Chapter 6 Landing on Destra

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The six teens just had gotten to their feet as the ship jolted to the right.

"Not--- GAH!" The teens yelped as they smashed into each other and created a new pile next to a wall.

"We've been hit!" The male human pilot growled as he swung the ship to avoid getting hit again, the planet Destra loomed ahead of them. An unknown black ship locked onto the republic cruiser and started to open fire again.

"Shields are up at maximum power!" The female humanoid co-pilot said. The padawans groaned as they untangled themselves from each other. The ship descended down towards the planets surface. The girls hung onto each other as ship slowly landed onto the rocky plains of Destra. Steven and Erik scrambled over to the abandoned lightsabers and grabbed them. The ramp hit the ground as soon as the cruiser landed. The six teens stumbled out of the ship, followed by the Jedi Masters and Knight. A pile padawans were on the ground near the ramp.

"LAND! Finally we're off that horrible ship!" Erik yelled.

"Don't be so naïve out young-" Stass started.

"Old!" Lindsay hissed to the Jedi Master.

"Padawans…." Stass finished. The teens looked up at the other Jedi as they scanned the area around them.

"Where are we? And what are we doing here?" Jessie asked. Kit let his gaze land on the padawans.

"We are on the planet Destra in the outer rim. And Yoda demanded that we would take you six with us." He said. Trav Di stepped out of the compartment and looked down at the Jedi from the ramp with his hood up. Shaak Ti tensed up, thinking he was a Dark Jedi and spun around, activating her lightsaber. Grinning, Trav Di blocked her lightsaber with his purple one. He let a small grin form on his lips.

"Don't be too hasty." Trav muttered his eyes full of laughter.

"Then don't sneak up on us like that." Shaak Ti said darkly, taking a step back and deactivating her lightsaber. Aayla turned to face the Jedi Master that just appeared from inside the ship.

"Trav Di! You were supposed to stay at the Jedi Temple!" she said, looking at him then to Shaak Ti. Shaak Ti was quite embarrassed about attacking him. A faint blush appeared on her face as she looked at Trav.

Trav Di just smiled.

"I know. But you all have no clue where you're going. I know this planet like the back of my hand partially." Trav Di said. Lindsay started at him, and hit Molly upside the head when she was about to say something stupid remark about the Nautolan Master. Shaak Ti gave Trav Di a harsh glare. She gave then softened a second later and she looked away. Luminara and the others, including Aayla, started to look around again, looking for any danger. Trav Di's eyes seemed to soften as he let his gaze rest of her after flickering to the other Jedi. Ki-Adi-Mundi and the other Jedi were lecturing the padawan about what to do at the time of battle, as well as sticking close to their masters. None of the Jedi ever glanced over at Trav and Shaak Ti yet. He made sure no one was looking then pecked her on the cheek. Shaak Ti blushed madly as her eyes darted over to the other Jedi behind them. Luckily they didn't see then.

"Stop blushing." He muttered. Shaak Ti did her best not to blush anymore.

"Why did you do that?" she hissed.

"No one saw it." He whispered his eyes full of annoyance.

"You know that we would get kicked out of the council if they found out." Shaak Ti said, looking back towards the padawans and other Jedi. His eyes then clouded over. He saw flames and pieces of the ship scatter everywhere. It was an explosion.

"Get away from the ship! NOW!" he yelled. The Jedi glanced back at them, knowing that when Trav Di had a serious tone, he wasn't kidding. The Jedi and padawans force jumped as far as they could from the ship. Trav Di's hand shot out as he bounded past Shaak Ti, her arm now in his hand. She was forced to force jump with him, away from the ship. Two seconds later the ship exploded and went up in flames, with the pilot and co-pilot in it. Trav Di and Shaak Ti landed on a large rock, which was embedded in the hard packed sandy ground, not to far from the others.

"Lucky for you all that I had come. Or else this mission would have gone up in smoke." He said dully, loud enough so the others could hear. Shaak Ti glanced over at the Nautolan that was next to her and smiled. The other Jedi looked grateful that they had Trav Di with them.

"Thank you Trav Di." Luminara said, bowing her head in respect. Kit looked at the padawans, who were looking at the remains of the ship.

"Well….. There goes out transport." Aayla sighed. Trav Di let go of Shaak Ti's hand at that time.

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