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Siren's Song


"Come on kids, hurry up or you'll miss the train!" Harry hollered from the bottom of the stairs of their Welsh home. "Draco! Stop fussing over them and bring the rest of their things down!"

"We're coming!" his husband called back. "Lily, let's go honey, where's your sister? JAMES! ALEX! LETS GO!" he yelled.

"We're right here Papa, there's no need to shout!" Alexander replied, rolling his eyes at his brother as they strolled up behind their blonde father and hefting their sister's trunks.

"Boys, bring them down so we can get to the Portkey." Harry said to his sons, lifting their own trunks over his shoulders.

"We're coming Dad." Thirteen-year-old James said calmly. "There's no need to stress, we'll make it." He added.

"You're too calm for your own good." Harry told his eldest son with a grimace.

At that moment, Draco came bolting down the stairs, two girls attached to his hands. Both girls had blonde hair and bright emerald eyes that Harry would always swear could see right through you to the deepest depths of your soul.

The Potter family made their way to the bottom of the stairs and surrounded Harry, who held out the Portkey, whisking them away to the Portkey point at King's Cross station.

"Ready girls?" Harry asked his two daughters, the girls he loved with all his heart.

"Yes Daddy, we can't wait!" Lily Kassandra, the louder of the twins, replied excitedly. "We're going to Hogwarts! We'll be able to annoy our big brothers all the time!"

James grinned and ruffled his sister's blonde locks. "Is that a fact?" he asked, and she nodded cheekily.

"What about you Ari? You looking forward to school?" Alexander asked his other little sister.

Ariadne Erika, the quieter twin, smiled and nodded. "It'll be fun." She replied, eyes shining.

They made their way to the entrance to platform 9 ¾ and disappeared through the wall.

"You took your time!" Ron said with a grin.

"Whatever, give me a hand with these will you?" Harry asked, dumping James's trunk into his friend's arms.

"Alex, James, help us with these and then you can go and find your friends." Harry said to his sons.

The two boys did as they were told, and James had barely put Lily's trunk down when he was hugged from behind. He turned around and came face to face with his cousin, Rylie Weasley. Her twin, Simeon stood behind her, grinning and waving. "Let's go get a compartment before they're all taken." He said.

"All right, just let me say goodbye to Dad and Papa first." James said, hugging Harry before running off in search of Draco.

Alex too was accosted by a cousin. Rhiannon Irina Snape, only daughter of Severus and Erika Snape, and Alex's best friend stood behind him, her long blonde hair flying behind her, her onyx eyes shining, happy to see him. "Let's go yeah? Ali and Ty are waiting for you!" Alexandra Thomas, daughter of Seamus and Dean, and Tyler Zabini, eldest son of Blaise and Hermione, were the other two members of this Gryffindor quartet.

Ali's tanned skinned face appeared out of a window on the train. "Hurry up Rhia!" she bellowed.

"Coming, if Kai ever gets a move on!" Rhiannon yelled back. Because of the similarities between their names, Alexander and Alexandra both used the name Alex at home, so to avoid confusion, Alexandra used the nickname Ali and Alexander went by his middle name, although he was still Alex to his brother and his sisters. The last thing the teachers needed was for both of them to answer to the same name.

"I'm coming! But do you mind if I say goodbye to my parents first!" Alex demanded good naturedly.

"Say hi to Uncle Harry and Uncle Draco for me!" Tyler yelled, his head appearing next to Ali's.

"I will!" Alex replied, dragging Rhiannon behind him.

Draco hugged his sons goodbye, and kissed his niece's cheek, and then James went off with Simeon and Rylie and boarded the train. Alex and Rhia went in search of Harry, and returned with him so he could say his farewells to the girls. Alex hugged Harry and left in the same direction as his brother.

"Well girls, it's time to get on that train!" Harry told his little angels. He opened his arms to them and they threw themselves into his embrace. "Miss you Daddy!" Ariadne whispered, tears in her big green eyes.

