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Rated T for slash and nothing else. Well, really vague references to sex, actually...

Was meant to be a drabble, but it's too long – while still managing to be really short. Naturally. ('lol')

Dedicated to darthelwig, who requested it. I hope you like it, D. I wrote ya two chapters, 'cause it wouldn't all fit in one... And once your epic is over, I expect my story. ('grin')

Anyway, enjoy. Peace, all.

Too Pretty

by Ghost Helwig

Ryuichi was just too pretty.

Tatsuha noticed, of course (who wouldn't?), but that wasn't the reason he wanted Ryuichi. No, that wasn't it at all.

Well, mostly.

What it was, really, was that voice. Made him think of bedroom eyes and heated (overheated) skin, pouty red lips swollen from kisses. Made him think of the kind of passion that burned the gut, sliced your soul to ribbons.

Was it so wrong, to want that? To need it, even?

But he pretended it was just the (admittedly gorgeous) body he wanted, because that was safe, and just like his brother he needed his protection (what's wrong with having a few goddamn walls?).

But pretending was lying, and lying afforded no passion. Ryuichi had no place in his life for liars, and even fewer places for those who simply wanted to touch-caress-own a vessel he simply cared for because it allowed him to sing.

So Tatsuha lied, and Ryuichi didn't see, and sometimes Tatsuha thought it would be easier, better, to just let go. Move on.

But that was impossible.

Ryuichi was just too pretty. And Tatsuha could not let him go.