the black paint give away under her skin. She brought her gaze from the campus to her hand, it was shaking non stop. She knew it was from the rain and the cold, because her teeth were chattering two and her body felt like a freezer box.


Rory's whole body froze when she heard that one word. She heaved a sigh, trying to calm her heartbeat as it soared of the scale. She turned herself around, still holding onto the bar. A man dressed in black pants, a grey shirt and a black jacket was walking up the street towards the gates also.

Finn stopped walking when he saw the young girl staring at him. He didn't recognize her from anywhere but he didn't find that surprising. Something about her screamed that she wasn't from around here. His chocolate brown eyes widened when he let them skim over her body, shivering in the tiny, mini dress she was wearing. His eyes then traveled to her outstretched arm and her hand that had a death grip on the iron gate. Her delicate hand was shaking viscously and her knuckles were turning white. The parts of her skin that he could see were bright red from the cold and the wind.

Rory was the first to look away after their eyes locked. She felt them on her still and she bit her lip and turned to look down the street behind her. She frowned slightly as she assessed the situation –she didn't know if she was strong enough to get away from him if he tried anything, and that thought scared her more then she liked. Rory gulped down, trying to fight against the growing lump in her throat.

Finn took a step towards her, weary of the scared look in her eyes. He watched as her gaze shifted from him to behind her and then back again, her hooded eyes the colour of blue tropical waters. She looked like an animal backed into a corner and ready to run. He slowly took another, larger step in her direction and was about to take another when she suddenly ripped her hand from the bar and backed up a couple of paces.

Finn immediately stopped moving. He didn't know what to do in this situation. He watched her, with his head tilted to the side. She was like a mysterious shadow, and his curiosity was peaked. He wanted to know who she was, why she was alone and outside at this time of the night. He wanted to know why she was dressed that way and he wanted to know if she was okay. Because the panicky look on her face, and the edginess in her body screamed that she wasn't.

"You okay love?" Finn asked, his voice making her flinch. The girl before him didn't say anything and Finn sighed. He brought a hand up and pushed it through his hair. He was about to ask her again when he saw the face contort as she struggled against something. His hazel eyes widened and he unconsciously came closer to her but Rory didn't notice as she bent over again, her throat flaming up as she started to cough.

Finn winced at the raucous sound and the bright red colour of her face. He watched as her eyes closed, her forehead wrinkling, one hand clutching her stomach and the other tight against her throat. He quickly walked over to her, and placed his hand on her back, not knowing what else to do. Finn felt her immediately tense but she didn't pull away and so he gently rubbed her back, hoping it might help her.

It seemed to do just that, as Rory's coughing died down. Finn look relieved that she was okay but he was behind her and didn't see her face screw up in disgust as she tasted the metallic tang of blood. Rory quickly swallowed it and then wiped her mouth with the sleeve of her dress. Then she turned her head to look over her shoulder. The man standing behind her, with his hand still pressed against her back, eyes were clouded with concern and worry and Rory didn't know how to respond to that. She hadn't had a guy look at her like that in a long time.

"You okay?" Finn asked again, narrowing his eyes on her.

Rory only nodded her head, not trusting her voice. She felt her body slightly relax against his hand and her eyes widened. She roughly pulled herself away from him, only turning back around when she thought she was a safe distance from him.

Finn let his hand rest back by his side; he couldn't stop the crestfallen look from entering his eyes. This girl seemed so lost, so sad and he just wanted to know why. But then he understood. She obviously didn't trust him; I mean a strange man comes up to you in the middle of the night… Finn shoved his hands in his pockets and tried a different approach. "Are you trying to get in there?" he asked, gesturing with his head towards the campus.

Rory nodded her head once again. A flash of curiosity entered her eyes, fighting against the fear. She didn't understand what this man wanted. She'd seen him look over her when she'd first turned around but he didn't seem to question her outfit. She wanted to think that he looked genuinely concerned about her, and that there was no ulterior motive, but she couldn't.

