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Kindly excuse bad accents. I'm trying.

We were out of coffee. At that moment I knew it was going to be one of those days. Then there was the pop-quiz in math. Numbers and I are not about to hold hands and start running through a field of daisies, let me tell you. I thought I was saved in English. I liked that subject (god knows I read enough). "Class, I would like you to summarize your homework in small speech for public speaking practice." Can I please practice walking out the door instead? Well, it was worth a shot. I assure you, I was spectacular. There is nothing I love more than being stared at like I'm the scum of the earth trying to make up something for the homework I didn't do. (I like the class, but it doesn't mean I'm exactly diligent.). Yup, everyone loves the silent angry gothic mutant.

Lunch was a rush to finish my French homework. I can speak the damn language quite well, but writing it bites. Seriously bites. There are a lot more letters in the written form of French than the spoken and Madame Luiz gets a bit irate if you skip a few (or twenty).

It was speech day in French as well, but I like said, I'm fluent so it was okay. I think I got more dirty looks here than English class. I guess people hate the proficient Goth more than idiot one. I'll make sure write that down somewhere.

The rest of the school day pretty much followed the same pattern. The only highlight of my day was walking out to the parking lot to see my baby. Boyfriend? Hell no! Harley. Hunter green with black flames, Logan made me very happy one day with this gift. Well it wasn't a 'gift' as he explained; it was just a way to make sure I touch his bike anymore. Steal his bike once and you are branded for life. I put on the matching helmet (I could drool) and drove home. When I arrived, the professor mentally informed me that they were out back. I didn't like the sound of that. The professor had his 'it's time for a group activity' voice on. I'm serious, there is a specific voice for that.

Well they were out back all right. However I can't say that the backyard was there as well. Instead red string was taking up a large part of the back. I mean a lot of red string. Some granny was not going to knit that scarlet sweater tonight thanks to us. It was like a friggin' jungle of string. What's more, there were bells. Lots of bells. The Christmas kind. All over the string! I was actually speechless and wasn't alone. Kitty and Kurt looked rather scared. Jean and Scott looked confused. They could have been scared, but heaven forbid anyone else know it. Wait- was that hypocritical of me? Yeah it was. But they wear Abercrombie so they are fair game. I love my rules.

"Dude! Who let Wolverine watch Entrapment?" Bobby suddenly called. No one replied. I believe we were still all staring at the yarn-y mess in front of us.

"Alrighty X-men! This is today's training session. I want you back here suited up in five minutes." Said Wolverine who had basically shown up out of nowhere. I think he really liked to do that. We didn't move for a second, you know, frozen by horror and all. "Chop Chop!" He yelled and we decided that would be a good time to move.

Five minutes later (Okay ten, it was a nice thought)…

"Okay boys and girls, this is how we are going to do this. You will separate into two teams. Two people at a time will go through the wires without touching them. You can use anything but your powers. Ring a bell and you start over. Use your power and you will start over. Just so you know, we have Cerebro monitoring this area so we will know if anyone tries to sneak a phase or teleport," He said looking at Kitty and Kurt. "Any questions?"

"Yeah," asked Ray, "Why the heck are we doing this?"

"Because," Logan answered not looking very happy, "Flexibility, agility, and subtly are skills that a lot of you need some major work on."

A.K.A. the professor won't let Logan do any hard training since we defeated Apocalypse. Poor Wolverine, resorting to strings and bells. He has hit a new low.

"Can you make it through the course?" asked Bobby. Can Logan chop you into eensy weensy little bits?

Logan bared some teeth and bobby gave no further inquiries. Silencing glares is a talent you are just born with. I would know.

Looking back, I should have taken the moment that we split into teams to get some popcorn. I really needed it later. Jean and Scott went first of course. Not that I mind. The first always get eaten. One day…

Jean almost made it to end. Scott almost made it three feet. Both went back to the end of the line. Roberto and Bobby were next. Bobby made it only about a foot farther than Scott while Roberto made near the end. Kudos for soccer. Amara and Sam went next. That took a while. Not because they made it all the way through, but more because Amara set one of the strings on fire and we had to replace it. Jamie and Kitty were second to last. All hail the midget squad. I think they each weigh about 50 pounds. 50 pounds of pure klutz. "This totally sucks!" could be heard across the yard while a bunch of clones tried to get themselves out of the strings.

