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Many discoveries.

"Now where are we?" Chris mumbled to younger sister as they entered yet another huge corridor with countless doors.

"I don't know, so don't look at me." Claire mumbled in response while raising her hands.

"I wasn't." he mumbled then added as an after thought. "Even though you were the only one who saw the map."

"Yeah… for about three seconds." She couldn't help but shake her head at Chris. "Anyway, Chris I think we should split up here so we can cover more ground quicker."

He shot her the 'are you crazy' look. "… You do remember what happened last we split up right Claire?"

A pained expression shot across Claire's face. "Yes I know… what happened to Steve… seriously though, I can take care of myself Chris."

"Okay if you're sure…" He hesitated for a moment then handed her a radio. "Take this with you and don't stray to far, okay?" he called out to her as she exited through one of the doors, chuckling. Despite himself, Chris had to smile as well.

He waited for it to close properly then turned around and found himself facing a metal door which had a sign above reading 'second floor balcony.' Surprisingly it opened smoothly like someone else had used it recently. He raised his glock in caution.

As soon as was open all he basically see was white. "Where did this blizzard come from! It was perfectly calm when I arrived at the base 30 minutes ago!" he slammed the door behind him and shook the snow which had gathered in his air out. "Well it looks like where stuck here for a while, great."" He began to grumble about his rotten luck as he shoved the door open right next to the metallic one he had just used which led into another bedroom. "Where stuck in a place which put the Antarctic and Rockford factuality's to shame, being chased by dangerous monsters, again. And the zombies seem even smarter than before! What else could possibly go wrong?"


He felt the barrel of a gun pressing against his head. "Identify yourself." Someone spoke from behind him in a almost familiar tone of voice.

"I put my foot right into that one didn't I?" maybe if he had been paying attention in the beginning he wouldn't be in this mess right now.

"… Chris Redfield, EX-STARS member of the Racoon RPD force." He felt the pressure of the gun barrel being released and he turned to see a blonde haired man in one of the white uniforms with icy blue eyes starring at him in disbelief. Alexia's eyes.

"Redfield? What the hell are doing here?" he continued to stare at him which was quite unnerving since he did look slightly similar to Alexia. Also Chris had seen him before somewhere as well, he just couldn't place it yet.

"It's a long story but just who are you?" He half asked, half demanded from him.

"Ah yes, where are my manners? Anyway…" he moved his hand into a sort of military salute. "I am Commander William Ashford." As soon as this was said Chris eyes went wide and pointed his gun directly at his head. He had been anticipating this and raised his gun as well. "Relax, Redfield, I'm not here to kill you."

Still Chris did not lower his gun. "But the real question is do you want to kill me?"

He let a small sigh here. "Slightly, yes since you are responsible for my cousins death but since she did attack you and given what they've done in the past…" Chris lowered his gun after hearing this while raising his left eyebrow.

"An Ashford which isn't insane and shows at least some compassion for other human beings apart from their family? Now that's a first." He joked while watching the 'remaining' Ashford reaction carefully.

"Haha, very funny, Chris." He said sarcastically while beginning to reload his gun. "Besides, the last couple of times we meet she wasn't that overly fond of me." Chris couldn't help but snort at this.

"I gathered that already, from what I read the only person who she might have at least slightly cared about is her twisted brother Alfred. I mean, she even used her own father for an experiment because he dishonoured the Ashford name!"

"I know i… wait, what did you say?"

Chris eyebrow shot up at this. "She and her brother used their father as a T-veronica test subject and left him in the chained up for about fifteen years… you really didn't know did you?"

It was the Ashford's turn to snort. "of course not, if you killed the master of your well known family wouldn't you at least try to keep it a secret?" Chris couldn't help but wince at himself as William stared at him in disbelief. "And do you realise how ludicrous that sounds? I know it is something Alexia might do in order to gain power but…" he trailed off here as if he was debouting his reasons for thinking that as well.

