Kyuubi no Kitsune

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He looked over the clearing and saw that his team-mates were already there/. He grinned briefly and then shouted:

"Hi Sakura-chan."

Sakura didn't react to that and Naruto faked being hurt by that small gesture. In reality it didn't do much to him except annoy him to no end. The girl should be more professional and not thinking about loving Sasuke or something like that. They should be working like a team or something and not have one girl fawning over a boy. Naruto briefly envisioned a scenario where he was standing all alone while Sakura fawned over a hurt Sasuke and immediately he thought back to his lessons with Itachi-sensei.


Itachi was standing on the field with a determinated expression on his face. He looked at the student he was training in secret and smiled briefly. It looked so nice to him. Then he started to talk:

"Teamwork is everything Naruto. It doesn't matter if your mission fails but if you all work together you shall survive. That is one lesson that I learned when I was a kid. I graduated the academy at five and then became a Chuunin at Six. Then I got promoted to Jounin two years later. And now I am an ANBU captain. I'll teach you techniques to survive in the harsh world which will do nothing but kill you. You know that you have the Kitsune Youkai sealed within your stomach right?"

Naruto nodded and said:

"She often talks to me about things. Like why I should let those villagers beat me into a pulp. She has asked if she could take over my body for a few moments letting her don some damage to them but I refused. If I did that then I would be killed immediately. I got in contact with her when I was five."

Itachi nodded and said:

"Yeah I heard something about you getting beaten up by some villagers. They were killed so I didn't do very much about it. Do you still remember when we met?"

Naruto grinned and said:

"Yes. You were walking with that nice girl Anko and talking about something when I accidentally ran into you after running from a mob that was intent on killing me. She really showed them with those snakes coming out of her trench coat. It was so nice to hear their screams. It was like music to my ears to watch them scream as they were biting. Too bad no blood was spilled. I like to see it drop from wounds and then fall to the floor. Are you going to teach me a new technique Itachi-sensei?"

Itachi nodded and said:

"Watch and learn."

Then Itachi did some dragon and tiger seals coupled with a few fox seals which were done in slow motion for Naruto. Then Itachi shouted:

"Kinjutsu: Chisio Funshutsu no Jutsu!"

Then the Kage Bunshin of Itachi began to bleed from all over letting the red liquid fall to the ground with dull drips. Itachi had made a Kage Bunshin to test this Jutsu on and Naruto watched the results as the bleeding increased and then finally the Kage Bunshin exploded in a shower of blood and then disappeared with a pop and a puff of smoke.

Naruto was staring at his teacher with his mouth open and said:

"Wow. What an awesome technique. Let me try."

Itachi nodded and created another Kage Bunshin. Naruto looked at the Kage Bunshin and then began making the seals. As he was finished he shouted:

"Kinjutsu: Chisio Funshutsu no Jutsu!"

Then the same thing happened but more violently. Blood began to spurt out of wounds that weren't there and pooled rapidly on the floor. The clone barely had time to make a sound as blood began to pour out of his mouth and then in an eruption which sounded like a thunderclap it erupted with blood flying high into the air and making a rain of blood come down.

End flashback

Naruto was jerked out of his thoughts as Kakashi arrived. With a shout that he was late together with Sakura he managed to keep up his idiot façade. When Kakashi explained the test Naruto mentally snorted. With his Kyuubi enhanced strength and speed it would be almost no challenge to him.

But still he kept up his façade to be regarded as a dumb idiot like it all was planned. Kyuubi smiled inside his mind and said:

"Well Kit it seems that you only need to help your team-mates. If that's the only thing you need to do then I'll go to sleep."

She smiled within her young kit's mind. She was still locked in the cage in his stomach but found that she was able to enhance certain body parts to her liking. They would probably be written off as puberty happening early but she liked messing with his body. She had increased his intelligence by several notches making him capable of inventing genius like strategies within a second. Then she had tweaked his body a little bit letting him gain more muscle mass. Then she had tampered with his normal human Chakra reserves a lot to make them so large that they could be able to channel Demonic Chakra.