"Aright Mystique kids one and two, you're up." Logan said. Let me tell you how much it warms my heart to be called that. I could do the maze. Easy. I had been in gymnastics, dance, karate, you name it since I was four. How coincidental it was that that was the age I was adopted. Fun fact- when your mother is a criminal, your training starts early. Duck under that wire. Lift left leg over that one. Back bend, split, slow and steady. It was pie. My brother seemed to concur. From what I could see he seemed to be spending most of the time through on his hands. Go elf boy. I happily spotted light about a few minutes later. Victory would be mine. Just a few more fe-

"Looking good cherè" a voice suddenly said. Being the graceful and calm individual I am, I immediately fell back words into a mass of yarn, ringing about seven bells. Did I mention how attractive I must have looked? I was completely on my butt, one leg bent under me, the other straight out, each arm strung upon a piece of yarn.

"Ooops." he said apologetically. He didn't look sorry.

"Let me help you up."

Let me help you to something sharp.

"Rogue, Get back here. You have to do it again!" a loving voice called out.

Oh hell no.

"What?Ah was almost done.Ah got surprised, thatain't fair!" I shouted.

"Doesn't matter, you should be able to deal with any distraction, get back here now." Logan yelled again. I really should have seen that argument coming. There was no way I was getting out of this.

Darling Gambit smiled at me as I stomped back to the line. I glared at Logan and he glared right back. That is the problem with the natural talent of silencing glares. You become immune from other ones.

"Okay, for all those that didn't make it through…Oh right, that is all of you except for Kurt. You get one more chance before you get class with our new member." Logan informed us.

It was chaos instantly. "New student?" "Boy or Girl" "Is he cute?" I had to roll my eyes at that one. Do we care what his powers are? NOOOO, as long as he is good real estate, we will over look the fact that he spontaneously turns into dog poo.

Gambit came out then, with his usual confident smile. I had to admit I was a bit jealous. There is nothing like joining a team of people you tried to knock off before and just know that everyone will instantly love you.

More chaos- "He is our enemy!" "He can't join us" "What the heck?" "What is the professor thinking?"

"Quiet please" the professor requested, approaching the group. "I will explain after the exercise. For now, just concentrate on its completion."

It would have been more feasible for him to request that everyone stand on their head for a day and a half. Well, let it be said that I made it through the second time around. It did help that Gambit stayed safely on the other side, far far away from the finish line. No one else had such luck though. Point for me. Apparently the Darkholme kids rule. Just don't tell my mother. I don't need her to be proud.

"Wolverine! This is impossible. It just isn't natural for guys to bend like that. We just aren't made that way!" Complained Scott, partially upside down with his foot caught. I wish I had a camera.

Logan smiled at this. He was expecting this. "All right Gumbo, You're up."

Scott had one thing right. Guys were not naturally made for this sort of exercise. However that took nothing away from the fact that it was totally hot. Now I understand why Gambit was so confident. While he didn't get everyone to love him, he most certainly got whatever the female percentage of the mansion was to. Hot damn the kid could bend. It took him perhaps four minutes to make it through. I think Kurt took ten.

Logan nodded towards him as he returned. Sign of respect- how odd. I love how they bonded over torturing us. "Guess what one-eye, you are going to learn to bend that way. Gumbo's gonna help ya." That was a moment of indecision for me. Whether or not to laugh out loud at the horrified look on Scott's face or to sigh in contentment at the thought of Scott and Gambit bending bodies together. Since I didn't want drool on my shirt, I settled on laughing.

"Stuff it Stripes, your getting' tutorin' in being quieter and more subtle in your attacks, not to mention not as easily distracted."

There goes one smile out the door. Bastard.

Even though many of the students had failed miserably, the teachers decided that now was a good time to call it a day. The maze got to stay though. It was going to stay as long as we needed it according to the professor. After watching today's progress I figure we should start charging it rent.

So now we are all sitting together in our little family room like a bad case of Brady. The professor went into explanation of why we had one of Magneto's lackeys running training sessions. It was something on the lines of reformed ways, and new starts, yadda yadda yadda. He is not a spy…Magneto isn't planning against us…. Gambit now wants to open a non-profit shelter for all the abandoned animals in the world…Okay maybe the last part wasn't there, but I'm sure he was getting to it.

After the professor does his bit, we have an open forum thingy. Not that I've noticed meeting patterns out of boredom or anything. This is our chance to voice concerns etc. However before we got the chance, Logan started.

"Before all you kids start your little fights, I want to set down some rules right now. Gumbo here is 24 years old. He is not a student here. He is a teacher. Therefore, off limits, got it!"

