Chapter Fifteen: Escaping The Dead World

"Shit, we got to get out of here" I said quickly

I struggled to get up while holding my side to stop the bleeding. I was bleeding pretty badly on my side and on my heads from the piece of glass.

I helped Matt up but he too was a little wobbly and letting his arm that had the broken wrist dangle.

"And go where, this town is full of dead people and we only have one gun with five bullets in it" he said

"Well, we have to try" I said "give me a minute"

I peek my head out of one of the broken windows to look around. The city was dead and gloomy and it was only the afternoon. I heard the dead coming and they were coming fast. I started to sweat as I looked around trying to find a safe place to hide. Then about half a mile away I spotted a large building that looked undamaged and safe place to hideout for now.

"I see a building that looks safe" I said "we can hide out there for now"

"I'm sure you can think of a better plan then that" he asked

"Well I am bleeding to death here I can't think straight, give me a break here" I shouted

The sounds of the dead were getting closer "ok this is not the time to argue, let do that when we're safe somewhere" I said

"But how are we going to get out, we landed on the bus side where the door is" Matt said

"Weren't you paying attention when we did those bus drills back in school" I said pointing at the emergency door on the roof of the bus

Matt looked at me "no"

I rolled my eyes and unlatched the door and open it. I crawled out of the door and stood up. I helped Matt out of the broken bus then looked around. The place was dead and empty for a city this big.

"Bianca, you're still bleeding" Matt said

I looked down at the ground, I just stood there for a minute and already a puddle of blood was forming next to my feet. That would explain why I was getting dizzy and that fact that I taste blood in my mouth.

"I'll be fine, just a little dizzy" I said before nearly falling over.

Luckily Matt caught before I fell down, I heard him hiss in pain because he had to use both his arms and of course one of them was broken. I was about to say something, but grew very pale.

"Can you stand" he asked me.

"Run" I said as my mouth started to tremble

"What?" Matt asked

"Run, dammit, RUN!" I shouted

The dead were here and it wasn't just ten or twenty it was more than fifty of them. They spotted us and started to roar, growl and moan. Over the month and the hot weather of the summer the zombies were badly decomposed and cooked. They slowly started walking toward then started gaining speed.

"Matt, quit, we got to run to the building" I said

I took one step and gripped onto my side as a sharp pain ran through my body from my wound. I felt more warm blood running down my leg. Matts quickly help me up with his good arm and started running toward the tall building.

Well, he was running, I was limping or being dragged by him. Every step I took the more pain I felt but the main thing was that we were running. I looked back to see that they were coming closer.

"Their gaining on us" I said

"I can't run that fast" Matt said

A few Zombies were popping out, blocking our chance to get to the building door. I grabbed the gun from my pocket and bit my lib. Only five bullets and they have to count.

I turned my head to see one just a few feet away from us, I fired the gun and shot it in the head.

"Bianca, shoot him" Matt shouted

I turned my head forward and fired again and hit the bull's eye. Matt literally rammed into the door of the building and fell inside. I grabbed him and helped him up and we quickly looked around. I guess it was some business building or something but we spotted an elevator.

"Now what" Matt said

"The stairs, there no power so we can't use the elevator" I shouted quickly as I push him to run when the Zombies slammed against the door as well.

I bit my lip very hard to ignore the pain as we ran to the door that lead to the stairs. As we were running, I spotted a broom and grabbed it. I turned around and fired another zombie and ran through the door and Matt quickly close it.

The Dead banged on the steal door as Matt leaned against the door to hold them back. I placed the broom through the door handle to keep them from getting in.

"That should keep them back of a minute or two" I said catching my breath.

