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Chapter 6

"Geez! Look at them over there! I can't believe Muraki is acting like this!" He whispered to his uninterested younger partner, Hisoka.

"I think a branch is poking me in the butt." He said irritated while trying to wiggle it out.

They have been hiding in a bush for about an hour peeking at Muraki and his new sitter.

"He doesn't look so hot! I bet Muraki's only using him to get back at me! That guy looks cheap!"

Taking another peek, Hisoka laughs lightly.

"And what's so funny?" Tsuzuki said trying to keep his voice down from fear of being found.

"Can you not see it? He's gorgeous!"

"What a way to bring a guy down..." Tsuzuki continued to sob until he noticed that Muraki was on the move again. "Let's go Hisoka!"

Tsuzuki was about to jump out of the bush and start running after them until he felt a light tug on his shirt. Turning around he met Hisoka's cold stare. "What's wrong?"

"Why do you care?" Hisoka's voice was cracked.

"Why do I care?"

"ABOUT MURAKI AND HIS BABY? With the baby there Muraki won't be able to kill anyone! He won't be able to get in the way of work...why are you holding on?" Hisoka's grip on his partner's shirt tightened.

"Hisoka...I didn't just stay with Muraki because of Kiyoko... I stayed because..." A loud truck rolls past them.


"Hisoka...I... "

"Don't say another word...because I already is one of your stronger emotions that I can't help but go wherever you want...I'm just not gonna help!" He stomped off leaving Tsuzuki behind with a slight grin.

" one of a kind."

Tsuzuki had stalked Muraki for the rest of the day. He stood behind a pole when they went to the park and he dressed up as a clown when they went to the fair. The day was almost over and Tsuzuki didn't do anything but watch his Muraki from afar...his Muraki? Shaking those thoughts from his mind he continued to watch them.

Nearing the house, Muraki stopped short while walking. "Did you know about my old sitter? Trouble followed him as well. He would be nice to meet if you ever want to."

"Actually, I'm leaving tomorrow..."

"Tomorrow? That's too soon. Tsuzuki hasn't even--"

"Even what?" The blond asked curiously.


"Tsuzuki didn't even come over interrupting our day and claim you as his, taking you away and then leaving me confused. Then you would make up with a kiss and admitting all of your love for each that it?"

"..How did you...? Who are you?" Muraki said slightly angered. "How do you know all of this?"

"I am Vash...also known as a stampede but I guess we can't get into that now. Anyway, a certain relative might be coming over to visit me and I gotta get outta town, you know?"


"Good." And with a small kiss to Muraki's lips, Vash left, leaving Muraki with Kiyoko. There was another rustle in the near by rose bush and Muraki grinned.

"It's okay, Tsuzuki. I'm not mad at you and you can stop hiding. Following me all day must have been a bother. Now you know how I feel."

With another rustle the bush started to speak. "How did you know I was here?"

"How could I not know the love of my life was boring a hole at the side of my head?"

"I wasn't 'boring' a hole...more like drilling a hole." The bush laughed.

"Well... Kiyoko doesn't have a mother still..."

"What makes you think I'm the mother type! Why can't I be the daddy?" The bush bounced in anger.

"Well, we can both be the daddy..." Muraki looked down at the bush for a response but none came. "Tsuzuki...?" Holding Kiyoko close, Muraki stuck his arm in the bush pulling out a blushing Tsuzuki.

Kiyoko giggled. "Daddy!" Or something like that. They looked at her with awe.

"I like the name daddy...and mommy is great too." Tsuzuki smiled, taking her in his arms and kissing her lightly on her forehead.

"Come, Tsuzuki, we have wedding plans to discuss." Muraki walked inside his house leaving Tsuzuki there dumbfounded.



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