Dear Reader,

This is actually not my first story because I have written and published part of another story, The End?, which has been unpublished and republished several times. Nevertheless, please don't be harsh on me with this story. I don't have a lot of time to write and struggle to keep up. I often tire of an idea, as well, and it is left on the shelf, unfinnished, sitting in the dust for eternity while I move on to a new idea. I'm going to try to keep up with this story as much as posssible, though, because I do feel that it has an interesting plot line. However, to keep myself motivated, I will be publishing in very small chapter increments, but hopefully often enough. Thisidea for Harry Potteris one of my personal favorites because it is more of a prequel to the Harry Potter books that introduces some of Harry's ancestors, as well as showing how Dumbledore defeated Grindlewald, and because it contains a love thing between AD and MM, who cross the teacher-student boundary after despising each other in the beginning. I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1: Transfiguration Teacher

"Minerva, you have to think like a cat, think you are a cat to become one!" Albus Dumbledore rarely let out his frustration so openly, but Minerva McGonagal was not getting anywhere with these transfiguration lessons.

Minerva vigorously spat her true feeling back at her teacher, "Professor, you agreed to teach me how to become an animagius. I am a seventh year student and am quite capable of handling almost any form of magic thrown at me. Just because your list of skills includes transfiguration, does not mean it contains teaching transfiguration. So if you are incompetent to teach…"

"Miss McGonagal, I am very well aware that you question my teaching ability and I would not wish it otherwise, for I admit that my classes wouldn't half as well thought-through without your…apprehensions, shall we say," Professor Dumbledore answered her calmly, despite Minerva's underhanded comment. "I also know your academic position: nearly perfect scores and high hopes of a career as an auror. I do, however, wonder if you've doubted your ability, miss, for in this instance, not all fault lies with me."

Minerva's eyes widened at this statement for she had never heard the like, especially not directed at her. Every teacher, tutor, mentor she'd ever been taught by had loved, admired and complimented her constantly. Never, never had any negative comment come from Minerva's teachers. This was the first. And it was a blow.

Minerva turned and stormed out of Professor Dumbledore's office. He followed her out into the corridor but stopped once outside his door. Minerva kept going, stomping up the hall.

Albus called out to her, "You can do it, Minerva. But you're afraid. You're afraid of making a mistake. When you're ready to give up that fear, let me know."

Even though Minerva heard Dumbledore walk back into his office and gently shut the door, she continued at her stormy pace in case he was still watching. But as soon as she reached the corridor's end and turned the corner, she broke into a run, face in her hands, tears on her face.