Kyuubi no Kitsune

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Kyuubi no Kitsune


Slowly, looking over the sound of devastation, as he was not yet used to having this power course through his body, his eyes adapting slowly to the feeling of being used to channel power that was immeasurable to the human body, though his hands and feet were suffering from the same affliction, even as the chakra surged into his body, watching the expanse of Konoha, enemy ninja spreading out through the ninja village, the resistance of the Konohagakure shinobi being fierce, as they fought to defend their village, to make sure that it would be a place of peace and prosperity once more after this assault was beaten off, numerous shinobi killed to defend the village.

He watched as Kyuubi rampaged throughout the streets, the tails along with the elements that obeyed her whim being the most rampaging element, the shinobi carelessly eaten being not even the greatest threat. He could feel as his body shifted to accommodate more of the power of the Kyuubi, now that she was released, the intensity of the strain grow larger and larger, the higher the chakra built up within his body, the more demonic he looked. Kyuubi glanced over at him and he waved slightly, as he found an acceptable target, the chakra around him igniting the very air as blood came off his body, nine tails formed behind him made out of pure chakra, as they could not grow from his body due to Kyuubi's presence on the battlefield it seemed. There was a shinobi in his path, a chuunin he believed, if memory served him well enough, who had spat upon him once, a long time ago. As he looked at the Chuunin, who was gibbering in fear at watching the great Kyuubi no Kitsune rampage once more, he rammed a fist straight through the throat of the man, the blood that spouted from that new wound, along with the head which thudded on the ground, being a very vivid thing to be buried onto his eyelids for a moment, as he closed his eyes to avoid the spray of blood, the crimson color of his eyes being a very odd and personal contrast to the blood which had sprayed onto his face, the clothing which he had worn being reduced to rags now, even as he looked at the corpse of the shinobi, ANBU landing beside him, with swords poised in an attacking form, a slash of his tail and they were only bits of meat, the combustive element that he held control of lashing out to them to reduce them to bits.

"Fools." That was all what he said as he jumped to another section of the roof, dodging a kunai that was about to try to kill him, though everyone knew that kunai were usually the things that one used to distract, not to kill with due to measures being there to prevent throats from being cuttable, like mesh. "Demon! We won't allow you to rampage unchecked anymore, it's time to finish what Yondaime started!"

"How nice, you're going to help me finish off Konohagakure?" Arashi quipped as he flashed behind the ninja, a kunai ending the job, the specialized ones that he personally had made at an armorer. The blood came from the wound as he resheathed the kunai, giving Naruto a wink and a thumbs up, before whisking off to another area of Konohagakure, the signature yellow flash accompanying him as shinobi from all nations dropped dead, their throats slit by the Yellow Flash, the one who had previously protected this lovely village, but now would be their executioner. As he traveled through the village, reliving the spots of where he had courted his wife, the look of the place being still the same, even after thirteen years, it made him want to preserve this area, just for the memories. But he knew too, that if he did not kill them all, that this cycle of abuse towards those not favored, would continue. As the blood within his veins was filled with the chakra of his son, he mentally wondered about how he had been made into the world, out of the own flesh of his child, or maybe of something darker, something evil that the kyuubi had made appear, infused it with his son's blood, making him into a more powerful version of the original. As he stood on a roof's edge, he looked down on the street, where some civilians were still fleeing, the Ichiraku family, father and daughter, being amongst them. A hail of carefully placed explosive kunai assured pretty much the destruction of the villagers that had taunted Naruto those years, while preserving the Ichiraku family, Arashi's gaze drawn onto them, even as they looked around afraid, shaking his head a brief instant and then withdrawing himself towards a better place to find more of the invasion force, as none should live.

The raw power within his body made itself known as he pushed himself off a roof, the roof tiles shattering by the power which he used to push off, the soles of his feet being bare now, the shoes having ripped long enough after his enhanced strength had made the whole concept of shoes unviable. He clashed into the air with a shinobi from the sand, the man's guts raining down as a tail cleft through the air, the wind that it had used to cut cutting deep into the ground, destroying a few buildings. "DEATH TO KONOHA!" A silence fell after that proclamation, the silence being probably because the people had heard him, a crashing sound interrupting the silence as the Shukaku was pulled to the ground and violently ripped to shreds by Kyuubi, the sand spilling everywhere as the screams of the biju resounded, the chakra beast dispersing as the container that held it suffered a gruesome death. A shiver ran through his spine as he raised his voice once more. "KYUUBI! BRING THIS VILLAGE YOUR JUDGEMENT!"

"Very well… VILLAGE OF KONOHAGAKURE, I, THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE, GODDESS OF DEATH AND BATTLE, JUDGE YOU UNWORTHY! FOR THIRTEEN YEARS, YOU HAVE SCORNED THE ONE HOLDING ME BACK, BELITTLED, ABUSED HIM… NO MORE! MERCY IS NOT AN OPTION, COMPLETE ANNIHILATION IS MY DECREE AND IT SHALL BE EXECUTED IMMEDIATELY!" with that, Kyuubi set into motion, a shockwave of chakra beginning to form from her body, pulsating, the winds that it was generating rustling the trees as demonic chakra began to coalesce in a ball form in front of Kyuubi, the look on her foxy face being one of anger, though one did not really have much to compare it with, her humane look being more expressive in the facial area. As the energy built up in the ball, shinobi tried to avert the destruction by trying to delay the charging and disrupt it, the chakra that they sent at her being all deflected by her own, which was so massive that it was like a supernova going off every second, her body being made from the purest and darkest chakra around, with him being the one who channeled the more humane version, the body of Uzumaki Naruto now having a humane sort of demonic chakra flowing through it, Kyuubi being in her bestial body, thus making her open to the bestial chakra. The chakra that was in the air condensed into the ball, the blood from the slain drifting upwards too, the ball shrinking in on itself, the effect being noticeable, the charging chakra being a very heavy sort.

