Chapter Two


-Curses and Counter-Curses-

Bewitch Your Friends and Befuddle Your Enemies with the Latest Revenges: Hair Loss, Jelly-Legs, Tongue-Tying, and Much, Much More

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Lily Evans was confused. No, she wasn't just confused, she was puzzled beyond beliefe. Hadn't James Potter and Sirius Black not even twenty-four hours ago hated each other with a fierce passion? She blinked and rubbed her eyes, trying to make sure her eyes, or her mind, wasn't playing tricks on her. When her eyes opened, sure enough, she saw the same sight everyone else saw.

Sirius Black and James Potter studying together in the Gryffindor Common Room.

They were swapping notes from classes, sharing books, even making jokes about various teachers! What was the world coming to! A majority of the Gryffindor house was suffering from mild heart attacks at the sight of the two enemies being civil toward another and acting as though they were friends!

Watching the boys carefully, Lily discovered that the boys were only giving the appearance that they were studying. She could only imagine what they were really talking and laughing about.

"--and that's why they call them dung bombs." James concluded silently, trying to stifle his laughter at his new friend's expression.

Sirius shook his head, his face the very image of disgust. Despite his reaction, he let out a laugh, "I knew they smelled an awful lot like that but I never imagined--" He let out another laugh, "Make sure we get a hold of them for ole' Filch. I'm sure he would love a present from us."

While the boys continued to talk, Remus joined them. He looked rather pale, and was rather frail looking. His brown hair was stringy and clung to his forehead as beads of sweat matted those locks down. "Here," he said silently, handing the two several parchments. "I know you two didn't do your notes, so I thought you might be able to use mine." He coughed weakly into his hand before getting back up.

Sirius reached out and grabbed Remus gently by the wrist, "Wait a minute, mate, what's wrong with you? You look awful." He pulled him back closer to himself and James.

James inspected his friend closely, ignoring how Remus squirmed uncomfortably in Sirius' grasp and tried to avoid James' firm brown gaze. The smaller of the three boys looked absolutely terrible as Sirius had said. There were deep circles around his eyes and he seemed paler and weaker than usual. "You sick or something, Remus?"

"Uh--" he began weakly, "Worried, that's all. My mum is sick. That's where I'm going," he muttered, finally releasing himself from Sirius' grasp and slowly backing away from the two. "She's sick, and I think it's serious." Before either boy could try and comfort their obviously distraut friend, Remus hurried through the portrait hole and was gone.

Remus hurried through the castle's corridors, heading toward the hospital wing. His stomach gave a violent lurch, and he felt as if he were going to be sick. Clutching his stomach, he hurried onward, but came to an abrupt hault when he ran head first into someone.

"You bloody menace," snapped a harsh voice. The speaker was roughly the same age as Remus, but the two boys couldn't possibly be any more opposite than they were. The boy was tall and lanky, with oily black hair that traveled the length of his long face. His dark eyes were narrowed down at Remus as he got up and dusted himself off. "Watch where you're going you--"

"Severus!" Dumbledore's commanding voice sounded from somwhere behind the two boys, but Remus didn't notice where. His eyes were tightly shut as he clutched his stomach.

The tall, elderly wizard approached the two young boys, his eyes twinkling brightly, "Can you not see your fellow student is in dire need of medical attention?" When the boy he had called Severus looked down at Remus, it was evident that the boy cared very little. "I advise you simply continue on your way to your common room. Come Remus," the wizard helped the Gryffindor boy to stand straight, and headed off to the Hospital Wing.

Rolling his eyes and chaking his head, Severus muttered something under beath and headed off to his own respected common room. "Bloody Gryffindors."

"Th-thanks P-profess--" Remus stammered weakly as he stumbled along.

"Shh, Mr. Lupin. Conserve your energy, you will need it," he cut the boy off silently, a hint of pity in the man's voice. As they entered the Hospital Wing, the nurse let out a sharp gasp and hurried out a girl who was complaining about her finger hurting from hitting it against her boyfriend's stone like head.

The nurse quickly settled Remus onto a bed, and turned to the headmaster, "What are we to do with him, headmaster? We can't possibly keep him in here or in any part of the castle."

"Calm yourself, Madam Nadia, I can reassure you that Remus will be isolated from the students. Professor Kendell and I have been preparing for this moment all summer." His eyes rested on Remus, who's eyes were now streaming with tears. "He is much too young to go through all of this."

"But as he grows older, the process won't be as painful for him, will it?" Madam Nadia asked, resting a cool hand on her patient's forehead and trying to calm him down.

For that question, Dumbledore had no answer, instead he instructed the nurse to give Remus a concoction to ease the pain the boy was suffering through. Madam Nadia did so hurridly. Remus' suffering had lessened considerably, but the pain he felt was still intense.

"Now," Dumbledore said, carefully helping Remus to his feet and leading him out of the door, "Mr. Lupin, you will be introduced to your new home for now."

