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Chapter 17: The Final Battle, Part 2!

On the roof of the building, Casey and the Turtles stood their ground in front of Slade, the nemesis of the Titans. Slade was looking at them with mild interest, then bent into a mock bow.

"I'm sure you know about me, Turtles. So, if you don't mind, let us skip the pleasantries, and get right to the main point of our meeting, shall we?" he said. The Turtles readied themselves.

"Yeah, let's!" yelled Raphael. The Turtles and Casey charged at Slade, who, although weaponless, was not to be underestimated. Raph came first with a slashing of his sais, but Slade ducked, and sent a kick straight into his gut. Flipping back up, Slade parried a strike from Donatello, grabbing his staff and throwing him into Casey. Michaelangelo swung his nunchakus, but SLade grabbed them and swung them back. He laughed.

"Well, well. I was expecting more of a challenge." he said, then was blasted back as Leo's katanas were launching their energy slices, knocking him back a bit with every hit. Now the tide of the battle had shifted, and the Turtles and Casey charged at Slade...


In the biggest room of the warehouse, the Titans faced down The Shredder.

"Well, don't just stand there like statues! Entertain me!" he exclaimed, with a mocking tone in his voice. Without a word, the Titans charged at him. Robin came up with some fast martial art attacks, which were mostly dodged by the Shredder, and when he did connect, it didn't face the metal that covered the Shredder's body. The Shredder just laughed, picked him up, and tossed him away, but Starfire caught him. Raven took hold of The Shredder with her powers, and held him still, where BeastBoy, now a rhino, rammed him towards Cyborg, rearing back for a punch. The Shredder flew at him, and Cyborg let loose a supremely powerful upward punch, sending him through the roof.

"Boo-Yah! Let's go after him!" he yelled, and the Titans followed him through the large hole he left behind.


"Ugh!" Slade yelled as he was launched in the air from a powerful blow, and the Turtles took a great leap and followed him, even going above him. Then, with a mighty rush from four sides, they all delivered a dropping kick to him, sending him flying back down to the ground. Casey had pulled out his golf club, though.

"FORE!" he yelled, smacking Slade across the roof. It looked like Slade was going to fly off the building, but...

With a mighty crash, The Shredder flew up from inside the building, and the two flying bodies collided, stopping each others flights. Soon after, the Titans appeared from the hole, as well.

"Doing all right, guys?" yelled Casey.

"Aw, yeah! We gave him a supreme smackdown!" yelled Cyborg. The villains groaned and opened their eyes.

"Perhaps we should stick to the ones we are most used to fighting." said Shredder.

"Indeed. These battles aren't very productive." said Slade. Both the villains got up, and stood in front of their respective foes.

"Well, my foes, tonight's another chance at dining on turtle soup!" yelled the Shredder.

"My dear Titans, this area is rather crowded. Perhaps you could join me on a more spacious spot?" Slade mockingly asked, then turned around and jumped across to the roof of the adjacent building, with the Titans hurrying after him.

The Turtles and Casey stood before the Shredder, ready for battle. He laughed.

"I've been waiting for this for so long. Don't disappoint me!" he exclaimed. Raphael stepped forward.

"Don't you worry about that! Death doesn't disappoint!" he yelled, then ran forward, swinging his sais. Shredder dodged to the left, then swung a kick that knocked Raphael back. Now Donatello ran forward, lengthening his staff, and trying to reach him from a distance, but Shredder grabbed his staff, and swung him around by the staff twice, before sending him to the opposite side of the roof. Casey was up now, running forward, and triping up the Shredder with his hockey stick. However, the Shredder tripped him afterwards, and, because of his momentum from running, Casey flew against the slight uprising that was the only prevention of him falling off. Michaelangelo and Leonardo looked at each other. Michaelangelo silently decided to try it out. His first thing was sending out small tornadoes at the Shredder, but those were dodged as well, and Michaelangelo decided to try quick, up-close attacks. He swung left, right, up and down, but all were dodged, until a nunchaku was grabbed, and thrust upon his head, then across his facing, sending him back, as well. Only Leonardo remained.

"Dammit. You sure do seem to be better." he growled.

"Or maybe your pathetic brothers and friends are just weaker. What's the matter? Did the few days you didn't have that dumb rat deprive you of all your skills?" Shredder mocked, laughing. Leonardo's temper was rising with each word, and the laughter rung in his ears, until he couldn't help himself.