"Look, just read this if you're not completely convinced." He passed over the T-veronica report to William who sat down a sat in the corner of the room and began to read in silence with him only flicking through the pages of the report for noise. Meanwhile Chris decided to check out a closet in the corner of the room, which he was having trouble with since the door was tightly jammed shut. After a few minutes of reading Alexander let out a loud sigh. "I should have known this would have happened…"

At this moment the door that Chris had been pulling finally gave way and the door swung open. "Finally! And what do you mean you 'should have known this would have happened'?" he asked sharply while looking inside the closet, the only thing it there was clothes. "Aw damnit!… I mean, it's not like you there when they killed Alexander… were you?

"No… the last time I saw Alexander was on the twins birthday." He mumbled while fiddling about with his gun and then added. "heh, wasn't much of a birthday either."

Chris began to stare intensely at him. "What do you mean?"

"They weren't acting like themselves…"He mumbled in responceright before adding:"a lot colder than normal you could say."

Something didn't add up, Chris could easily see that, but what exactly was it? "I have a question few questions, what exactly happened here?"

"I'm with a group of mercenaries called the Biohazardous annihilation force… BAF for short, one of the United States top defense force." Chris eye-brow shot up at this, here he was thinking that they where deeply inumbrella's pocket… "We've been trying to find track this place down for months!"

Once again, Chris eyebrows shot up. "Oh? And what's so special about this place?"

"Well, you remember the Rockford invasion?" Chris nodded solemnly. "Not only is this place responsible for the attack on Rockford but It's also HCF main chemical storage unit." Chris eyes widened in horror at this.

"HCF's main chemical storage unit!" "And you attacked it!"

William just looked at him coldly. "We had no other choice, if we hadn't intervened HCF would have used it against us. According to one of our informants HCF and umbrella have been selling a lot of virus samples to someone in who goes by the name 'Saddler'. Whoever this guy is knows how to cover his tracks very well, we lost all track of him even existing and our informant is now missing."

"So your responsible for all this, great. Do you at least have any clue what kind of gas is in the air?" Chris angirly muttered in responce.

"Yes as a matter a fact I do. During our attack someone smashed two containers in the basement, one of them contained the infamous T-virus…" Chris let out a groan here. Another Rockford, great. "… And the other held T-veronica."

It took a few seconds for Chris to register this properly and when he did he went a very pale color. "You're kidding, right? Please tell me you are."

He let a small sigh. "Do I look like the kidding type to you? I'm an Ashford for god sake! We don't kid around! But there is some good news."

"What is it?" Chris asked eagerly.

He slowly began to stand up and examine a desk placed right next to a bloodied bed. "Since it was very small in size it hasn't spread completely… yet. You should be more concerned about the T-virus for the moment. The bad news is that there's three massive T-veronica tyrants running rampant about the base." He paused for a moment then added: "We also think that somehow some of the G-virus leaked out of it's container so watch out for creatures infected with that."

"Oh this is just great! I'm stuck in base with god only knows what!" He paused for a moment when he saw the Ashford smirking slightly at him. "And just how come I've never heard of you?"

"Family tradition…" he said dryly and then spoke as if reciting something. "'The only one's worth remembering are the master and those who bring honor to the glorious descendants of Veronica' as uncle Alexander used to say."

"And about that, judging by how old you look, I'd say you where 20, 21 maybe. How can you remember so much from fifteen years?"

He didn't respond immediately to this, he just chewed on his lip nervously. Then when he was about respond his radio went off. "Put that thought on hold for a moment… what is it?"

Whoever it was on the other side was shouting so loud even Chris had to wince and feel sorry for the receiver, who was rubbing his ears in pain."Commander Alexan! We need you in the docks now! A lot of rebel forces have gathered and wesker is dow…" only static could be heard...

"Alexan?" Chris asked after a few seconds while William let an annoyed sigh.

"Don't ask…" Chris heard him muttered under his breath as he shut off his communicator and dashed towards the door, paused for a moment and pulled out a map. "Here, you're going to need it more than me."

