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"Ugh, I feel like I just got run over by Control Freak." Muttered Beastboy, as his green eyes fluttered open. He winced when they were greeted with blinding white light. Slowly, memories of what happened before he blacked out started to seep back into his brain. A slight grin pulled its way across his lips when he remembered the kiss, and the embrace with Raven.

Slowly, his senses started to work. He registered he was in a bed, horrendously uncomfortable, thusly he deduced he must have been in the infirmary, because that's the only place in the T-Tower that was so bright and clean. His nose twitched to life as he took in the scent of what was usually connected to a hospital. Other fragrances started to sift into his nose; vanilla, spiced orange, an alien scent that indicated Starfire was in the room. Then there was that god-awful cologne Robin wore, and the smell of electric nodes from Cyborg.

The green-eyed hero wondered how long it would take for them to realize he was u---

"Beastboy!" squealed the unmistakably sweet voice of Starfire, as she flew over to hover above Beastboy. Lazilly, he grinned up at the alien and gave her a slight salute as he painfully sat up. Rubbing his head, Beastboy winced, and realized he had a gauze bandage wrapped around his head to, obviously, keep the gash on his head from bleeding anymore.

Cyborg and Robin soon came into view; the bird boy wonder was leaning against a wall, and Cyborg was watching the computers. Flashing his best friend a grin, Cyborg wandered over to the bed, holding up three fingers, "Glad to see you up, BB, just one question: How many fingers am I holding up?"

Beastboy glared at the half-robotized man, thinking his friend was trying to crack a joke about his stupidity: "Can't you count your fingers yourself, Cy?"

"Hey dude, don't get snippy with me! Just makin' sure you don't have a concussion." Retorted Cyborg, crossing his arms, he stared down at Beastboy, "Maybe you already have some brain damage if you beat Terra up, though."

Starfire and Robin glanced at each other, wondering why Cyborg was picking on Beastboy. Of course, Robin just shrugged, and watched Beastboy inquiringly as well. Last time the two other male superheros checked, Beastboy was gaga over Terra. Now he turns around and bitch-slams the girl into a wall. And no matter how much Starfire tried to explain that Beastboy and Raven were each others 'krschnicas', or soul mates, Robin and Cyborg just couldn't comprehend it.

Best to hear the answer straight from the horse's mouth, you could say.

"The stick was asking for it." growled Beastboy and the Beast together, in a slightly frightening double toned voice. Green eyes wandered from Cyborg or Robin's suprised faces, before going on, "Besides, haven't you 'smart guys' figured it out? Terra's old news; I'm all for Raven now. Don't give me that look! I'm getting out of here."

Sliding off the bed, and leaving the room in a slight huff, Beastboy wandered off to his room. After both of male heroes got over their dazed, stunned shock - not really a shock since they already heard this from Starfire - they went to tend to Raven and Terra. Both girls were a bit worse for wear, but their injuries would heal in due time. At least, their physical injuries.

Meanwhile, Beastboy was flopped out on his bed, stretching his lanky limbs as he tried to ward off the headache that was trying to burst into his brain. With half-lidded eyes, he stared at the underside of the upper bunk, completely blanked out. At the moment, the changeling was basking in a warm feeling, close to what he had felt for Terra, but much more better.

'Maybe because it isn't tainted by the taste of deciet?' questioned the Beast, smug as a cat who just ate a canary, and was now on his way to a nice warm bowl of cream. Beastboy actually laughed a little at that, and nodded as he thought back, 'Much more better than that.'

'No shit, Sherlock. By the way, someone is coming.' murmured the Beast, before fading out just as a meek knock resounded on Beastboy's door. Hopping off his bed, the green-haired hero strolled to his door, and opened it. As the door slid open, it revealed the purple-haired empath standing there.

Before he could even think, Beastboy blurted out harshly, thinking it was Terra, "Oh you, what do you want?" Then the scent hit his nose; vanilla and spiced oranges. That beautiful fragrance! His green eyes widened, and slowly he took in Raven's eyes; violet like the sky just as the sun has disappeared from the horizon.

