Written 06/27/05


(Rodney McKay Point of view)

By: Potterfan2006

Dear Journal,

After the incident with the ancient viral lab I am forced to deal with some old issues like my issues of faith. You see I was never really raised in a religious home so I never believed in a God. I believed that that there is a higher power and nothing more. I am a scientist that used to think that but clearly there is a god because some of my friends and I did not die. Yes Carson said I was still alive because of the ancient gene but clearly the outcome of this could have turned out two ways. Everybody with the ancient gene would have lived and all others would have died or we all lived. Call it fate if you like but we only lost 5 people and that was clearly by the grace of God. It could have been a lot worse. But now as I look at it I have changed I do believe in God and I truly do think that there is a God and he is watching out for us right now. Well I half to go to sleep I have an early day tomorrow write more soon Good night

Rodney McKay

The End

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