Joel sat at his computer, hunched over and grinning as the screen lit up. Twenty matches found….thirty matches found…fifty matches found. He grinned wider as the number of matches continued to climb. Finally the machine stopped counting and Joel was left with a screen filled with images of lovely young woman from all over the world.

He scrolled down, almost drooling over the petite faces of woman from Vietnam and China. They were, after all the cheapest.

Joel was a lonely man. Nearing his sixties, he didn't want to face life alone anymore. A friend referred him to this website, a search engine for mail-order brides. Joel figured it was worth a try.

He continued to scroll down when a certain face caught his eye. He clicked on her image, bringing up a profile and larger image. Her eyes seemed to stare down at him from the image, dark pools filled with passion and anger. Her skin was milky white and her hair straight, short and black as a raven's wing.

Name: Cassandra Chan

Country: China

Price: 2,000 plus shipping and handling.

With a final look at her picture, Joel clicked the little orange button besides her image.

Buy Now.

Um, yea, sorry if this sounds kinda creepy, but I promise its not. I'm not sure how mail order brides really work, but it was just an idea. Will become a Cinderella story later. Please review, even if you don't like. Just no flames please! constructive criticism is always welcome! And yes, there is a difference!

love and inspiration,