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A/N: Well, this wasn't under my upcoming stories because I was inspired to do it today, after reading some Spaith stuff. Personally, I think that they way they handled Spike being in love with Buffy was sad because the tough badass vamp we all know and love turned into some kind of lovesick whipped puppy…and then he went crazy. That's lame. Plus can we say rehash? Also, necrophilia is illegal (even though vampires aren't technically dead I think it counts, yeah?) Anyways, this is me giving Spike a chance at a woman way more worthy of him. Rock on!

He found her sitting against the wall in the basement, half asleep after a night of slaying. Curious as to why she'd invaded his domain, he nudged her with his foot and was genuinely surprised when he found himself staring at the ceiling. "Oi! What gives?"

Faith grinned lazily at him. "Force of habit, my bad," she drawled out with her trademark huskiness.

Spike found the look she gave him as he sat up a little unnerving. Pushing himself up against the wall beside her, he looked at her. Brown hair, brown eyes, sexy body and that mouth that just screamed for kissing…well that would scream for kissing if he wasn't already in love with Buffy. The woman next to him oozed sex, strength and though she would never admit it, a charming vulnerability of sorts. He was dragged out of his study when she spoke.

"Back in the joint, they made me go see this guy to rehabilitate me or whatever. I like to think of it as part of my redemption, cause damn he was annoying but I never laid a hand on the prick. Anyways, one of his things that I was supposed to do was to say sorry for all the bad shit I'd done to people during my 'phase'," she scoffed.

Spike rolled his eyes. "Get to the point, luv," he said, "cause right now you're babblin' worse then the witch." He merely grinned when she fixed him with a harsh glare. He was used to it, after all Buffy looked at him like that a lot of the time, not to mention how Darla had looked at him back when he ran with the Scourge.

Sighing she said, "Fine. Keep in mind; you're a vamp so this ain't no apology. I'm just trying to fess up to the stuff I done, kay? So, Buffy came on to you at the Bronze a few years ago right?" Spike nodded and waited for her to continue. "Said something 'bout riding 'you at a gallop 'til your eyes rolled back into your head and you popped like warm champagne'?" Spike nodded again, shocked at her use of the exact words. "Well," Faith said, "that was me. Mayor gave me some mojo that let me hijack Buffy's body after I got out of my coma. You just happened to be there when I took it for a test drive."

Spike's jaw dropped. That night was the reason he had started dreaming about Buffy. That night was the reason he was in love with Buffy. He closed he mouth and dropped his head into his hands, feeling torn and confused. The spirit Buffy had exhibited that night at the Bronze was the part he kept wishing would come out more. Now it seemed that the spirit wasn't even hers at all, but this other Slayer's. Bugger all, he thought. "You should go luv. They're going to think I ate you or something," he rasped out.

Faith raised a brow and wondered what was bugging the vampire. Whatever, she thought. Standing, she brushed herself off. She walked to the foot of the stairs, and turned to face him. He looked up as she said, "For the record, it was wrong 'cause you're dead." With that she headed up the stairs and into the house.

Spike let out a strangled growl before dropping his head back into his hands.

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