"Will it" Matt asked

I shook my head "let's go to the next floor and find something to block the door"

"But what if they break down the door" Matt said

We heard the broom sounding like it ready to snap. "Ok, let head to the top story and block that door so they can't get in" I said

"Then what" he asked

"Let just get to the top floor then I'll think of something, ok" I snapped

He flinch a bit but nodded then continue listening to the banging sounds of the dead. "I think we shouldn't take our sweet time either"

I gave him a look then started walking up stairs. I didn't know how long we been walking but the stairs seem to go on forever. I was getting dizzier by the second and I was leaving a trail of blood behind me.

After we reach the tenth story, I fell to my knees to take a rest.

"You need to take it easy, Bianca" Matt said

I tried to say something but instead I threw up a little. I looked down and was shock to see that it was mostly thick red blood that came out of my mouth. The taste was still in me and wanted to vomit again but I held if back.

"I think I'm dying" I said weakly

"No, don't say that" Matt said helping me up "you can't leave me here alone"

"I won't" I said but I felt like I was lying to him.

"Come on, we still got a couple of more stories to go" Matt said

He put my arm around his neck and made me lean against him then started walking up the stairs again. We struggled up that last few stories and noticed that the stairs led to the roof top of this building.

"Want to go to the roof top" Matt asked, boy his voice sounded foggy.

"I don't mind, I just some place to rest" I said

"Hang in there" Matt said as he dragged me upstairs "and whatever you do, don't go toward the light"

"You're not helping Matt, so shut up" I said

My eyes widened when I heard moaning and growling sounds walking up the stairs at a fast pace.

"Shit, they're coming" I said

Matt panic and run up the stairs as fast as he could while pulling me to walk. We exit the door quickly and found ourselves outside again on top of the roof. There was nothing to block the door or to hide.

"What are we going to do there's no place to hide." Matt said

I pulled away from Matt and went around the side of the door, then I spotted a couple of boxes stack up. "Matt, if we climb up the boxes we'll can it on top of the roof door." I said

Matt said nothing and ran up over as I started climbing up, I sat down on the roof and helped Matt up. Matt kicked the boxes down before crawling and lying down to rest.

I sat there thinking, well I'm bleeding to death, we're on the roof of the building and there no help. I watched as the dead started pouring out of the door and on to the roof. But as long as we stay on the top of the roof door we were high enough to avoid them.

I sighed and laid down next to my friend and stared at the gray, gloomy sky. I turned my head to see fingers or whatever left of them trying to get up here but the top of the roof of the door was too tall for them to reach.

"Bianca, are we going to die" Matt asked

I sighed then nodded "yes, I think we are"

I heard Matt sighing as well "When I was fourteen, I was the one who spilled milk on your science project"

I chuckled "you asshole, I nearly fail science class for that and blame it on my brother for nothing"

"I'm sorry" he said

"It's ok, I was the one who broke you gameboy advance" I said

"You told me someone stole it at school" Matt said

I looked at him and smiled, showing my blood stained teeth and he smiled back and we just laid there. It was hard to relax when you can hear the dead trying to climb up here.

"So how should we go" I said sitting up holding my side to stop the bleed while pulling out the gun. "We have two bullets left"

Matt sat up as well "what do you mean how should we go"

"Well, I can shoot you then shoot myself"

"Bianca, don't shoot yourself that just brings back that horrible year when you were fifteen" Matt said

I smirked when I knew what he was talking about. My fifteen year of life wasn't so pleasant that I wanted to end it for good but he was always there to stop me.

"Fine then, what about you close your eyes and I'll push you off this little roof and watch you get eaten in a slow painful death" I said "then I'll jump in afterwards"

Matt went pale "ok, you can kill me first because knowing me I won't have the heart to kill my best friend"

"Now you're just making me feel guilty" I said "I can't shoot you either"

"Can't we just sit here for a while"

"No, I don't want to die by bleeding to death" I said pointing to the small puddle of blood "I'm surprised I'm even alive. After all we've been through, from Wal-Mart, to those funking bitches Shelly and Jenny, who are probably laughing at us from hell, to now here." I shouted "I can't believe I'm going to die right here on this roof top surrounded by dead people"

"Same here" Matt said frowning "just go ahead and get it over with"

I sighed and frowned as well as I lifted the gun and pointed at his head. Matt closed his eyes and started to shiver. Tears started forming in my eyes "don't worry, Matt, it won't hurt and I promise I'll meet you up there in heaven" I said

"I know, I learned in my life you'd never leave my side" Matt said still shutting his eyes.

