"I'm sorry you had to hear me and Tim arguing. I'm sorry if I'm being selfish, but I can't help it. I want you to stay with me. I want you to wake up and be the man you were, the man I admired for most of my life, the man who I called Dad. I don't want you to be the dearly departed," said Nightwing as he broke into tears. "You can't leave us, Bruce. We're not ready. I'm not ready!" Nightwing took off his mask, put his head in his hands and cried. Eventually the crowd gathered back at the window and someone, well several people, saw Nightwing crying. Someone alerted Superman, who came back to try and comfort Nightwing.

Where am I? This is one of the rooms in the med ward. It's dark in here. Why are all those people at the window? Dick is crying. Why is Dick crying, and why is Superman here? Why is he crying, too? And why are those people still at the window? Wait, if I'm in the Watchtower, why is Dick here? Is he joining the League? Why didn't anyone say anything to me? How dare they not tell me Dick is joining. I bet this was Superman's idea. Do they know I'm awake? No I'm wearing my mask, they can't see my eyes. I can't move. I must be hurt. Yes, there was an accident, but my side should hurt because there was something stuck in it. I was in pain; I remember I was in pain there. Did someone stab me? No, I wouldn't let anyone stab me. I was trapped, there was a building collapse, but it wasn't a normal collapse. I think there was an explosion. Doesn't anyone know that I'm awake? Enough of this, J'onn can you hear me?

Wonder Woman was sitting in the cafeteria with Robin. Robin made it clear he didn't want to talk, so the two were sitting in silence, until Wonder Woman heard something in her ear.

"He's awake! Robin he's awake!"


"Bruce is awake!"

"What!" The two heroes (well, one hero, one sidekick) ran down the hallway.

Word spread through the Watchtower like wild fire and just about every hero in the Watchtower was gathered around the room (that's over 60 people, and Atom Smasher alone is like over five people). However, that snooty royal upbringing let Wonder Woman push through the crowd forcefully and shamelessly as she entered the room with Robin behind her.

In the room was Dick crying on Batman's chest, but they were tears of joy. Robin immediately joined him. Batman's mask had been pulled off and was behind his head. He still couldn't move or speak, but his eyes said it all. He was confused, really, really, confused, but he got the gist of it. He was hurt and everyone was happy that he was okay, although they never made this kind of fuss before. Superman, J'onn, and Flash were in the room. Green Lantern and Shayera came moments after Wonder Woman and they dispersed the crowd altogether. Green Lantern made a big, green cow catcher and moved the crowd. Shayera just threatened them, which was equally as effective.

Batman's recovery went well, although for him it was unbearably slow. His friends and family put him on twenty-four hour watch. Everyone who knew Batman knew that if left on his own, he would push himself too hard. Robin returned home first, Nightwing stuck around. He decided he would go home when Batman did. When Batman finally did return home he was still on twenty-four hour watch. Alfred even alerted Bruce Wayne's secretary not to allow Mr. Wayne to do anything to physically strenuous. Bruce told her to ignore Alfred, but when Bruce was invited to a celebrity golf tournament, his secretary told Mr. Wayne he was asked to make a donation to the charity sponsoring the tournament and "forgot" to mention the golf part. Alfred made sure she wasn't fired. Bruce attempted to put in extra work out time secretly, but Alfred put a stop to that. Just when Bruce was about to start climbing the walls, the Bat-family finally allowed him back in the Bat-cave (they literally barricaded the entrances when no one was using it). Although they were worried about his health, they were all happy to have him back. Nobody protects Gotham City like Batman. The Justice League felt the same way and tried to convince Batman to become a full member, Batman would have none of that. Although Batman did nominate another hero for membership: Nightwing. Flash immediately nicknamed Nightwing 'Batman light,' that is until he found himself on the business end of a "misplaced" batarang, but that's another story.