"You're not gonna get in here love. They lock these gates but there are ones just down there that are open," Finn told her. She seemed to be having some sort of inner debate with herself. "I can take you there. If you want?" Finn asked.

Rory closed her eyes for a moment, breathing in deeply. When she looked back at him he had his earlier question burning in his eyes. She resigned herself for another night of the same thing she'd been doing for two years. Rory folded her arms across her stomach and met his russet eyes. "Okay," she whispered so quietly she wasn't sure if he'd hear her.

Finn did though and he smiled genuinely at her, glad that she seemed okay enough to talk. He could still see the fear in her eyes but it was slowly being pushed back, almost like she was putting up some sort of shield to protect herself. Finn didn't question her he just turned around after motioning her to follow him. After he'd walked a couple of feet and he didn't feel her presence behind him, Finn turned around to see her standing in the same place. She was fingering the material of her dress between her fingers and looking around cautiously. Finn walked back to her, stopping when he was within two feet. He slowly reached out, leaving his open hand in front of her, waiting for her to grasp it.

Rory always needed a minute or two to collect herself. She needed a little time to talk herself into what she was going to do. Needed time to shut herself down because she was never able to make herself think it was a good idea. She had to bury the fear that always dwelled inside her; she had to put on an air of a professional. Sha had to make herself numb, not get involved with it because that made it real and she didn't want it to be real, she wasn't ready for that.

Rory forced herself into giving him a smile. She moved her hand into his and walked over to his side. She knew he obviously didn't buy the smile she gave him but she didn't do anything to placate the worry shining freely in his eyes. She wouldn't know how to if she was to try. And so she just started to walk and he quickly followed suit.

As she walked down the street with this man, Rory's mind started to go completely blank –as it usually did when she put herself in these sorts of situations. At first all she could think about was what she knew was going to happen later on. It was odd how it seemed so wrong and scary when she was in a different state. Back in L.A. she wouldn't have hesitated, she wouldn't have thought of fleeing but here… This wasn't her own turf, and that made it scarier because in her mind, that gave the man the upper hand.

She was soon broken out of her thoughts when the man in question tightened his grip on her hand. Her eyes shot down towards it and she felt warmth spread throughout her entire body. Rory let her curiosity get the best of her and she quickened her pace so she was walking beside him rather then getting pulled behind. She turned her head so that she could look at him more closely. In the dim light provided by strategically places lamp posts, Rory could only make out a shadow of his face. He looked to be around her age, early twenties, but it was the worry she remembered seeing in his eyes that warmed her up even more. She couldn't remember the last time someone had been worried about her, well some stranger at least.

All of a sudden the man turned a tight corner and Rory almost tripped over her own feet, but she managed to remain vertical. As she came back to her senses she looked up and saw that they were standing in front of another building, much like the one before.

"Where you going then, love?" Finn asked, stopping when they got into the campus. He turned to see her and he watched her look around for a moment. "You going to Branford?" he asked, recalling the building he'd found her outside of.

Rory nodded her head, glad that he seemed to know. She couldn't remember the name of the building but Branford did sound familiar. "What's this?" she asked her voice raspy and scratching at her throat.

"Berkeley," Finn stated and then turned towards the building, Rory following suit, their hands still intertwined. "My dorm here's. You can get cleaned up there if you like?" he asked, pausing to look over his shoulder at her.

Rory inwardly winced at those words but she didn't let it show. She'd become a master at hiding her feelings over the years. She'd been taught by many people that emotions are weakness and weakness is a liability, one she couldn't afford. But as she walked with the man towards the building she realized that hiding how she felt was becoming a lot harder then it used to be.

She was once again jarred out of her thoughts by a loud noise and she whipped her head to the side, her eyes wide and shoulders tensed. That noise seemed to clue her in a bit more. Not only to how dangerous her whole life was, but how much danger she was putting herself in at the moment. She was willingly following a complete stranger to his dorm room where she would have no escape.

