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Previously on Baby Blues: James was home...

All four froze and glanced to the living room door. Lily's eyes were wide with panic.

"Shh, guys ok," she hissed as they began to giggle, stacking their pizza boxes 'neatly' onto the table, next to their growing collection of empty bottles. The three wizards sat rather correctly, with their hands in their laps. A fake smile was plastered on each of their faces. Lily bit her lip in worry, and then joined them in a fake smile as James' voice could be heard.

"Hi, honey I'm home!" The dark haired wizard froze at the door, at the sight of such strange expressions.

"Hey sugarplum," Sirius squeaked. James grinned at him and then crossed to peck his wife on the cheek. After a pause, he kissed Sirius on the head, and then Remus, before ruffling Peter's hair as he passed him.

"Just what I like to see when I get home. All four of my wives getting along…Um, guys, why are you all grinning at me like that?"

"Coz you're a sly dog," Sirius mumbled and Lily elbowed him hard in the gut.

"What?" James asked in confusion.

"I said…because we've just had pizza," Sirius said lamely. James raised his eyebrows.

"Right," he said slowly. Something was definitely going on…best to press Peter; he'll be the first to crack.

"Have a good day at work?" Lily asked quickly. James nodded mildly.

"Yeah not bad. Oh, I saw Sarah earlier." Lily's stomach gave a jolt. "She asked me to pass on a message… 'Do it tonight, or face my wrath,'" the man quoted and then shrugged. "She said you'd know what it meant." Lily nodded slightly to her husband but said nothing. Peter began to giggle. James shot him a puzzled glance.

"Something funny, Wormy?"



"Yeah, Wormy, well?" Sirius joined in and then cowered as Lily glared at him.

"Remus is vegetarian," Peter announced. James crinkled his nose.

"What? Not again, Remus!" He rolled his dark eyes and Remus folded his arms defensively.

James rummaged through the stacked pizza box until he discovered a few untouched slices.

"Oh, I was talking to Arthur Weasley today in the elevator, have you met him?" he asked out of mild interest, Lily shook her head, as did the others. "He works on Level Two, MMA. Anyway, he was telling me how he has five sons, five! And his wife's pregnant with another."

"Fancy that!" Sirius shrieked wildly. James glanced at him curiously and then continued.

"They're trying for a girl, but his wife's just been for a check up at St Mungo's and has been told that it's another boy. Weasley was saying that he doubts it'll be the last!" James gave a laugh. "She's due in March…He's a nice enough man, actually. Bit obsessed with Muggles…you'd like him Lil. I pity him actually. Six sons! Makes me glad it's just us two…well and these leeches of course." He indicated to his best mates. Lily's face fell, she tried to hide her disappointment but it was too apparent. Sirius cringed, Remus looked away and rubbing the back of his neck with a hand. Peter bit his lip and looked anywhere but James' confused gaze.

"Alright guys…what's going on? You're being weird…weirder than usual. Tell me!" Silence. "Remus?" The man pretended he hadn't heard his name. "Sirius?"

"I'm ignorant," he exclaimed.

"Peter…Come on Pete, something's going on. I know you know." Break him, Potter. Break him! "You…you're not keeping anything from me, are you Peter? I thought we were mates." James stuck out his bottom in a hurt expression. Peter wrung his hands, and twittered nervously before screwing his face up in weakness.

"Lily's pregnant!"

The room fell silent before Sirius and Remus pounded on him.

"Peter!" they exclaimed together. Sirius gave a 'humph' of annoyance.

"Damn you Pettigrew, damn you and your disability to keep quiet. Hang your head in shame, brother."

Lily, however, had not broken her gaze from her husband since the announcement was made. She wanted to see his reaction, which at the moment consisted of a dropped jaw and unblinking brown eyes.

"Jamie say something," she said quietly. The Marauders fell silent, eagerly awaiting a response.

"I, uh…Can I speak to you in the kitchen please, Lil?' James' voice was strained. He rose from his seat and passed them without a second glance. Lily looked on the verge of tears. She followed her husband out of the room.

"Aw, do it in here!" Sirius called after them but to no avail. He shrugged and reached for the remote. The men began to sway to the adverts once more.

Once Lily entered the kitchen, James spun around to regard her.

"Well? Is it true?" His tone was almost harsh and Lily looked to the floor. A tear leaked from her eye and she sniffed. James paused watching her. He crossed the room and enveloped her into a hug.

"Are you mad?" she sniffled into his chest and he gave a laugh.

"Of course I'm not!" he exclaimed, kissing her lightly on the top of her head. "This is great!"

Lily pulled away from him and beamed up at her husband.


"Yes, really. I can't believe you'd think I wouldn't be." Lily's cheeks pinked in embarrassment. "I just had to check that the lads weren't having me on."

"I wanted to tell you first Jamie, I really did. But Sirius guessed–"

"Ah, years of studying the Art of Women have their uses." He smiled down at her and then kissed her lightly on the lips. "Don't cry, sweetheart. Be happy. We're going to have a family, you me and…James junior."

Lily crinkled her nose but giggled.

The Potters made their way back into the living room, and the three Marauders sat up attentively.

"She's still alive!" Peter squealed.

"Yes she's still alive," James said, rolling his eyes at his friend's stupidity. "And…I guess we're having a baby," he told his friends with a grin. The men jumped up and formed a tight group hug around the expecting couple.

"Yay!" Sirius shouted for no apparent reason. James was laughing at him.

"Uh, guys…pregnant lady in here," Lily's voice came from the middle of the scrum. The men murmured embarrassed apologies and broke away casually.

"Well," James said with a sigh. "I guess now I have to break the news to my parents."

"Bagsy, I–"


"Sorry," he mumbled but the group laughed. James put his arm around Lily and she gave a sigh of contentment.

"That's one more mouth to feed," Lily joked. "If it's a boy, that'd bring the total up to four sons. We're catching up with the Weasleys." James laughed but his friends scowled indignantly. And what a family they'd be! But James couldn't wait…he was going to be a daddy.