Fragrant Soul

Okay, I'm back, and ready to rock! I've been too lazy with my first month off, so I'm starting a new series. With plenty of BBxRae Shipperness, and some Terra Bashing. ;; Not too much in this chapter though. Sorry if you were looking forward to it.

Summary: Terra has been revived, and is taking up all of Beastboy's time again. Where will this leave Raven? Alone, that is, until something happens that no one can explain: Terra and Raven switch bodies. Is this a plot by a villian somewhere? Or just a form of fate demanding Beastboy to pick? I'd say the latter.

(( A/N: Sorry I don't know their real age differences. Like if Raven is a year older than BB or the same age and what not. ))

WARNING: This is a long chapter.

Age Info:
Beastboy - 16

Raven - 16

Starfire - 16

Robin - 17

Cyborg - 18

Terra - 15

Jinx - 16 (If she happens to enter)

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, the comic(s) nor the show.

Chapter One: Revival of a Friend, Revival of a Rival

The day was cold, dreary, and rainy. A perfect day for the revival of Terra, one-time traitor, yet now forgiven by the Teen Titans. However, two figures still sat at home on this day, due to their own reasons.

Sitting on the couch, Beastboy sat on the couch, staring straight at the TV, flippng through the channels at a speed where you could just glimpse what was on. He seemed relaxed, as he laid back intothe big cushions of the couch, however, his left leg bounced up and down in unseen nervousness.

The green boy wonder finally stopped flipping, and put the remote down. He hoped this revival would work. They already tried twenty-six potential cures, yet none of them worked. He, himself, didn't go because he didn't want to see another failure. It'd break it heart again. With green eyes stuck to the TV, he thought about how much had changed over the years, since Terra had been turned to stone.

He'd have to catch her up on all the movies, and music that had come out during her long time as stone. Then there'd be the video games, and hanging out again, that he loved. But, of course, she'd have to get used to how the Titans themselves had changed. In most cases it wasn't much, especially Cyborg who just got a few upgrades on his cybernetic body.

Robin, the boy wonder, had grown his hair out slightly, so it was now able to be pulled back into a short pony tail. A slight flicker of a grin fell over Beastboy's face. Robin only grew out his hair for Starfire, seeing as she was so tickled pink by 'Nightwing' and his 'long, locks of black smoothness'. Plus, the masked Titan had gotten taller, so now he looked comfortably down to Starfire without the need of phone books.

Starfire hadn't really changed. She wore make-up a few times. Again, Beastboy's grin widened. Starfire's first time with make-up flashed through his head. Personally, Beastboy thought she did a great job, if she wanted to be a clown in the circus. Thankfully, Raven helped to correct Starfire's make-up. Really, the red-head alien was beautiful without the need of artificial means, but Starfire did look stunning with it on most accounts.

Beastboy didn't really care, as long as the companies didn't test the products on animals. So, sometimes, the green shapshifter was forced to go on a Make-Up Spree, with Starfire and Raven.

Raven only went to pick up her basic supplies of black eyeliner, which she hardly wore, and black nail polish. Beastboy hazarded a side glance over to Raven. She had really embraced the world's gothic ways.

Now, she sat there in her casual wear, which every Titan now had for days they could lounge around or go into the city. It helped them 'fit in' a bit better. Under her casual wear, however, Raven wore her spandex leotard, just incase the Titans were called into action. Her shirt was a simple black net top, and she wore a pair of baggy dark purple pants, that were littered with about ten pockets, and maybe thirteen zippers. Her feet were bare for the moment, to let her black nail polish dry. She didn't notice his sneaky glance, since she was pulled into a book she was reading.

Turning his attention back to the TV, another thought struck Beastboy. How would Terra take to his new look? His hair had grown a bit, and became more spikier thanks to Robin showing Beastboy the marvels of hair gel. The green teenager was still lanky, but that didn't mean he wasn't slightly muscular. And, to Beastboy's delight, he had gotten taller. It was embarassing for a time to be the shortest team member, but now Raven had to deal with that. He really doubted she cared though. Also, Beastboy now had three piercings; two in his left ear, one in his right.

Finally, after pulling himself out of the reverie he had been in, Beastboy glanced over to Raven. He waited patiently for her to finish whatever paragraph she was on, and mark it before she granted him with a look. Locking his green eyes with her deep violet ones, he smiled nervously, before asking, "You think it'll work?"

The purple-haired teenager glanced to the commercial that was playing on TV. Raising an eyebrow, she looked to Beastboy, back to the TV, and then back to Beastboy. In her monotone voice, she replied, quiet clearly, "Why do you care if a meat processor works?"

"What!" Beastboy blinked, and snapped his head to the TV, nearly making a gagging sound when he saw meat being chopped up. Making an indignant snort as he truned off the TV, he replied, "No, not that! I'm talking about the revival stuff for Terra."

Raven grew quiet, which gained Beastboy's attention. He looked over at her, head tilted to the side a bit. The book she had been reading, now rested in her lap, and she seemed to be staring at it, almost as if it was about to pop out of her hands and start speaking. At that thought, Beastboy grimaced mentally, remembering Malchior, that jerk.

"I think," started Raven, her voice smooth and without falter, "That it's possible it'll work. If it doesn't, Cyborg and Robin will keep attempting to find something that does. You'll have Terra back, eventually, Beastboy. All you can be right now is patient."