Finn looked over at the girl in front of him, an apologetic look plastered on his face. He held his palm flat against the door and motioned for her to go in first. He saw her hesitate a moment longer before she walked through, her small feet moving quickly. Finn walked in behind her, letting go of the door that he'd pushed against the wall only seconds before. He watched the girl shuffle on her feet and he couldn't help but let his own thoughts swarm in for a moment. He had surprised himself when he offered her to come back to his dorm. He'd been ready to take it back in an instant; I mean what type of freak offers a strange girl to go back with him to his place? But he'd been absolutely floored when she'd started walking to the building. She hadn't accepted his invitation really, but she didn't look like she was denying it.

"So love, you gonna tell a fella why you were out so late at night?" he asked, leading her down the hall. He thought if only he could get her talking then maybe he could get some answers to the million questions fleeting through his mind.

Rory didn't say anything to that, but his question did spark something inside of her. She watched him walk along beside her, could see that he wanted to know more about her or at least something. She then realized that this wasn't what she'd thought it was. This man wasn't taking her up to his room to use her, he was taking her there to get her out of the cold, off the street, out of the kindness of his heart and it made her smile slightly. (Summary)

Finn couldn't help but ask the one question that kept coming back to him. "Not that I don't mind you coming back with me pet, but there must be somewhere you're being expected?"

Rory frowned at his words. There were so many answers to that question. She had been expected by her mother for the past couples of years, her 'friends' had been expecting her for the past week…but what really dug at her was that Brooke had been expecting her to come back here for the past year. "I don't have a place to go, not tonight," she told him, not looking for his reaction. She didn't want to find more sympathy in his eyes or pity, because she knew that would weaken her already crumbling defences. This week had been too hard on her heart and her mind. She didn't know how much longer she could hold herself up right without breaking down.

Finn almost stopped walking at her confession. He could tell by the feebleness in her voice how upset she was. But he could also detect a hint of guilt and he couldn't help wondering how she felt this was her fault. He knew know that his earlier guess at the fact that she wasn't from around here was right. If she had nowhere to go, then home definitely wasn't around here for her.

Finn smiled at her reassuringly and led her to a staircase and then right to his dorm. They were about to walk in when he saw her curl her arms around her stomach and her frown intensify. He thought she was going to have another cough attack but when nothing happened it made another thought pop into his head. "Say when was the last time you had anything to eat?" he asked, smiling genuinely at her.

Rory looked up at him, her frown melting away as she thought about food right now. She'd been living off of whatever money she could find or get from other people. The thought of having an actual meal made her stomach rumble quietly. "I'm starved," she told him, purposefully not answering his actual question as they walked into the rather large dorm.

"Well what do you feel like? I can make you anything." Finn took off his jacket and shoes and quickly opened a closet and stashed them in there, grabbing a towel for her but she declined.

Rory gave him a suspicious look. "Do you usually make dinner for strange girls you meet at night?" she asked him, half seriously.

Finn laughed and it made her heart flutter. "No," he told her evenly. "I also make dinner for strange men," he called over his shoulder and smiled when he heard her laugh at his comment. "Listen love, all I want is to help you out. I swear there's no hidden agenda."

"Well you sure are campaigning for man of the year," she said, feeling herself relax around him. It was weird but right at that moment she felt like she'd known this man her whole life, when in reality it hadn't even been an hour.

"Can I count on your vote?" he asked sarcastically, loving how they'd been able to fall into such harmless banter.

"Maybe?" she told him coyly. Rory walked further into the common room and looked around a second before focussing on him again. "So what do you feel like?" she asked.

Finn just smiled at her and made a sweeping gesture at the small kitchen area behind him. "You're choice, love. Although I am going to tell you that we don't have much here…" he whispered like it was some big secret.

Rory laughed good-heartedly and it surprised her. She hadn't laughed this much in a long time and it felt really good. "Well then I might just have to go take my business somewhere else," she told him in a pseudo snooty voice.

"Actually love this isn't business and second," he said, leaning back against the counter dividing the kitchen from the common room. "You've never been hear before so I doubt you'd be able to find anywhere to serve you at this hour."