"Off limits for what..?" Bobby asked. The girls giggled at this. I agreed (without the giggling of course). Boys were such idiots at times.


The girls giggled some more.

"Non offense, monsieur, but dat isn't exac'ly true."

"Excuse me Cajun.." he said in a low voice. Was the Cajun really stupid or really brave? Considering the way Logan was looking at him, I would have to go with really stupid.

"Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Jean at least 18? I believe dat makes her…legal, oui?" He said eyeing Jean in a not so innocent way. She in turn was blushing like mad with some demure smile on her face (Chunk blowing in 5…4…). Mr. Permanent Red eye was apparently very stupid. If looks could kill, man he would be dead from two angles. Scott even had his hand instinctively to his glasses.

"Jean already has someone, so that isn't an option." Scott said through his teeth. Hmm…the phrase Bayville Sirens comes to mind.

"I think I can speak for myself Scott." Jean said, eyes narrowing. Oh yeah. Someone is in the doghouse.

"I know Jean…I didn't….I didn't mean that you couldn't….I was just.." He stuttered. Damn was he whipped.

"It is okay Scott, I know you didn't mean it like that." She said calming back down.

"My cherè, you are very forgivin'. Beautiful and compassionate, very good combination, I must say." He said still staring at her. Jean looked down, color rising in her cheeks. (3….2…).

"Thank you Gam- I mean Remy. That is very sweet." She said beaming. What a dope. And Gambit- what a shame. I didn't like him or anything, but dear god, I couldn't stand watching another person drooling over Jean. This sucked.

He walked over to her with a would be innocent smile saying, "No need to thank me, I'm just stating the obvious."

"You obviously need to back off," Scott said suddenly. I almost felt bad for him having to watch Mr. Tall dark and southern stealing his true love. However he chose her over me, so I just enjoyed the show instead.

"Scott, stop it!" Jean said, " I can handle myself." Scott stepped back. I wonder if he would eat dog food if Jean asked. Screw that, he would probably scarf the dog dish as her command.

"Oui, back off. She isn't something you own." Gambit said smoothly. Bam! There was ten isntant brownie points for him. I gotta admit, he's got game.

I must note now that I am really liking the professor. Logan keeps going to stop this little tete a tete, but the Professor keeps stopping him. As much as it pains me to watch Jean get fawned over, I would love to see Mr. Calm Team Leader completely lose it. Free show for me!

The boys in the room are looking both angry and amazed. Amazed because Jean is eating out the palm of Gambit's hand and angry because the rest of the girls are looking at him with the same awestruck look as Jean. 'Cept me of course. But no one really gives a gosh darn hoot what I do unless someone will get hurt from it. I feel so loved.

Now Gambit is running a hand through her hair. "What a belle shade of rouge," he starts and then just goes completely into French.

Jean giggles some more (1…) and says, " I'm sorry, I don't know French, Remy". She may not, but I do. And what he say was along the lines of, "Can't say I actually like red hair that much, but I like messing with your little boyfriend."

I literally choke at that point. Surprisingly, no one notices (sarcasm, that was).

"Désolé petite, but sometimes it is just easier to say what I feel in French…"

"That's okay Gambit, I think the language is pretty." (now would be the time I would continue my countdown, but the fact that gambit may be playing her like an out-of tune piano has eased my urge to run to the bathroom)

He continued to murmur in French and I continued to laugh. Now it was "I think you are pretty, but not very insightful. I wonder how long it will be before your prince charming tries to hit me."

Apparently not long, because Scott stepped right up to hi. Looking furious, he gave Gambit a nice large shove. I'll admit, shades is tall, but Gambit's got like two inches on him. Not to mention a bo-staff and agility. I've seen the boy fight, he could have one-eye down before his hand even touched his glasses. He sadly didn't get the chance (What? I like a good fight.) because Logan was finally allowed to intervene and drag Scott away from Remy. Jean stomped off. Remy smiled and Scott was sent to the danger room to cool off. Logan looked at the rest of us for a second before telling us to get a move one as well. He is so diplomatic like that. Being the last one out (no wonder I'm so punctual) I head Logan say, "I smell trouble" and Storm reply, "I see trouble."

Maybe I would survive this place after all.

Okay I'm still deciding on whether or not to make it a one-shot. I have small commitment issues, but I do really like writing in this format. Let me know if it would be worth the effort to continue.

The power is yours! (Ummm...yeah...just ignore the captain planet references)