Disclamer: I forgot in the first entry but as you can see the lovely Kaiba brothers do not belong to me. sigh ahh well back to writing.

I truly hate it when you lose Seto, truly.

When you lose, there is a whole different side of you which comes out.

This anger and jealously burns within your body fueling your heart and soul.

I always remember the saying If you don't succeed, try, try, try again but I wish this wasn't true because every time you keeping trying, you keep on becoming enraged and vicious.

Please Seto, stop mulling your time over with meaningless ideas of conquest and victory.

Come home to me, please come to me.

The worst thing is waking up in the middle of the night and seeing you sitting on the floor with papers with numbers of nothingness.

You try to figure out the probability of losing and winning.

Who cares? It just a game but to you somehow I think its like losing bring you closer to losing a part of yourself.

I think in the end losing will be the winner and maybe just maybe you realize maybe there is more to life.

Just maybe…