I Swear

I shall love you forever, Odette! The words still rang in his ears.

Odette. He swore to love Odette. He swore to himself he would break her terrible curse, took it upon himself to be her prince charming.

A foul laughter filled the air, echoing in his ears, drowning out his terrible words, his terrible mistake. Odette!

Red hair moved throughout the crowd, and his Odette stood by his side. Odette. No, it was not Odette. It was someone else. A different Odette. Dark hair down to her waist, and coal black eyes, blacker than the night he wished to cast himself into.

He had not sworn undying love for Odette. He had sworn undying love for another, someone else, but not his Odette. Not his true love. Not who he wanted to free.

He swore undying love to Odile, the cruel step-sister to Odette. Rothbart's sinister and evil daughter.

She had stood in the moonlight. Her golden hair reflecting like gold from the chandeliers above, her blue eyes twinkling with trust and adoration. But no, it hadn't been Odette.

How could he let himself be fooled by Rothbart. The crowd spun before him, colors blurring as his world seemed to spin out of control. He heard a shout, long and anguished, full of pain and betrayal, barely recognizing it was himself who was shouting.

He tore from the crowd, leaving behind his Odette. No, not Odette, Odile. Still his mind reeled, confused and tortured by his love, not love. A spell had been placed upon him, he tried to tell himself.

He knew it wasn't true however. He had been fooled. He was to blame. He had sworn love for Odile, while his true love was left as a swan.

A beating sound upon the windows caused him to pause, to look up, as though he hoped by pausing everything would reel backwards, and he could destroy Rothbart, expose his foul motives and be free with Odette.

Instead a vision of a snow white swan beating herself against the window pane brought new anguish to his heart, and he found himself outside. The cool night air washed over him, purifying him of the heat and stench of the crowd.

A lily pond sat in the corner, the moonlight reflecting off of it. Beside the pond lay the slender figure of a woman. His Odette. The true Odette. He fell to his knees besides her, weeping.

He had made a terrible mistake. Now Odette lay in his arms, dying. He had sworn she would be free. He had sworn to love Odette. His swear meant nothing.

He meant nothing.

Hope you like it! A story based on Swan Lake, in case you couldn't guess. Poor Prince.

much love and inspiration,