"Hey, what's all this about?" Harry asked gently, wiping her tears away with his handkerchief.

"I don't want to go to school without you and Papa." She replied.

"I don't want to either." Lily agreed, for once looking like she too was going to cry, instead of her usual boisterous self.

"Girls, girls, girls." Draco soothed, smoothing his hand over Lily's hair as Harry held Ariadne to him. "You'll be fine, your brothers and cousins are there, and Uncle Severus, Auntie Erika, Uncle Remus and Uncle Sirius, Aunt Cassie and Regan, to name a few."

"That's right darling, it'll be okay." Harry told Ariadne, kissing the top of her head. The train's whistle sounded, and the girls clung to their fathers tightly.

It was then that their grandparents arrived. "Quickly girls or you'll miss the train." Lucius said with a gentle smile, kissing both his granddaughters' foreheads.

"They don't want to leave us." Draco said to his mother.

"If I recall, you were pretty much the same on your first day of school." His mother said coolly, and Draco blushed.

"Lily, Ari… it's all going to be fine." Narcissa said briskly to her granddaughters. "Say your goodbyes to Daddy and Papa now." Lily and Ari, not about to disobey their formidable grandmother, kissed both Harry and Draco. Lucius swung Ariadne up into his arms and Narcissa took Lily firmly by the hand and lead her towards the train.

Regan stood at the door waiting for the twins. "I knew they'd need someone to look after them." She said simply, "And James and Alex won't be around." She said. Lucius and Narcissa bid their farewells to the two blonde girls and left them on the care of their older cousin.

"Goodbye my darlings." Lucius called as the train began to move. "Have fun."

Draco looked at his mother. "Was that neccessary?" he asked mildly.

"Tough love," his mother replied. "Works every time. Some day they'll thank you for it."

The four adults stood on the platform with their friends waving as their children all stuck their heads out of their compartment windows, waving back madly.

"I don't think I've ever been so proud." Draco murmured.

Harry chuckled and kissed his husband passionately. "I know how you feel." He whispered back.

Draco smiled back and reached up to seal his mouth to Harry's once again.

When they looked us again, the train was out of sight.

Harry and Draco decided that they would make the most of their trip to London, and ventured out into the Muggle streets. They went to see a movie and had dinner at a little Italian restaurant that Draco loved.

It was late when they arrived home. "I suppose the Sorting and the Welcoming feast will be over by now." Draco said nervously.

"Stop fretting love, the girls will be fine." Harry soothed, kissing him gently.

As if on cue, the fire flared and Severus's head appeared in the fire. "I'd thought you'd like to know that the girls have joined my ranks of snakelings. Congratulations, your daughters are Slytherins." He said with a grin.

"Thanks Sev, it means a lot that you told us." Draco replied.

"Yes well, I knew you'd be worried Draco, just like you were for Alex last year, and James the year before." Severus drawled, and Draco blushed.

"Well, I had better go, before Lily sets something on fire." Severus chuckled, and his head disappeared.

Draco smiled radiantly at Harry. "Our girls are Slytherins! I can't believe it!" he glowed.

"Neither can I." Harry admitted, smiling back at his husband.

Draco looked around their home as walked through the front hall towards the stairs. "It's so quiet without them." He commented.

Harry sighed. "Yeah… it is, isn't it."

There was a moments silence before Draco spoke again. "Harry love…?"

"Yes Dray?"

"… I want another one."

Harry laughed and swept Draco up into his arms, carrying him up the stairs to their bedroom. He kissed Draco lustfully as he laid him gently on the bed. "I think I can arrange that." He grinned, and Draco smiled back, pulling the love of his life down on top of him.

Later, as Harry watched Draco sleep, he thought back over their years together, and as he pushed a wayward strand of enchanting white blonde hair away from Draco's beautiful face, he knew there was no way he could have ever resisted the pull of Draco's Siren Song.


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