"Inuyasha, stop it! You're overreacting!" Sango scrambled over the bed and raced after her furious boyfriend as he stormed towards the door of her dorm room.

Inuyasha stopped suddenly and whirled around. "A guy doesn't leave his girlfriend of three months for nothing."

"Three months isn't that long—"

"From what I've heard about this Miroku guy, a week with the same girl is committed."

"He didn't leave her because—"

"Of you? Of course he did. Why don't you tell me what exactly happened between you two this summer in Florence?"

"I told you: nothing. We just hung out. Enjoyed each others'—"


"—company," she shouted.

"You love him."

"I love you!"

"I've seen the way you look at him."

"How do I look at him?"

"Not the way you look at me." He turned again and resumed his warpath towards the door.

"It was only a crush—I don't love him like I do you."

"He loves you."

"He doesn't! And even if he did, that wouldn't mean anything."

"Right. Please don't tell me we've been with each other for two years to have you think that I'm that stupid."

"What do you know about my feelings?"

"Enough to see the poorly suppressed desire in your eyes and that longing puppy-dog look on his face."


"Maybe more. But I'm not sticking around to discover which."

"Inuyasha—" She was getting desperate now. "Please. I'm begging you—"

"Don't beg," he said sharply. "You're above that." His eyes darkened as he said, "You'll be happy together. You love each other."

Sango bit her lip hard. "I can't believe you just said that."

He looked away. "That makes two of us."

"Do you mean it?"

"Do I say things I don't mean?"

"You're really leaving." Her voice had an edge to it.

He didn't answer right away. Then: "It's been fun."

"Two years… reduced to this?"

"It could be worse."

Don't do this!

He left.

And she broke.


Four years later, at her and Miroku's wedding, Sango finally worked up the courage to thank Inuyasha for what he'd done. And apologize to his fiancée—Miroku's former girlfriend—for all the pain Miroku had put her through.

Kagome, as she was called, just smiled. "It's okay. Really."

The look on Inuyasha's face confirmed the validity of her words.