Rory smiled at his assessment of her and she felt herself warming up even more. "I actually have been here before," she informed him.

"Never hurts to be wrong," Finn said. He hoped that since she'd been here before she knew someone. The idea of her being alone here made him uneasy. "I don't want this to come out wrong but love; if you want you can stay here tonight."

Rory wasn't shocked by his suggestion, to tell the truth she'd been expecting it…but not for the same reasons. She was certain now that this man didn't want anything from her but she didn't let herself completely trust him. But Rory did know that unless she wanted to sleep on a bench somewhere she had no other option for the night. "Sure," she responded.

Finn smiled. He liked that she seemed to trust him a little and was more then happy that he'd get to find out more about her. "How about we start with some coffee?" he asked and Rory nodded, almost drooling at the thought of the heavenly beverage.

Rory stood in the same place as he turned and walked into the kitchen and started to fix two coffees for them. She shifted on her feet awkwardly for a second before her eyes shot towards a black couch just a few meters away. She thought about whether it would be rude if she were to go make herself comfortable without him telling her to. But then she argued that he'd offered to let her stay the night and she would have to stay somewhere.

Slowly she walked over to it and sat down, pulling at her bottom of her dress as it rose an inch or so. She looked back over at the man it the kitchen. She wasn't scared of him, not anymore, but the thought was still playing at the back of her mind. What if he was lying?

She stretched her legs out and rested her feet on the edge of the coffee table. Lowering her chest to her knee's she hugged them in a position she'd come to think of as familiar. She tried not to let that one panic driven thought overpower her. She looked over at the man, just watching him. The way he was dressed screamed that he had money and she'd known a lot of guys who had money before. But there was something about him that made her want to trust him completely and she wasn't sure if she liked that or not. She almost jumped when he turned around and caught her staring at him. One of his eyebrows rose in a silent question and his eyes seemed to draw her in.

"You okay love?"

Rory didn't answer him as all her senses were focussed slowly on the way the light from the kitchen shone down on him, letting her see him clearly for the first time that night. Her eyes started at his hand that was holding one of the coffee cups, the tips of his fingers touching playing against the ceramic. She traveled up his arm, which had once been covered by his black jacket. His skin was tanned and his bicep was big and tense. She gulped loudly as she brought her eyes to his face. She let them wander over the dimple in his chin, the fullness of his bottom lip, his high cheekbones and right up to his beautiful brown eyes. She gasped, he was gorgeous.

Finn watched Rory as she stared at him. The fact of knowing that she was checking him out made his stomach tighten and his heart start to pound. He didn't understand this reaction he was having towards her. It definitely wasn't something new to have a girl look at him, but he'd never felt like this because of it. Although, Finn didn't let this chance pass him by. He'd only up until now seen her in the darkness outside and he let his eyes travel over her form. She looked mostly like a lot of the girls who went to Yale with him. But there was something about her. Finn couldn't put his finger on it. She might be a bit to skinny, her eyes to forlorn or cheeks to sunken. But she was beautiful, so much that Finn almost forgot to breathe as he took in everything about her. Her long brown hair that was wet and plastered to her face, her pouting pink lips, her pacific blue eyes…

Without taking his eyes off of her, Finn walked over to the couch and sat down next to her. He saw her hands instantly go to the hem of her dress, pulling it down a bit more. He smiled, liking that she was self-conscious around him, not that she had to be. He quirked an eyebrow when he let his eyes roam over her exposed legs and down to her knee high lace up boots. A million different images popped into his head at the sight of them but he forced himself to look away, gathering himself together.

"I'm fine," Rory finally responded to his question, her cheeks turning pink under his intense scrutiny.

Finn nodded and handed one of the coffee cups he had in his hands over to her. He watched as she wrapped her hands around it and brought it to her mouth, breathing in the aroma first before puckering her lips and taking a rather large sip. He was about to warn her that it was hot but she didn't seem to notice as her face softened and a satisfied smile came over her lips. He'd only seen one other person worship coffee so much and that thought made him grin…but it was easily covered up by a frown.

