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Chapter 1: Hogwart's Express, and the Feast

Ginny Weasley was boarding the Hogwarts Express with her brother Ron Weasley, and his girlfriend Hermione Granger, and she was depressed. In the weeks before Harry's disappearance, they had been exchanging owls on a regular basis, as she tried to convince him that Sirius's death was not his fault. She believed that they had truly been connecting on a more intimate level when he had vanished. There had been no sign of struggle at the Dursley's, no sign of violence. Harry Potter had simply vanished.

She didn't know why she had hoped he would be there at King's Cross that day, after all, no one had heard from him in over a month, and almost the entire wizarding world considered him dead. The Ministry of Magic had even held a large funeral for the Boy-who-Lived. Still, somewhere deep in her heart, she knew he was still alive. She always hoped he would return. She glanced around the platform one last time, hoping for a glimpse of raven hair, and green eyes, but she didn't see him. He wasn't there.

"C'mon Ginny, hurry up, you do want a compartment don't you?" said her brother Ron.

Ginny sighed, and followed her brother and her friend onto the train.

The train ride passed quickly. Ever since Harry's disappearance, none of the three had been very talkative, and they were still mourning the loss of their friend. Not many people stopped by to greet them, and the few who did didn't stay long. Their solitude was only disturbed by a brief visit from Draco Malfoy, who stopped by to taunt them.

"Hello Mudblood, Weasel, Weaslette. Where's Potty? Oh ya, that's right. He's dead. I did warn him, back in our first year. He shouldn't have gone and made friends with the wrong sort. Look where he's wound up. Dead at the hands of the Dark Lord. Oh well, I'm sure you'll all be joining him soon enough."laughed Malfoy.

"Get lost you stinking Death Eater, we're not afraid to use a few curses on you." growled Ron.

"Ya, you stupid Ferret, why don't you crawl back to your whole and hide there?" snapped Ginny.

"You'll get what's coming to you. The Dark Lord will kill you, and all the other mudbloods, and mudblood lovers when he takes Hogwarts." drawled Malfoy as he left the compartment.

"Bloody git." said Ron, as he shut and carefully locked the compartment door.

They arrived at Hogwarts, and quickly grabbed seats in one of the first carriages. All three of them wanted to be the first to get to the school, in hopes of getting a chance to talk to Professor Dumbledore before the feast. They all wanted to know if he had any news of Harry.

When the carriages arrived at the doors, they quickly entered the Great Hall, and ran up to the head table.

"Professor Dumbledore sir, have you found anything about Harry yet? Anything at all?" asked Hermione.

Dumbledore turned to look at them, and they could see that the twinkle in his eyes died out as he answered.

"No, I'm afraid there has been no news of young Mr. Potter. As much as it pains me to say this, there is a good chance he may be dead."

"No" replied Ginny "No, I refuse to believe he is dead. He can't be dead. It's not possible."

"I'm afraid, Miss Weasley, that even Mr. Potter was mortal, and could die. Now, I must ask you to take your seats, as we must begin the sorting shortly." answered the Headmaster.

The three quickly moved to their seats at Gryffindor table, as Professor McGonagall entered the Hall, carrying a stool and the Sorting Hat.

(Insert your own sorting here, I'm can't make a good song, so I don't want to commit blaspheme by trying, and I don't want to make up a bunch of names.)

Professor Dumbledore rose, tapping his glass to get everyone's attention. He was about to speak when suddenly a loud noise rang through the great hall, and red lights flashed from above all the tables.

"All students are to remain seated. That was the proximity alarms, set to go off when a force of over fifty dark beings entered the grounds with evil intentions. All teachers, and seventh year students willing to fight are to report to the entrance ha-" He was interrupted as the doors to the Great Hall slammed shut, and seemed to melt into one solid piece of wood.

"Albus, what is going on? Why did the doors seal?" Asked Professor McGonagall quietly.

"This most certainly is not my doing, nor do I know of any spell that can be used to seal a door in such a fashion. All the spells I know of simply close and lock the door, not melt it into one solid block."

The Headmaster quickly walked to the doors, with a few of the teachers following behind. He approached the door, trying a few quick spells in an attempt to discern what had done this. Just as he had given up, a light began to shine in the center of the doors. It grew brighter and brighter, then suddenly vanished. Where it had been, however, now rested a rune, glowing a vibrant green.

"Albus, what is this rune? It's of no language I recognize" asked the Ancient Runes professor.

"There is a very good reason you don't know what this rune is. It is from a language that has not been seen by humans in over 5000 years. It is High Elvish."

"High Elvish? You mean like House Elves?" asked Snape.

"No. House elves are nothing compared to the true elves. The High Elves were a race that has not been seen on this world in millennia. They were extremely powerful and skilled warriors, and were capable of doing magic without the same limitations as humans. Limitations which include the need for wand. They were considered to be one of the greatest embodiments of Light that ever walked the planet, the Chosen of the Light. It was said to be impossible for a High Elf to go Dark. They were able to communicate with all forms of creatures, both non-magical and magical, and had a strong bond with creatures of the light. It is said that some of their warriors rode into battle on war unicorns. It was even rumored that Royal High Elves possessed wings.

'But what does this rune mean Albus, and if the High Elves died out ages ago, how is it that this rune came to be here?" asked Professor Sprout.

"I did not say that the High Elves no longer existed. I said they have not been seen. Rumors from the time they vanished implied that they had moved into hiding, moving to cities hidden deep within the forests of the world. Most elvish runes can stand for many things, depending on the situation where they are found. This is one of the few that stand for one thing, and one thing only. It was only ever used to mark a place where an elf did battle."

"Well? What does it stand for?" demanded Professor Snape.

Professor Dumbledore turned away from the doors, to look at the teachers, and behind them, the students, all of whom were waiting with baited breath to find out what the mysterious rune meant.

"Justice Has Come."