Somewhere inside Raven's chest, her heart twisted in sadness. If Terra came back, Beastboy would spend all his time with her. Raven would be forgotten. Even the other Titans would leave her be.

Robin and Starfire just started to date about a month ago, and Cyborg had 'secretly' been seeing Jinx, the pink-haired villianess who was currently trying to quit villiany. Where did that all leave Raven? In her room, by herself, reading a good book, maybe meditating.

"So, you think there's a chance it'll work?" squeaked Beastboy, hope filling his voice. His eyes were boring into Raven, wanting to be certain she was sincere about this.

"What does it matter what I think?" The words literally flew out of Raven's mouth before she could even think them through.

Cocking his head to the side, Beastboy's eyebrows furrowed. 'Why would she ask something like that?' he thought. But, he verbalized a different reply, "Well, because you don't seem to like Terra that much. So, I thought you might say 'Why does it matter if she's comes back? She'll probably just back stab us again.'. It's really...encouraging you think that this cure might work, and that I'll get her back. D'ya see, Rae?"

Raven stared at Beastboy, before nodding slowly and suppressing a sigh, "Yes, Beastboy, I see. Something bothers me though."

"You don't think she'll betray us again, do you?" There was a horribly, heart-wrenching sadness in Beastboy's voice. In his cheerful green eyes, some hope flickered as the cold rain of past mistakes started to beat down on it. Slightly, his demeanor slumped from nervousness, to one of despair. It was like watching a hot air balloon deflate itself, a sad sight to watch indeed.

"No, it's not that. It's just that..." The violet-eyed girl stopped herself, and let her eyes drift back down to her lap, to take in the intricate design of the cover of the book that rested in her lap.

"Just what, Rae?" asked Beastboy, now puzzled. He wasn't sure what could have Raven unsure or bothered. Usually it was something bad. All he knew was, that whatever was on Raven's mind was saddening her. It was in her scent, which he had grown accustomed to sniffing inconspicuously when he wanted to know what she was feeling. The normal sweet and spicy smell was tinged with the sad scent of, well, rosemary would be the way Beastboy would describe it.

Raven kept her eyes locked to the book in front of her. Her pale hands laid on the cover, and she sometimes tried to pick off a peeling letter. She wasn't sure if she should tell Beastboy that she felt she was going to be the odd Titan out again. That she was going to be alone. Finally, she took a deep breath, and turned to stare at Beastboy.

He waited patiently for the girl to tell him what was troubling her.

"It's just I feel like--"

Raven was interuptted by the sound of the front door whooshing open. There was a squeal of delight, some laughter, and the next thing Raven knew, she was sitting by herself on the couch. Slowly, Raven looked over to the front door, where Beastboy and Terra were hugging in happy reunion. Swallowing a lump in her throat, Raven watched the group of Titans. Everyone smiling, and laughing, patting Terra on the shoulder. They where happy enough without her.

'Really, what do you bring to the Titans?' asked a voice in her head. Raven shook her had, and stood up, walking around the couch, she neared the group, her book clutched in one hand. Beastboy glanced up from the blonde, and smiled at Raven happilly.

The empath saw his eyes were tearing up with happiness. She only nodded her head to him, letting the smallest of smiles cross her lips. Beastboy was happy, that was all that should have mattered.

Terra whirled around, to see what Beastboy was looking at, and smiled at Raven, uncertainly. The room grew slightly quiet, and the air seemed to take on a coldness. The coldness of when two rivals meet again. For a long time, the blonde and the violet haired girl stared steadilly at each other. Finally, Raven raised her hand, and Terra took it. Both shook hands, while Raven said in her monotone voice, "Welcome back to the Titans, Terra."

Blue eyes lit up, finally happy to be accepted, "Thanks, Raven, it's cool to see you all again." The two slipped their hands away from each other, but were instantly crushed in a hug by a certain alien princess.

"Friends!" exclaimed the red-head cheerfully. Her voice seemed to be laced witht he sweetness of gummy-bears and cotton candy, "Let us celebrate friend Terra's revival!"

There were sounds of agreement from the other Titans, and the blonde smiled modestly. Raven, however, ducked her head and slipped from Starfire's hug. Glancing up at the group, she saw the other Titans giving her odd looks.

Non-chalantly, she shrugged, "I'm not a partying type of person. I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." The violet-haired girl turned to leave, but stopped and glanced back at Terra, feeling she was being rude to the newly revived girl, "Don't take it personally. Celebrations aren't my scene."

With that said, Raven slowly walked from the room, as if it was not such a big deal. The others shrugged, and went back to hugging or giving their little 'Terra' a noogie. The only person it bothered the most was Starfire. Of course, there was a slight voice calling to Beastboy in the back of his head, telling him to go to Raven and ask her what was wrong, but the more empowering voice was telling him to spend time with Terra, now and forever.

Eventually, the celebration left the T-Tower, and ventured into Jump City. There, Terra was caught up on the majority of events that happened while she was stone. Yet, back in the Tower, there was a purple-haired girl, sitting by herself, in her dark room. Her eyes were closed, as she meditated, but in reality, images of a green-haired teenager floated into her brain, haunting her every thought, and eventually making her break down into a few silent tears. Off to the side, a small lamp was surrounded by black energy, outlined in grey, and was crushed to pieces as soon as Raven's first tear fell.

End of Chapter One

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