When You're Fast Asleep

This is set in the year 1882, and is one of the many adventures had by the fangsome four, hope you enjoy it.

The lone girl ran as fast as she could, her heart racing, her breathing becoming heavier as she tore on. She had never seen anything like it. That woman, her face, she just killed her fiance right in front of her. The girl tripped and wenrt flying through the air, her poor lungs burning from the lack of oxygen, her corset only making matters worse. Of course she would never have thought in her wildest dreams that she would have to run for her life, and why sasked the figure who revealed herself to be a tall brunette vampire.

"Please, you musn't kill me, my father..."

"Shh, 'e can't 'elp you now deary. 'e knows where the daisies grow. Miss Edith told me you would run, she whispered it to me. Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch. Do you like lemons? My mummy liked them before 'e puy 'er in the ground. Naughty daddy."

"Please let me go."

"Look at me deary," the vampire said as she moved closer to the girl, staring straight at her, "Look in my eyes. Be in my eyes. Be in me," the girl was now enthralled.

"Drusilla love. Are you done? We have places to be, people to kill."


"Yes my sweet?"

"Can we keep her? Can we?"

"Dru, you didn't like your last pet, and it got all burnt to a crisp, just kill her. I don't like this one."

"Ok," Drusilla said as she vamped out, sinking her teeth right into the girl's neck. Once she had drained her, she through her body to the side.

"Come to mummy," she said seductively.

Spike walked over to Drusilla, taking her hands in his, kissing her lustfully.

"Have fun pet?"

"I can feel her pass below us, her blood surging through me, the warmth that once was her life plunging into the cold darkness, devouring her whole."

Spike lifted her up and as he did so she wrapped her legs around his waist, as he slammed her up against the alley wall, kissing her again, trailing them down to her neck and then biting down hard, her blood still warm from the kill, slowly hitching up her dress, before entering her tight folds, slowly moving back and forth, allowing her moans to flow into his mouth, sending vibrations all the way through his body right down to his toes, and back up again. Drusilla now drinking his blood, biting down harder she felt him shudder against her. As a horse and carriage passed by, the sound of hooves and wheels on the cobbles drowned out the screams of their release.

"Are you two quite finished?" Darla asked, she and Angelus linked by arm.

"Come now Spike you have much to learn about discretion."

"Oh come on mate. Don't tell me you don't get off on the whole possibility of gettingcaught. It's such a rush."

"My dear boy, getting caught is what we live for. There's nothing better than the pleasure than the look on the face of your next victim as they watch you kill their loved one. Nothing more exciting than that look of complete horror and disbelief on a human's face."

"The smell of fear," Darla said, desire laced in her voice.

"Entoxicating,"Drusilla said, still incredibly horny.

"You got someone in mind?" Spike asked, always up for a kill.

"Oh, you're gonna love this one Spikey," Angelus answered, maniacally happy.

"Don't worry there's plenty to go around," Darla informed the two younger vamps.

The two vampire couples walked off into the night, they're next victims unaware of what was in sight for them as they snuggled up in their warm beds fast asleep, blissfully oblivious.