"Thanks, Alexan." Chris said as he took the map while Alexan surprisingly let out a small groan at this and dashed out the door.

"… That was weird… I wonder what was so important in the heliport?." Chris just shook his head and examined the map before pocketing it, began to head towards the door and paused for a second. Maybe now would be a good time to check up on Claire…

"This is the Chris, do you read Claire?" At first all he could hear was the sound of something being dropped to the floor in surprise, followed by one of the most horrible laughter's he had ever heard a few seconds later. It sounded like a demented schoolgirl laughing!

"Why, if it isn't Chris Redfield! What a… pleasant surprise." Chris eye's narrowed at this while he could hear whoever chuckling to himself.

"Who is this and what have you done to my sister?"

"Why Alfred Ashford, lord of Rock ford island and head of umbrella's war department!" Chris ears perked up at this.

"You mean the guy who laughs like a girl and wears his sisters dresses?"

"WHAT? How dare you!" He cried in indigidination while the sound of someone snickering in the background could be heard. "And what exactly is so funny?"

"Nothing sir… I'm just thinking about a joke involving an English man, a Scotsman and an Irish man in a hot ai..."

"Oh, just shut up! Anyway, about your sister…" Chris could almost imagine the sick smile planted on his lips right about now.

Chris eye's narrowed. "What about my sister? If you've harmed a single hair on her head I'll!..."

"Relax, I haven't done anything to her… yet. But I'm not the one you should be worrying about." Alfred answered in a taunting tone.

"What's that surposed to mean?" Chris asked while hiding the familiar feeling of dread he was feeling in his stomach right about now. He of all people knew the threat an Ashford could impose when they wanted to.

"You'll soon see but until then, tata!" and with that only static could be heard from the radio as if he had smashed it on the floor. Chris let out an annoyed sigh and shut of his radio while thinking over the conversations he just had.

Let's recap… I'm stuck in a base in Siberia while a sudden blizzard is raging about outside, god knows how many monsters and I've lost my sister to an insane cross-dressing Ashford who's surposed to be dead. Great, just great. And I get the feeling I'm missing something out, something very important…" Unfortunately he didn't have time to ponder this. Taking a quick glance at the map he decided to head to the place where an Alfred was most likely to be:

The underground prison complex along with the 'interrogation' center.


"How did we end up like this?" Leon couldn't help but ask aloud while he and Ark had been forced to take shelter in a tree due to the dogs showing up again. Things had only gone from bad to worse. Following the map they had managed to locate a path leading towards the base but had bumped into the zombified dogs again, and they where even more hungry than before. In the end they had managed to kill all but two and run out of their shotgun ammunition. They still had basically all of their grenade and magnum ammunition but they had the feeling that it would be more useful for when the tyrant showed up again.

Anyway, the end result was them being stuck in a tree while the remaining dogs prowled below them, their jaws dribbling with silver while they stared at them hungrily. There was some good news mind you though, they could see the base now looming near them.

"I really don't know Leon." Ark sighed while pulling out his magnum, just in case. "Great, the blizzards picking up as well." He mumbled to himself while bits of snow zoomed past his hooded face. Fortunately for him they had managed to find a thick winter fur coat, strangely enough lying in the middle of the woods. So he had taken it for his own.

Thankfully they had managed to find an area mainly holding ferns and tree's still with some leaves on they so that did help block out some of the cold wind so they weren't getting the full blast of the wind, unlike the dogs below them who where shivering constantly.

"You know…" Ark said, saying his thoughts aloud. "I think if this blizzard continues then those dogs will freeze over."

"Maybe…" Leon muttered under his breath while he continued to stare down at the dogs. "Even if they do we will still have to deal with that tyrant." So they did the only thing they really could do:

They waited.


Authors notes: Well that wasn't as good as i had originally hoped. for one thing i wasn't able to go over every big plot hole in the story, ah well. i'm going to try for my usual 2 weeks like usual however since i've got anouther story up now it may take longer so don't get your hopes high. until next time then.