Peter let out a yelp as he heard a loud yowl in the distance, and quickly scrambled out of his bed. "Did you hear that?" He squeaked, quivering underneath James' bed and trying to hide himself from view. "There are werewolves out there! I know there is, and they're just waiting to get ahold of us!"

Sirius rolled over on his bed and grunted something incoherent, but was something along the lines of, "Sod off, you quivering git. Trying to sleep."

Though he wasn't quite as scared like Peter was, James had heard the yowl as well. He crawled out of his bed and over to the nearest window, "I wonder where the werewolf is, if it's even one."

"You believe that bloody bullock too?" Sirius muttered from beneath his layers and layers of sheets and blankets. "For Merlin's sake, go to sleep!"

Peter crawled out from James' bed and joined the other boy by the window, still trembling, "You don't think they would be able to get into the castle, do you?" James merely shrugged, still staring out of the window, then glancing across the dark room to where Remus' empty bed was.

"Go to bed, both of you," Sirius let out a dog's growl, and sat up in his four poster bed and glared at the two boys for disturbing her sleep. "Or bloody shut up so I can at least get back to sleep."

James rolled his eyes before gently pushing Peter, "Come on, let's go to bed before Mr. Black over there has a coniption fit." He heard Sirius snort, and laughed silently before finally tearing his gaze away from the window and returning to his bed. Peter did the same.

Until he heard another howl.

"James? Sirius?"

"Go to sleep, or I swear I'll silence you myself," Sirius threatend.

Remus collapsed to the hard wooden floor of the shack Dumbledore had him locked up in. He shuddered and curled up, hugging his bloody legs close to his bloody body. All over the lanky, pale boy there were cuts, scratches, bites and bruises. His blue eyes were tightly closed, and a lone tear escaped.

For another thirtys days at least, he wouldn't have to endure his curse, his torture.

A door to the lower portion of the shack opened, and Professor McGonagall peered inside cautiously. At seeing the student's current state, she let out a sharp gasp and clutched her chest, "Oh dear, heveans."

Still trembling, and hugging himself tightly, Remus let out a small whimper and opened his eyes. "Professor?" He called out feebly. "P-professor Mc-McGonagall?" The lady professor silenced him as she approached and draped a large, black cloak over his trembling frame. Carefully, she assissted the boy to his feet and began to lead him away from the shack and to the castle, where Madam Nadia would be able to patch him up a bit and check for any broken bones or fractures.

Remus walked slowly and tenderly alongside the professor, "Will anyone see me?" His voice was frail and trembling, but he spoke clearly, as if trying to pass through the ordeal with a brave face.

"Everyone is in class, should they see you, we can see to it that they don't remember a thingwith a small dosage of memorypotion," Professor McGongall reassured her pupil.

Remus nodded weakly, somewhat reassured. It horrified him to think that someone would find out his secret. His dark secret. At thinking about what happened to him each month, he shuddered. And to think of someone finding out about his condition, someone like James or Sirius, even Peter-- He looked down to the soft grass of the castle's lawn, or what was supposed to be the castle's soft grass. He hadn't even realized that they had entered the castle.

Upon reaching the Hospital Wing, Remus was handed over to Madam Nadia, who tended his more sever wounds and used a special balm for the scratches and bruises. "I'll have the house elves bring you up something to eat, I know you must be starved." She smiled to the silent boy.

"Thank you," he said in a barely audible voice, "For everything."

"Remus! How's that mother of your's? Or were you just searching for an excuse to leave school for a bit," Sirius grinned as he and James saw Remus settled on an armchair, a book propped open infront of him.

"I think he might have been up to something," James said, pushing past Sirius and settling down on the arm of the chair his friend was seated at. "Knowing Remus, like I do, I doubt he'll let us in on his little scam though."

Remus felt himself rolling his eyes and grinned, "My mother's fine. She isn't one-hundred pecent better, but the doctors say she'll be just fine." He turned a page to his book, "So what did I miss in Transfiguration and Potions?" At the prolonged silence, he glanced up at his two friends who were frowning slightly.

"Well you know," James began slowly. "It was all Sirius' fault, and well-"

"Yeah right, Potter," Sirius scoffed, "You started it, we're just lucky Professor Xenith didn't give us detentions."

The common room slowly began to fill, and as the two boys continued to dance around the subject of the classes they attended without Remus, Peter joined their number. When the boy realized what it was the larger boys were talking about, he began to laugh, "Are you talking about in potions when you two kept putting exploding snap pieces into the Slytherin cauldrons? That was a great laugh."

Shaking his head, Remus turned his head attention back to his book, "You've obviously proven that the two of you can't possibly operate without my presence."

"How right you are," Sirius muttered, pushing James off the arm of the chair and parking himself there. "You do understand that it was all James, right? I did absolutely noth--"

"Yeah right! As if you didn't put exploding snaps and dung bombs in your cousin's cauldron," James accused, laughing.