I aimed the gun to his head and I started shaking "I love you Matt, you know that right"

He nodded "I love you too, Bianca, now stop stalling and get it over with" he said

I gulped, I never thought I was going to kill my best friend to escape this hell hole but what other choice do I have. I was about to pull the trigger when I heard something coming by.

"Matt, either I lost so much blood that I'm hearing things or does that sound like a. . . . "

We stared at each other in disbelief "A helicopter!"

That when a zombie grabbed hold of Matt torn up shirt and tried to pull him down to the floor.

"Bianca! Help!" Matt shouted

I grabbed hold of Matt's hands which was a bad thing since I was holding his shattered wrist. Matt screamed in pain as I tried to pull him away.

"Matt try taking off your shirt" I shouted

"I can't, if you let me go I'll fall" Matt shouted

(This can't be happening) I thought in my head

"Oh, come on, give us one little break!" I shouted in the air as I held on to Matt.

"Get off of him, you fuckin dead freaks, I'm the only one who kills him" I shouted

"Bianca, they're dead" Matt said "and I don't want to die" he shouted "and you holding my wrist making the pain so unbearable!"

"Stop shouting in my ear" I said

"What, I can't hear you" Matt shouted

I couldn't hear that much either the loud noise was close. Then all of a sudden tons of shots were being fired causing me to scream. The one who grabbed Matt's shirt was shot in the head with that I pulled Matt away. We covered our ears as more shots were being fired. I watched as the zombies were being shot everywhere causing blood to spray. After two minutes of this most of them were dead.

I uncovered my ears and looked up and was shocked to see a helicopter flying above us.

"Hey!" a man from the copter shouted

I fell to my knees with my jaw dropped "holy shit" was all I could say as a small latter hanged just a foot away from me.

"Matt, you still alive" I asked him

He was as shocked as I was "barley"

"Can you climb up with one arm" I asked

"Please after all I been through, I can do anything" he said

"Then shut up and start climbing" I said

It took us ten minutes to get in the copter and sat down to rest as it flew off. Two of them were flying the plane as the third was wrapping a bandage around my side to stop the bleeding.

"How did you find us" I asked in a weak voice

"We heard a young man talking on the radio saying he was in a bus, bitten and had two other kids in here. The thought it would be too late to save you two but went out to see if we can."

I smiled knowing it was Marc who made that call.

"Then we spotted the dead running to a building and followed" he said

I took a deep breath "Thank you, thank you so much"

"Thank you" Matt said

"No problem" the guy said "you can take it easy now, we're taking you somewhere safe"

We nodded "so where are you guys from" he asked.

"Yuma" I said "we've been hiding out in Wal-Mart for a month"

"Wal-Mart, huh" he said "that's a good store"

I chuckled weakly "you have no idea"

I looked out the window, watching the dead city from below. Matt fell asleep again, placing his head on my shoulder as I looked out, images of people I lost in this tragic chapter of my young life flash in my mind. My parents, my brother and my friends were all gone but still watching out for me in the afterlife.

I wrapped my arm around Matt and pulled him close knowing I didn't lose everything. After relaxing I started noticing how weak and injured I was because my eyes were getting heavy. I took one last look of the city before drifting off to a deep sleep.

Not knowing what's ahead for me and my friend . . .

To be Continue . . .

I dedicated this story to:

My Brother: Eric

His Friend: Marc

My Friends: Matt, Meredith, Sky, Jason,

My Enemies: Richard, Steven, and Jenny


Stay tune

A Second Chance to Live or Die is Part two.