Naruto looked at the Jounin that had them do this little test. He was just plain annoyed at the thinly veiled comment that they should work together and he went over to Sakura to get her to work with him:

"Come on Sakura-chan! Let's work together and beat Kakashi-sensei."

Sakura gave him a cold look and said:

"Sasuke-kun is far better then you Naruto. Just shut up and watch Sasuke-kun."

Then she went back to staring as Sasuke attacked Kakashi. Sasuke was easily blocked and Naruto jumped out from the hiding place and ran at the Jounin while making seals. Then with a Kage Bunshin he attacked when he had finished some seals and it had appeared. Kakashi didn't show surprise but just dodged the attacks and Naruto looked at Sasuke and said:

"Thanks for distracting him. I hope Sakura will do her part."

Then he attacked again this time with more gusto and soon Kakashi was forced to dodge at an accelerated speed as the punches and kicks were getting faster and the Kunai that were thrown were coming faster and faster.

Kyuubi was having fun at the moment. She loved showing that lazy Jounin who was boss. And the fact that she was adding her own speed to the boy's body it would be easy to get the Jounin to accept defeat. Mentally she got some good surprises planned for the Jounin. Once the boy learned her Ninjutsu they would be invincible. Now she just cheered on him while wearing something extremely skimpy in nature like a far too small Kimono which showed a lot of cleavage which would make Jiraiya blush. After all she had large assets which were bouncing now as she cheered on Naruto:

"Come on Naruto! Beat that guy's ass. Whip it raw!"

Naruto watched as Sakura dove in at the Jounin and snatched the bells. She did that probably on Sasuke's order but it didn't matter. Naruto stopped fighting immediately. Kakashi noticed it and immediately stopped defending too. He was astonished at how the kid could give him a good fight. This was NOT normal even for a Genin who was a Dead Last.

Kakashi stopped and watched as Naruto gave Sakura one of the bells and said:

"You can eat. I think I'll just go without food for now. The team needs to be at full strength and you need it."

She took the food and began eating slowly. Kakashi just stared at the team. They had grasped the meaning of this exercise immediately without him having to tie one to the tree. He blinked a few times and said:

"You PASS!"

Sasuke looked at their teacher and smirked arrogantly. He hadn't known that the moron could actually let them become true Genin by just sharing food. It was probably because the kid loved that girl Sakura or something but Sasuke didn't care. I need to kill my brother as soon as possible. But for that I will need power.

As Sasuke thought about his victory that would inevitably follow after killing his brother he didn't notice that he was about to be left alone by the team members that were walking away. He noticed when Naruto decided to wake him up a little by shouting in his ear:


Sasuke almost fell over at the sound and regained his wits soon and looked at the beating Naruto was given by Sakura who shouted and screamed at him for shouting in Sasuke-kun´s ear.

Kyuubi smiled in Naruto´s mind. She had finally done something to awaken puberty within Naruto´s body and thus it would grow rapidly. She grabbed herself and moaned deeply. She would need some relief tonight as she had seen a fantasy that was in Naruto´s subconscious mind which had tremendously excited her. It was one of her and him together with whipped cream and some other things.

Naruto blushed a beet red as his mind was suddenly bombarded with mental images of naked women and he briefly gulped as he looked around in the cage that was Kyuubi´s prison. He looked at the hot naked Kitsune and blushed. She was sitting on a bed with red sheets in the colour of blood and was pleasuring herself. When she noticed him she stopped and said.

"Naruto-kun... I want to teach you something every boy should be taught. It is time for The Talk."

Naruto gulped as he had heard of The Talk from his friends. They had just stammered a few times and were uneasy whenever a girl came close to them. He hadn't gotten the idea behind it but when he woke up that morning he noticed that his underwear was soiled and that he'd have to wash it quickly to get the white stains out of it.

Kyuubi had taken the initiative and had showed him what exactly she was talking about. It still made him blush at her expert lecture on it. But what she had done to him was rather pleasant.

That was all there was to it…

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