5. The Ugly.

Ah, a field. Fields are good. I'd missed fields. This one was smaller than Hyrule Field, and had different plants, but it was comforting nonetheless.

The swamp was south, I wasn't sure how far, and since Tatl was being quiet for once I didn't want to ask. We walked a ways in silence, and before I knew it I could smell something. Something...unpleasant.

"Fetid," Tatl said, seeming to have read my mind. "I so rarely get to use that word, but I say it applies here."

"Is that the swamp?" I exclaimed. "It smells like rotten...rotten...rot!"

"Yeah, it kinda does doesn't it?"

"Should swamps smell like that?"

"No, not normally. Oh!" She flew over to a tree we were just passing. It had childish carvings all over the trunk.

"I remember this!" she said. "Tael and I drew this with the Skull Kid when we first met him..." She was silent for a moment, staring at the drawings. They did look like Skull Kid and a couple of fairies. They seemed to be having fun.

"He told us that he had been fighting with his friends and that they had left him all alone," Tatl said softly. "I'm sure it was because he was always playing tricks, so nobody wanted to play with him. But to do what he did just because of that... And once he got his power..." She trailed off.

"Now who's lost in memories?" I asked smugly.

"Come on, let's go."

Though the stench as we got closer to the swamp naturally grew stronger, I also grew used to it. It still stunk, but I could stand it.

The swamp was...a swamp. What can I say? It was green, slimy, and full of bugs. The water looked distinctly unhealthy, even more than I'd thought it would.

"So, uh, is this normal?" I asked.

"I don't think so. The water looks all...funky."

"Then I am sure as hell not swimming in it."

"I didn't expect you to. Hey, look! I think there's a raft or something!" She flew over to a ladder. "Come on!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I muttered.


Author's note:

It has occurred to me that I suck at this, so I'm breaking it off here for now and will be starting a new story. Hopefully if I work on The Legend of Zeld for awhile (I have the first three chapters done and ready for posting, so no worries for awhile) I'll get back into the swing of things and can finish this. I really hate to do this to you, but you know how it is, don't you?

If it's any consolation, I like The Legend of Zeld. It's classic Zelda, with a twist! But...because it's classic Zelda, it's not that funny. Yet. It does get funny later, when Zeld is being uncooperative, and I do like the young Gerudo King (oops, spoiler). Anyway, please don't hate me!