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Walk in my shoes (Epilogue)

Epilogue: Walking in Your Shoes

Voldemort and Harry Apparated to the front gates of Slytherin Castle. Apparation was one of the things Harry'd been most eager to learn, now he'd had the chance.

The silence was rather uncomfortable. What did one say to one's mortal-enemy-turned-ally?

"So..." Harry started, a bit uncertain. "You and Bellatrix, huh?"

Voldemort glared at him. Harry ignored it.

"She's... not too bad, I guess. I hate her guts, but since she's the cause of Sirius' demise, I admit my opinion may be a bit biased."

"Potter, are you trying to make small talk with me?"

"Yup. 's not as if you could hurt me for trying, you know. I've found a lot of interesting information when I researched our little problem."

There was a bit of a threat in the tone. Voldemort recognized it easily in his own voice, and prompty decided to play nice for the time being. Potter surely seemed a lot more powerful than he used to be. And he happened to be the one in the nearly-immortal body, at the moment.

They entered the castle, and Harry set out to the private library.

"By the way, Voldemort, call me Harry. You didn't seem to have a problem with my name at Hogwarts, and since we got to know eachother's lives so intimately... I suppose you did shower occasionally, yes?"

"It was a traumatic experience. And your hormonal urges were even worse."

Harry grimaced. "I really didn't need to know that. Do us both a favor, Voldemort, and don't tell me what you did with my body during these last two months. Please."

"Don't worry, Harry, I have no wish to relive those experiences. Which reminds me, exactly how did you find out about Bella's infatuation with me?"

Harry blushed, which looked really odd on Voldemorts gaunt face. "Don't ask. I'm trying to forget it ever happened."

"Still in denial, I see?" Voldemort sniggered. He usually preferred cackling, but he had soon found out Potter's body couldn't cackle properly. "My dearest Bella isn't one to give up easily. I have to change the locks on my door every evening, she always figures them out. She used to be a genius at ward-breaking, but Azkaban messed her up to much to do the big work."

"You changed your locks every evening? Why didn't you just switch to the other bedroom? And why would you want to keep her out, actually? She's no Miss World, but it's not as if you've got much choice, right? It looks as if you're trying to scare Death away with your looks."

Voldemort glared. "Very funny, Harry. If you're forgetting something, please look into the mirror to see who is currently inhabiting the 'scary' body?" A small silence. "Besides, Bella's attentions are all part of a huge misunderstanding. It's a long story. You don't want to hear it."

"I do want to hear-"

"No, you really don't. Believe me. You don't."

They arrived at the library. Harry hissed the password and went inside.

Voldemort took a seat in front of the fire, which lept into flames when he waved Potter's wand at it. "I admit to being surprised how well you managed to conceal our...little problem."

"Nagini helped me," Harry said, lifting the Necronomicon from its hide-out on one of the shelves. "You know, Voldemort, we're going to have to work together for this. You do realise that, right? But before we're going to do that, we need to set some rules."

"Rules?" Voldemort nearly growled. "Why?"

"I don't want you murdering anyone, or cursing anyone but your Death Eaters. They signed up for this, so it's their problem, but honestly, there are better ways to gain control of the wizarding world than killing and torturing everyone." Harry smiled. "I think the laws on Dark Magic should be less strict. I think Muggle-borns should be given some kind of course before they're admitted to Hogwarts, to help them adjust to the Wizarding World. Dark Creatures should be handled with care, but not so hunted and ostracized as they are right now. I believe these three things were part of your original plans too, right?"

"When I first started the Death Eaters, yes. But Salazar Slytherin-"

"Slytherin lived in a time were Muggles hated the magical world. Now Muggles think magic is cool. They're not burning witches anymore. Anyway, if you're going to kill all muggle-borns, magic will die out becose of too much inbreeding. Just look at the family your mother came from. Hell, just look at the Malfoys! It's not healthy to be that pale."

Voldemort glared. "I hate the fact you sound so reasonable."

"Get used to it. Until we've fixed our problem, I'm going to be acting as your conscience. You're not getting rid of me."

The Dark Lord raised an eyebrow. "I thought you were against torture?"

Harry grinned. "Try to see it from my side, Voldemort. You're stuck with me, but I'm stuck with you. Try walking in my shoes."

The Very Definite End


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