Raven had been taken aback by such a greeting, but Wise forced her to stay put, saying that it was logical Beastboy would think she was still Terra, and that she should wait. Once the look of realization crossed Beastboy's face, Raven kicked Wise for being right, while the yellow-caped girl just grinned smuggly. Just as the empath opened her mouth, to no doubt dish out a witty sarcasm, Beastboy had her crushed up against his chest in a passionate embrace.

"You're back in your own body, Rae!" laughed Beastboy, grinning broadly. Raven glanced up into the grinning, green-eyed face of the changeling; you could tell he was the same as he had been years before. It was that grin, not to mention that one fang that persisted to point upwards, and the sparkle in his green eyes.

But, remembering herself, Raven slightly pulled back and raised an eyebrow in a cynical fashion: "Nothing gets passed you, does it Beastboy?"

The young man smirked, and held Raven closer as he leaned down, "Nothing that matters gets passed me, and everything that matters is right here in my arms."

Raven's cheeks actually colored slightly, while a chorus from her emotions said, 'Corny!' Even the Beast tried to reprimand the boy for using such a horridly sentimental line. But, as if in tune with each other, Raven and Beastboy told their other selves to 'shut the hell up'. The empath was pretty much at a loss for words, and she shifted in the, now, stronger hero's arms. Beastboy just smirked, liking the fact he had the ability to strike Raven speechless just by being close to her.

Taking the silence as an open invitation, however, he quickly swooped down and claimed her lips. Raven's initial embarassment shattered something down in the kitchen, but the warmth of the kiss started to infect Raven's 'cold heart'. Uncertainly, the girl closed her eyes, and moved her hands to cup the green changeling's face as she returned the kiss just as passionately as he delivered. As their tongues had fun doing the tango, Beastboy's hands slid down to rest at Raven's hips.

Desire started to sweep through Raven's body, and she pulled herself closer to Beastboy, trying not to let this new feeling overwhelm her. If that happened, she'd end up blasting the T-Tower into outerspace, next to the Justice League's satellite. Just as she was about to pull away from Beastboy, while muttering an apology, a flash of light distracted both lovers.

Pulling back from the kiss, Raven and Beastboy's eyes snapped to the source of such sudden light. Starfire floated there, giggling, with a camera clutched in her hands. She grinned brightly at the two, before dashing down an adjacent hallway, still giggling. Beastboy shook his head and laughed a little, before he heard a loud 'Snap!' and heard Starfire squeal in surprise.

Glancing down at Raven, who was glaring at the hallway Starfire had fled down, he rose an inquiring eyebrow. Feeling Beastboy's eyes on her, Raven glanced up, then averted her eyes to the side as she muttered, "Apparently, I'm a little rusty on controlling my emotions; Sort of blew up the camera."

A huge grin broke out over the changeling's face, and he chuckled. Pressing his fore-head against Raven's, ignroing the fact he'd have a red-mark there because of her shakra, he teasingly asked, "What am I going to do with you Rae?"

That questioned was answered in many ways, mostly similar, by the Beast, and the Emotions. But, Raven merely shrugged, and stared into Beastboy's green eyes. Finally, she formulated an answer, after a few seconds of thought, a glance down and an embarassed squirm, "You could start by taking care of that erection, Beastboy."

At the moment, it didn't matter how Raven got back into her own body. Nor did it matter if Terra was okay. In the back of their minds, both Raven and Beastboy had vaguely figured that it was the fact that all three of them were slammed into unconscious in the same fight.

In reality, it was all Terra's fault. Okay, not really. It was all three of them. Raven, trying to deny her feelings for Beastboy; Terra, trying to hide her discomfort in this new world, and clinging to Beastboy as her last anchor connecting her; and finally, Beastboy, who was, in a way, hiding from himself his growing love for the empath, and fading love for the geomancer.

So, their inner selves - The Emotions, The Beast, and Terra's small dose of Truth - took it upon themselves to straighten this mess out. And straighten it out they did: Beastboy and Raven ended up together, Terra was sent to the East Titans, and slowly, life in the T-Tower reverted back to a slight normal. Save for the daily 'mysterious' explosions of random objects, especially cameras.