Goodness, its been awhile. Well here's a new entry. Happy Holidays!

It's snowing, the little crystals are dancing off the window panes. Houses' neighboring ours has lights that are a gleaming and I can see their trees towering in the windows. Meanwhile our house is very dark with one light that's always on, anyway. Our gates are closed off to the merriment and enjoyment. Its makes me sad that we are the scrooges or the grinches. Ba Humbug, Seto!

I'm tired of wishing and tired of hoping. I just want a tree and some lights, is that too much to ask. Even if I don't get the tree or the lights, I just want you to come home.

Rowland says its lights out soon for me. I ask if you are home. He answers No, little one. Oh well.

Before I got to bed I get out a piece of paper and write

Dear Santa,

I know you don't normally come to this house much. Seto says he doesn't have good terms with you, but I hope maybe this year it will be a little different. I don't want much I just want my brother home and maybe a little tree. But if I had to choose I would have to make sure my brother would be home. I actually really don't need the tree, but in case you have an extra I will greatly appreciate it. Please Santa, I miss you not coming.

P.S. I make excellent cookies!

The next morning I found you, Seto sleeping on the couch where a little tree stood. Santa, I am glad you changed your mind.