By Erico


On September 16th, in the year of 20XX-a brilliant scientist by the name of Dr. Thomas Light sealed a capsule which contained a wonderful new idea.

Or so it seemed.

What would you think if everything you took for granted about life and intelligence vanished in the blink of an eye? Suddenly, there is a new race on earth besides humans who hold sentient intelligence. Reploids, robots with immense strength and abilities superhuman-but also having the intelligence to think, feel and make their own decisions suddenly sprung up at every turn.

And how would you feel if you were one…the very first…well, MORE than the first. The prototype from which the plans were taken and a new race was created. How would you feel if you were Mega Man X, a being with no clue to your past, and no indication of your future? Enclosed in a world in which mavericks tarnished human/reploid relations, and ruthless Hunters were needed to keep the peace?

And…how would you feel if suddenly, this fragile world, this tiny spiderweb of sanity suddenly vanished beneath you? How would you feel if you were forced to turn on your own kind? What would your choice be?

X's was to fight, and therefore to end the First Maverick Uprising…The Sigma Conflict…the Hunter's Rebellion. X was whisked away into a world that numbed his mind, dulled his thoughts and turned into a wonderland of horror and madness and sorrow.

What does the sinister hand of fate hold in the cards for one being…one creature in a world of squabbling many? One thing is certain, the only thing that ever is in a world where it is not logic or reason or love that decides events…whoever you are, reploid, human, or prototype, like Mega Man X. One thing above all else, which became very clear to Mega Man X.

Like all of us in our own little bubbles…Mega Man X faces