Chapter 1: The Plunge

Jackie: Welcome to our first insane Star Wars fanfiction!

Jessie: Yep. There are 6 regular people who are best friends when...

Erik: Dont spoil the suprise you prankster!

Steven: Yeah. They'll just have to read it to find out!

Molly: (rolls eyes and glances at Lindsay) Its her fault for making a bad day even worse.

Lindsay: Its not my fault! All I did was fall into the lake on accident... I love sitting on the railing in Highlander Park so shut up about if already!

It was about 4:50 AM in the morning of that rainy day in Highlander Park, located in Dunedin, Florida. Though it was early, six figures could be seen under the cover of the stage platform that edged its way into the lake.There was a tall blonde haired, blue eyes girl named Lindsay, a short brown haired, green eyed girl named Molly, two short brown haired, color-changing eyed twin girls named Jackie and Jessie, a tall brown haired, green eyed boy named Erik and another boy, Steven, who was Erik's older brother, who had brown hair and brown eyes. Lindsay and Erik were sitting on the railing while glancing back at the rain that kept on pouring down from the dark grey clouds. Molly, Steven, Jessie, and Jackie were looking at the two, bored out of there minds. If you ask why they were there so early, its just because they couldnt sleep and they just wanted to come to that park to hang out, even though they might get caught when their parents find out that they gone missing. All of the girls wore black tank-tops and black pants, while the boys wore a white shirt and blue jeans.

"So... why are we here again?" Erik asked, after a few minutes.

"To relax of course." Jessie replied, looking at him. Erik's older brother, Steven nodded.

"Well we cant do anything right now because it just HAD to rain... This stinks." Jessie's twin sister, Jackie growled, glaring at the rain.

"Jackie calm down. You dont want me to give you an indian rug burn now do you?" Lindsay asked sweetly. Jackie sweatdropped and shook her head rapidly. The others smiled. If Lindsay was good at something other then horseback riding, it would have been giving people a painful lesson with the indian rug burn. Lindsay then sighed and looked down from her perch. Steven sighed, bored out of his mind.

"Anyone know what we could do to pass the time... until my mom and Lindsay's mom finds out that we gone missing, which would be in about three hours from now." he asked, looking at all of them in turn. It was true. The girls had a sleepover at Lindsay's house while the boys slept at their own house. Molly sighed silently.

"Does anyone like Star Wars?" she asked. Steven slapped her upside the head, almost making her lose her balance.

"Isnt that how we became friends Molly? Or did you forget?" He asked. Molly sweatdropped.

"Yeah... I forgot... Sorry Steven." Molly said, smiling weakly at the others.

"Ok who's everyones favorite carries again?" Lindsay asked.

"Shaak Ti and Barriss Offee hands down. And yes Lindsay I took Luminara's padawan." Jackie replied, glancing around at the others. Lindsay threw Jackie a small glare. Jackie just smiled sweetly.

"Ki Adi Mundi and Yoda. Even though they may look weird they still kick major ass!" Erik said, smiling. The others rolled their eyes.

"Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto... but why did they have to die? I hate George for doing that." Jessie stated.

"Jacen Solo. He's the best according to me." Steven grinned. Someone snorted softly, which was of course Molly.

"Ummm... Thats what you think. He's doesnt appear in any of the Movies!" Molly said in a sing-song voice that would have got her a smack to the head.

"Luminara Unduli, no takies. She's mine and mine only." Lindsay growled, gripping the brown wood which she was sitting on tightly.

"Well... I think Darth Vader/Anakin and Obi-Wan are awsome so there!" Molly snapped.

"Cant we all just get along?" Erik asked, looking at all of his friends. Silence washed over them, The only thing that you could hear was the whining of the wind, and the heavy patter of the rain. After a few minutes no one said anything. But soon the silence was broken by Lindsay and Jessie.

"So... ummm... anyone up for a real life RP right now since we have nothing better to do?" They both asked. Everyone else nodded, agreeing. Lightning danced its way across the dark sky, followed by a rumble of thunder.

"Sounds good... but how are we going to do it though? And how are we going to make the clothes?" Steven asked, confused.

"Dont worry... we'll find a way... somehow..." Jackie said, glancing at him. It just so happens that while she was saying that Lindsay accidently leaned back a little bit to far, lost her balance and fell into the freezing cold water of the lake.

"Oh SHIT! LINDSAY!" Erik yelled as all of them scambled up onto the railing (excluding Erik) and dove in after her. Their now wet cloths stuck to them as they reached Lindsay who had just surfaced above the water, head looking up to the clouds. The others followed her gaze.

"Oh my fuckin' god..." Molly whimpered.

Jackie: Yep... pretty smart right?

Erik: It was not smart... it was so damn stupid.

Molly: It was god damn awsome!

A bolt of lightning headed towards the lake where the six best friends were in and struck the water near them. Then everything with black...

Jessie: Yep thats the end of the first chapter. Hope you liked it.

Lindsay: Yeah please R&R...

Steven: And you'll just have to wait for the next chapter to read more. And yes... I know this is a short first chapter but the chapters will be getting longer so dont worry.