"Oh I'm such a dolt!" he exclaimed, smacking a hand against his forehead and almost spilling his coffee in the process.

Rory on the other hand practically jumped out of her skin at his outburst. She closed her eyes for a second, breathing in and out and trying to calm her erratic heartbeat. She opened her eyes and turned to look at him, a look of confusion and slight fear in her eyes. "What?" she asked meekly.

Finn's hand reached out on its own accord and planted itself on her shoulder. He felt relieved when he found that her skin wasn't anywhere near as freezing as it had been before and that her dress was quickly drying. "Sorry love," he purred making her blush. "I just don't know where all my years of perfect breeding went."

Rory's eyebrows scrunched up together in confusion and she mulled over that sentence in her hand before giving up. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"I don't even know you're name love," he told her, tilting his head to the side to see her reaction better.

Rory had to bite her tongue to stop the normal answer she would give to this question from coming out. 'Anything you want it to be' definitely was not something he wanted to hear, she could tell. "Rory," she told him shyly.

"I'm Finn," he announced, puffing out his chest like it was a big deal. His pose deflated though when she snorted into her cup. He raised an eyebrow at her but she just kept laughing quietly. "Something wrong with my name love?"

Rory blushed but held his gaze. "Isn't it some part of a fish?" she asked.

Finn laughed wholeheartedly and stretched himself out on the couch, with his arm running along the back and by her shoulders. He watched for her reaction, which was to tense complete first before relaxing. He was pleased when she leaned back, his arm brushing up against her and the connection sent a shock through the both of them.

"So pet," he said all of a sudden and Rory breathed in sharply. She would have to get herself used to his outbursts. She knew she was a little too jumpy for her own good. "Where'd you come from?" he asked bluntly.

Rory smiled at the manner of his question but her frown came back. She knew what that question would eventually lead to and she really didn't want to get into detail about her past. She shifted a little, uncomfortably, on the couch and averted her gaze while she answered. "California."

Finn raised his eyebrows and let out a low whistle, gathering her attention again. "Long way from home pet," he said off-handily.

Rory didn't meet his eyes this time either as she answered, instead she stared transfixed on a random spot on the wall. "Yeah, well home's not really a place I want to be right now."

Finn pulled a face at her response and he was about to ask her about it but he noticed the distant look she was sporting and the rigid form of her back and he decided not to. He understood not wanting to talk about certain things about your past, because he could relate to that. "I get you kitten," he said, leaning back, relaxing completely.

Rory inwardly melted at that term of endearment. She never knew one word could bring her to her knees but it seemed that one could. She looked over at him, her curiosity getting the best of her. "What do you mean?" she asked, wanting to know more about this mystery man.

"My family lives all the way in the outback," he told her.

"So that's where the accent comes from," she thought aloud, a smile curving her lips.

Finn laughed and coiled his arm underneath his neck, using it as a headrest. "I grew up there, only moved here when I was sixteen."

Rory turned around and pulled her legs up onto the couch, careful because she was wearing a dress. She placed her elbow on the back of the couch and leaned her face into her palm. "Really, why?" she asked, genuinely interested.

Finn adopted a thoughtful expression with that question. "Well, for a lot of reasons," he told her vaguely. "I mean my father and I don't get along that well," he explained, motioning with his hand like he was talking with it instead.

Rory gave him a small, caring smile. "You and I have that same problem," she told him, hoping it might make him feel better.

It did seem to help as Finn's smile graced his face again. He cocked his head to the side and nodded for a second. "Is that why you're here?" he asked cautiously.

Rory bit her bottom lip out of habit and combed a hand through her damp hair. "Kind of," she told him, not wanting to get into that subject. "But it was more between me and my mom." Rory didn't understand how she was telling him all this. He was a complete stranger really, or maybe that was why. He was a stranger, he didn't know who she was or what'd she'd done in the past. It was almost like making a clean slate, at least for one night.

