Author: JediBant

Rating: PG-13

Summery: Daniel's worst fear is to become a host to a Goa'uld, but when a dying friend asks it of him will he be able to respect her last wish.

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Kay'la speaking in Daniel's head

Daniel speaking to Kay'la inside his head.

Chapter 2

Daniel opened his eyes to the ceiling of the SGC corridors and Janet Frasier hovering in the corner of his view.

"Just relax, we'll get you to the infirmary and sort you out."

Daniel looked around him. Jack was following them towards the infirmary. He reached his good hand up and removed his oxygen mask, "where is Ileana?"

Janet and Jack exchanged a look, "you just worry about yourself for now," Janet said trying to put the mask back on him.

"No," he turned his head away from the mask ending with it on his ear, "Where is she, I want to see her."

Janet sent him a sympathetic look, "I'm sorry Daniel but we couldn't reach her in time."

Daniel fell silent and allowed Janet to treat him. He had been good friends with Ileana/Kay'la but he didn't think it would affect him so badly.

"Daniel, we're going to take you into surgery to repair some of the damage in your leg." He nodded and lay still as the anesthetic took effect.

"Daniel Jackson...Daniel Jackson?"

Daniel looked around for the source of the voice but there was no one nearby except for Jack and General Hammond who were a few metres away discussing something, most likely him, with Doctor Frasier.

"Danny!" the group looked towards him at Jack's exclamation.

Janet rushed forward and started taking his pulse.

"You said he wouldn't be awake for another hour," Jack accused.

"He shouldn't be but that's what I was trying to tell you, the anesthetic wouldn't work properly, we ended up giving him enough to knock Teal'c and look at him he's not even drowsy."

"Daniel Jackson?" the voice said again.

"Who is that?" Daniel looked around again; he knew the voice but couldn't place it.

"Who's who." Jack asked.

"That voice, it…What the hell are you doing in my head." Daniel screamed suddenly, he panicked and Jack had to reach out to restrain him, none of them knowing what was wrong.

"Dr Jackson, Daniel calm down." Janet said moving to get a sedative although she wasn't sure how much good it would do. One of the airmen moved in to help Jack restrain him.

Janet moved back towards them but Daniel suddenly went still. His head bowed then come up, then his eyes glowed and every weapon in the room was pointed at him.

"I do not mean you or Daniel Jackson any harm. I am Kay'la, I was Ileana's symbiote."

"Well what are you doing in Daniel, get out of him." Jack demanded, still pointing his gun at her, despite her being a Tok'ra.

"I will do so, but not right now."


"To leave him now would kill him."

"And you too?" Jack said, sure that the Tok'ra had a second agenda.

"No, I would survive."

"Why did you blend with Dr Jackson?" General Hammond asked.

"When Ileana knew that she was dying she asked Daniel to take me, I was to heal him and then take a new host or go into a tank until a host could be found. Daniel agreed to this but I believe now that he was not completely conscious and his forgotten about the deal he made."

"Which is why he panicked." Janet prompted.

She nodded, "yes, it is understandable."

"I still don't trust it," Jack said.

"I would not expect you to," Kay'la replied, "you may take whatever precautions as will make you feel comfortable, I will not fight you. Then if you would provide me with a tank I will leave Daniel in two days."

"Why so long?" Janet asked.

"The process of blending is traumatic for both symbiote and host…"

"Ah see…" Hammond and Janet glared at Jack and he wisely chose not to finish whatever it was he was going to day.

"As you know," Kay'la continued, "the host needs to wake on their own after blending and it can kill them if they are moved too soon after."

All three nodded, they had learnt this when Jacob became a Tok'ra.

"But Daniel and I were not given a chance to complete the blending, that is the reason I didn't reveal myself earlier, I lost consciousness trying to keep Daniel alive."

"Sure you did," Jack mumbled.

"That along with his injuries and the sedatives you gave us has slowed the process of blending and I f I were to leave him now…"

"He would die." Janet finished.

"Yes, and now I must rest, I am going to try and heal Daniel before I leave him, as a token of my gratitude." Her head bowed and it was Daniel again.

"It's so strange, I can hear myself talking and feel my lips moving, but its not me."

"How are you feeling?" Janet asked, taking his pulse and BP.

"Better then I should,"

"How can you take this so well? You have a snake in your head and last time I checked you said you would rather die."

"But I remember agreeing to this now."

"I think I preferred you kicking and screaming at least then I knew you were sane," Jack complained.

"I can accept it because unlike you, Sam and even Jacob, I chose this, I wasn't forced and I didn't need too do it to live. I did it for a friend."

"Well then…you have fun with your snake. I…have reports to write." Jack then left the room, without another word.

Janet and the General also left him to rest, leaving him alone to his thoughts.

"This is not permanent, in a few days I will be gone and everything will go back to normal."

Daniel nodded.

"I apologies again for frightening you, It was not my intention."

"I've told you already it was not your fault. I simply forgot you were there."

"I should have known at the time that there would be a chance that you would not remember."

"It was Ileana's request; we both did as she asked."

"But you did not have to agree, and I thank you for that. I owe you my life."

"I did not tell the complete truth."


"A few moments ago,"

"When we were talking to the others?"

" is true that to leave you right now would kill you, but I could leave you tomorrow if that is what you would like."

"Then why did you say it would take two days?"

"I have always loved your company Daniel, more then I have anyone else's, I wish to get to know you better, but if it is your wish for me to leave you tomorrow then I will."

"And you knew if the others knew you could leave tomorrow they would make you."

"Yes but it completely up to you when I leave."

Daniel nodded. He could feel Kay'la's grief at the loss of Ileana and he would allow her to stay because of this, he also hoped that it would help him to understand the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra better and what his wife had gone through during her imprisonment.