"Don't you dare insult my brothers, my friends, and especially...MY SENSEI!" he screamed, charging full force at the Shredder, and swinging above, below, with force and violence unseen from him. The rest of the Turtles were stirring in time to see Leonardo fight, but also see him get tripped up, his katana taken, and knocked to the ground, with the blade held at his throat.

"Leo!" they yelled. Shredder laughed.

"You wish to save his life? Fine. Weapons! Gone!" he said, jerking his head in a way to mean to throw them off the building. The Turtles looked at the ground, then grumbled in defeat, each taking their weapon, and throwing it off. Michaelangelo's could be heard clanging near a ladder to the roof. Shredder laughed. "Fools. With the loss of one, you might have overtaken me. But now, your fate, will be his!" he yelled, ready to stab Leo. The Turtles yelled out, but there was a rush like a forceful wind, and everyone looked to one side. Splinter was standing there, looking unharmed.

"Sensei!" the turtles yelled. Splinter simply looked at Shredder.

"You..." Shredder growled.

" is I. I and I know who you are, as well. Yes, perhaps you should remember me as well. You are Oroku Saki! And I...I am a disciple of Hamato Yoshi!" he exclaimed. Shredder merely stared at him, then removed his mask, showing off still-unhealed scars.

"It appears I still need to eradicate all that reminds me of that past!" he yelled, charging at Splinter with one of Leonardo's katanas. Splinter didn't move, but waited. Once Shredder was close, Splinter stepped to the side, pulled out one of Michaelangelo's nunchakus, and reached out, which wrapped around the katana, disorientating Shredder, and Splinter turned and held him over the side of the building.

"A warrior dies but once, Oroku. But when you die, it will be much worse, for it will be..." Splinter was saying, but Shredder took a swipe at him, causing Splinter to dodge, which loosend the nunchaku's grip on the katana, which Splinter caught, but the Shredder fell down the building, into an abandoned garbage truck. "...Without honor." finished Splinter.

Down on the street, Casey, who had climbed down a ladder when he saw Splinter arrive, stood next to a lever. "Oops!" he mocked, moving the lever, and starting the crushing mechanism in the truck. Shredder was no more. Casey looked away from the truck, and saw the Titans approaching, looking battered, but okay. "So, did you get that Slade creep?" Casey asked. Robin looked grim as he dumped a bunch of mechanical parts on the ground.

"Another of his robot clones." he said disgustedly. "What about you? Did you guys get the Shredder?" he asked. Casey looked over at the garbage truck.

"Heh...yeah, they got him." he said, smirking.

"Well, then I say the missions have been accomplished. Shall we go?" he asked. Casey looked up towards the Turtles.

"Yo, guys! They say it's time to go! Don't take too long with the old guy, alright?" he yelled, and the Turtles gave happy agreements. Casey left for his home, for April would be sure to be worried about him, and the Titans headed for the Tower, except for Raven and BeastBoy. BeastBoy put his hand on her shoulder.

"One more thing to figure out before the mystery's over? What's the real reason for your cloak going through the funky color change? I know it's not a laundry accident." he said, smirking. Raven's eyes widened a little, and a light blush appeared on her cheeks, but she answered in a serious voice, although her face became more read with each word.

"It's because...I'm in love." she said. BeastBoy stared at her, a blank look in his eyes.

"With who? Robin? Maybe Cyborg? Or is it someone we don't know?" he asked, his voice hollow. Raven looked at him in surprise.

"No BeastBoy." she said, inching her face closer to his. "It's you." she said. BeastBoy's eyes grew wide, and he blushed, too.

"'s...I...I love you, too. But I never thought...I mean, we're just so...and I..." he stammed, and Raven chuckled.

"Just shut up for a minute." she said, and closed the distance between their faces, so that they were kissing for the first time. Raven's cloak turned it's final, white color, and her emotions were cheering inside. Suddenly, voices could be heard from around them. Casey and the other Titans had come back to check on the others, when they found this scene. The Titans were all smirking, but Casey, and the Turtles, still on the roof, were whistling and cheering.

"Whoo! Go, BB!" yelled Raph and Mikey, and BeastBoy, still kissing Raven, raised his hand in acknowledgement. The Turtles laughed and turned to the center of the roof.

"We did awesome!" yelled Raph.

"Spectacular!" yelled Donny.

"No one can match our ninja skills!" exclaimed Leo.

"Way to go, dudes!" yelled Mikey. Splinter stepped forward, and they all fell silent. He smiled.

"I have always liked...Cowabunga." he said, smiling. The Turtles looked at each other, then slapped a four-way high five.

"COWABUNGA!" they yelled. It was now time to head back to the Tower, the adventure was done. At least, this one was...




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