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Rated T for slash and nothing else. At all.

A drabble; thus, it is short. Very, very short. Though not the hundred words I was aiming for, because I'm long-winded. ('lol')

Dedicated to Kuroya, for putting up with my take-forever-to-reply ways.

Anyway, enjoy. Peace, all.

The Taste Of Living

by Ghost Helwig

Hisoka thought maybe this was what living tasted like.

He'd never done it before, that living thing – never gotten around to it, never gotten the chance. His afterlife gave him more hints of life than his actual life ever had.

But it wasn't really living. Not with the taste of death still in his mouth.

So when Tsuzuki kisses him, it's a blood-deep, bone-deep shock – life is invading his senses, and his first instinct is to shove it away, as hard as he can.

But his instincts are fallible, and so he lets it go on.

There's the taste of sweet in his mouth now – not any particular flavor of sweet, just sweet. Pure.

And that... that must be the taste of living. Because it is the flavor of Tsuzuki, the man who is slowly teaching him how.