Behind These Crimson Eyes

Rating:K+Genre: Poetry/Angst

Summary: Every night he walks down those lonely halls slowly fading away…A collection of poems to Yami.

Disclaimer: I don't own YuGiOh

Chapter 1: Broken Wings

I once soar the skies

As a free spirit

Watching these calm lands

From above

Yet I sacrifice it all

To protect the ones

I treasured most

I am no longer

An angel who soars the skies

Now I walk these grounds

Isolated from the world

As my light grows dim

My life begins to slip away

My memories have all disappeared

Into the mist

I want to mend my broken wings

And become the man I once was

And not the lonely person I have become

A mere shell of my former self

But the pain I suffer from

Will haunt me

For the rest of my days

In this cold dark prison

Ok so I hope you like I have been wanting to do a poetry collection about Yami so I'm happy I could finally do it but I had to think to concepts and different for poetry. I have to say Yami is harder to do than Kaiba was. Oh well I have you like it. Please review.