Sirius rolled his eyes, "That's because you made me."

"I did no such thing," James shook his head and crossed the common room to park himself on the scarlet couches. He stretched out so that his entire body took up most of the room on the couch, a subtle hint that he didn't want anyone to join him on the couch.

Peter and Sirius shook there heads at the boy. "You're h-hopeless, mate," Peter called.

And so the four boys remained friends, growing closer everyday. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into a month, and though Remus' mother once again became 'ill', requiring his immidiate departure from the school so that he could be at her side, the four remained close, almost inseperable. James, Sirius and Remus because there was a strong bond between the three, Peter because he was always around and often had something to say. Sometimes it was even intersting. Before they knew it, they were preparing for their midterm exams. And trust me, because Sirius was friends with a Potter, the group had made plenty of enemies that were in theSlytheirn House.

"How harmonious of you, Potter," Lucius Malfoy drawled lazily, a nasty smirk on his pointed face, "I see making friends with riff-raff such as that," he jerked his head toward Sirius, who was gritting his teeth, "is your good deed for the time being. Trying to live up to those ridiculous Gryffindor standards, I suppose."

The fact that Sirius was two years younger than Lucius made little difference. Sirius matched the boy physically, and could probably over power the older Slytherin boy. The only reason Sirius didn't pounce was because he knew there were teachers about, waiting for him to let loose the infamous Black rage that they all knew he had brewing within him. All the faculty, save Dumbledore perhaps, were witing for an excuse to rethink Sirius' sorting, or to throw him out of school all together.

James clenched his fists, but said nothing, only began to retreat. Lucius sneered and his Slytherin friends began to laugh stupidly, "See, Sirius? You're supposed friend won't even stand up for you." His steely grey gaze fell back onto James who had quickly turned around, fully prepared to thrash him. Sirius and Remus pulled him back. "You can put on a pretty little face, Potter, but your friend over there is still a Black, and that can't be changed."

Winking, and leading his band of Slytherins away, Lucius retreated from the Great Hall's entrance, heading toward their classes, leaving the four friends, James and Sirius in particular, seething with anger.

"Just forget about that git," Remus said, patting each boy on the back and starting off in the opposite direction. "He's just being a typical idiot. Come on." Pete was the only one that followed Remus, leaving James and Sirius still standing there.

"I think we should pay a little visit to the Slytherin Commons," Sirius growled, a small smirk forming on his face. He glanced over to James, who shared the same evil, yet playfull glint in his eyes.

James nodded, "Yeah, I've always wanted to see the inside of it anyway."

"Are you sure this stupid spell will work?" James muttered, shaking his wand furiously, attempting an invisibility charm.

Sirius rolled his eyes, "You sure about these-- Whatever these things are?" He lifted up a small bug-like creature from a crate. When the creature's bulbous bottom exploded with a loud snap, and burnt the end of Sirius' finger, the boy yowled silently and instantly tuck his finger into his mouth.

James grinned and nodded, "Yeah, blastended-skrewts. Priceless treasures when playing a sweet, sweet game of revenge."

"How about this," Sirius muttered, pulling his finger from his mouth and shaking it in the air a bit, "I do the invisibility charm, and you handle these blaster things."

"Sounds like a plan."

After the two boys had decided that they would give the Slytherins a bit of hell, compliments of Potter and Black. It was only when Remus questioned their methods of madness, did the two discover the flaw in their plan. Remus was able to read them easily, and decided it best to voice the question burning in the back of their minds, "How exactly do you plan on getting into the Slytherin Common Room?"

Sirius opened his mouth to reply, but no words came out, only a confused grunt that sounded a bit like, "Hmunuhhm.." If you could call that a sound.

Remus nodded his head and rolled up his parchment that contained his Herbology essay on whick sprouts, "Just as I thought. If you two are going to be marauders, you might as well go about it the right way. First you have to find out a way into the Slytherin common room. Then you have to make sure no one is present to whitness the blessed event. Thirdly, you have to be inconspicuous about the whole operation."

The two boys he spoke to nodded eagerly, but James did have a question, "By inconspicuous, you mean--"

"He means we shouldn't be noticed, James," Sirius choked back his laughter and rolled his eyes. James' cheeks turned a bit red and grinned, nodding his understanding.

Remus sighed, "Listen, do you have your prank in order?" Both boys nodded and Remus continued, "Alright, well, good. I'll draw out a plan. It will be ready by tomorrow, alright?"

Wide grins spread over Sirius' and James' faces, making them look much younger than eleven, soon to be twelve year olds. Then they thanked Remus repeatedly before bounding out of the library to possibly add even more humiliating aspects to their already half-baked plan.

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Remus: No, Lily I didn't say that you were fat!

Lily: Oh my God, so now you are calling me fat! You insensative prick!

Remus: Uhm.. Right well.. Richi? Save me, please?

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