"My mum isn't that bad, always taught me to be a respectable man of society and eat my veggies," he told her, smiling fondly at the memories of her.

Rory laughed at that review of his mother. She'd thought Finn was a little quirky up until now and she realized that if that was really what his mother was like that was probably where he got it from. "And your dad?"

Finn's eyes hardened almost instantly and he looked like a different man all of a sudden. Someone with a lot of suppressed anger boiling underneath the surface a calm exterior. "Not much to say really," he told her, although the bristling tone of his voice said differently.

Rory quickly stepped out of that conversation, wanting things to stay light and easy between them. She thought about something she could bring up, something that would make him laugh or smile. "You know this one time," she started, pausing to gather his attention. "My mom was having this important luncheon at our house and she'd sent me upstairs, so that I wouldn't get into trouble. Now we lived in this kind of big house, but my room had a turret in it. And when she sent me there I made up this huge fairytale story."

Finn had literally forgotten about his earlier mood and was listening with rapt attention to Rory talk. There was just something about the way her eyes shone brightly with excitement, and the way her voice changed as she went on. He chuckled at the last part she said and couldn't stop himself from weighing in. "And how old were you love?"

Rory glared at him mockingly. "I was seven," she responded, holding his gaze and just daring him to say something else but he kept silent. "Anyway," she stressed the word, making him smile. "I was locked up there, by this evil queen and the only way I could be set free was if a prince in white climbed up to my window. I always thought life was suppose to be this giant fairytale and that everything would work out in the end, and the prince and I would ride off on his horse and live happily ever after," she finished somewhat dreamily.

Finn watched her closely, smiling at the shockingly innocent look on her face and he suddenly had the overwhelming urge to protect her, to be her prince. Those thoughts scared him more then you would think. All his life he'd been a player, going from one girl to the next. Never committing and never bringing feelings into the mix. But this girl, this strange girl he'd brought home tonight was changing everything, he could feel it. She was making him feel things, feel the need to have only one girl by his side and her have only him.

"Are you okay?" Rory asked breaking out of her daze and noticing his lost in thought look.

Finn shook his head but he couldn't clear his mind. "Yeah…" he muttered standing up from the couch and sticking his hand out for her empty cup, which she gave to him. He walked to the kitchen and placed them in the sink. "Listen I'm sure you're really tired, pet," he said, leaning forwards into the counter and breathing in sharply. "You can sleep in my room tonight; I'll crash on the couch."

Rory stood up, suddenly feeling very out of place. He'd changed the atmosphere in the room so abruptly and Rory no longer felt that comfortable around him as she had done just seconds before. She pondered if she had said anything, done something. Maybe her story had offended? Brought back memories he'd rather not visit? "Okay," she said quietly and shuffled over closer to the kitchen area. "Umm, which one is it?" she asked. Normally she would have refused his offer but she thought it would be wise not to get him mad or madder.

Finn turned around, wincing at the awkwardness she was displaying. He hadn't wanted to make things uncomfortable between them but he needed to just be able to think for a moment. "The one on the left," he told her, gesturing at the closed door. "I have roommates two love, you might wanna lock it."

Rory nodded and moved to the door. She grasped the doorknob but paused with the door halfway open. "Finn?"

"Yeah?" he asked, not understanding the way his heart jumped at the sound of his name passing through her lips so softly.

Rory smiled at him and lowered her head, looking up at him through hooded eyes. "Thank you," she said warmly and Finn almost had trouble breathing.

He nodded and walked a little closer to her, stuffing his hands in his pocket. "Night kitten," he said his voice velvety and smooth.

Finn watched her back into the room and with one final glance closed the door behind her. He stared at the door for a moment before walking over to the couch and falling back down onto it. "Girls' gonna be the death of me," he whispered to the silent dorm room before closing his eyes and welcoming the relief of sleep.

You take me in
No questions asked
You strip away the ugliness
That surrounds me
Are you an angel?
Am I already that gone?
I only hope
That I won't disappoint you
When I'm here
On my knees
And sweet
Sweet surrender
Is all that I have to give.

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