Then, a gigantic roar filled everyone's ears as the whole ball of chakra dispersed into the air, a crimson sky being the result, clouds of pure chakra forming and then obscuring the sun from view, the whole sky being a darkened crimson as the result, the blood red chakra that was still being pumped into the sky expanding and a rain starting to fall made of pure demonic chakra, the rain incinerating everything that it touched, shinobi and civilians screaming in agony as the kyuubi's chakra boiled their skin. The Ichirakus were fine however, as Arashi had erected a dome around them to protect them from the deadly rain, which had no effect on him, as he was created of similar chakra.

Naruto's fist bounced off against the shield of earth that had been erected at the barest last moment, his puppet, the father of Neji, being the one that was assaulting a horde of puppets from another puppet user, the whole thing being ludicrous and poison gases and other dangerous things hung in the air, most puppets burning, including Hizashi, whose face was gaunt now, as the skull was being exposed by the bloody rain, Naruto watching as the burning puppets controlled by the puppeteer, who was hiding underneath some stone walling that had fallen over. The rain did not affect stone, it seemed, as fire didn't burn stone. There was a moment which passed before Naruto looked at the shinobi who seemed to be passive for now, until a gap within the defenses was seen by him, one of the chakra strings being noticeable now that they were set on fire by the burning chakra of the Kyuubi, the bloody rain that was still falling making it easy to see just where the hands were localized, a storm of water being conjured up as one of the ethereal tails that waved behind his body glowed, the water conjuring trick being enough to make the puppeteer send his puppets to attack, but it was futile at that moment, as a gout of water followed the summoning call and blasted towards the puppeteer, smashing into the puppets with force, wood being splintered along with metal breaking being heard, even though there was a silence after the blast wave hat hit, the blood that was coming from the wound of the shinobi that had been crushed by the wave of water being the only sign that he had hit the target, though a presence behind him made him pause for a moment, his eyes glancing at the person who stood there, decked out in jounin gear, with only one eye looking at him, a somewhat solemn look in the eye as was usually the case when someone discovered that their student had been killing people left and right.

"Naruto, you've gone too far this time. Releasing Kyuubi on the village, caring nothing for the lives of your comrades… you truly are the worst kind of trash, to be killing the whole village together with the sound and sand invasion force. Thanks to this disruption, we are losing shinobi at an accelerated rate, thanks to that beast you have conjured." A silence fell after that, as Naruto looked at his teacher, the blood within the sky still raining down on them, though Kakashi seemed not to notice that his vest was on fire. An ANBU katana was on his side, making him wonder why this whole thing was just that uneasy for them to bear. This would be a serious fight, one that he could not dare lose or else die. This was a shinobi who could easily be a Hokage for his skills, even at that age. As he had no real experience with fighting a Hokage, he supposed that it would be a long battle. "So, what about it? Is it not right of me to fight back against those who dislike me?" a silence fell for a few moments as he grinned demoniacally, a chuckle escaping his lips, even as he looked at the katana a few times, a snap of the fingers and the metal bent, courtesy of the air pressure he had sent at it.

A crackling sound was heard through the air as a bolt of lightning separated him from his target, the copy ninja having managed to get that jutsu off in time, the lightning being his elemental affinity, which was probably the reason. Naruto looked at his old sensei, as his eyes began to glow with a crimson light, the burning chakra of Kyuubi enhancing them as his hands came together and cracked the fingers as they formed a physically impossible seal, three fingers going through the palm of the hand and then letting the blood drip, the blood dripping down the arm until it started to turn to ashes, the ashes being blackish grey, the blood that was still flowing from his hands suddenly stopping, but with the bloody rain, there was seemingly not a problem. "Well, got enough yet?" Kakashi taunted, charging up another lightning bolt.

Naruto looked up, a grin being unable to be concealed on his face, his eyes slowly gazing into Kakashi's Sharingan and normal eye, as he moved his hands away from each other. Blood splattered onto the ground and began to glow, even as a hand pierced right through his chest, the lightning that it generated searing the flesh. Naruto just looked at the man and shattered into glassy shards, as he appeared behind Kakashi and pressed his thumbs against the man's skull, simultaneously forcing Kyuubi's chakra through the skull in a tidal wave, placing his fingertips on the man's skull to guide more and more chakra into the body of the man, who froze into place and then shivered violently, falling to his knees, even as his hair began to grow, his non sharingan eye beginning to shift coloration as the man screeched in a very high voice something that sounded not humanoid at all.

Gai looked at the battle between the demon and the copycat ninja, watching as the man was now on his knees, waiting for the right moment, while Naruto was distracted, to disable the demon container, though that would likely send Kyuubi on even more of a rampage than it already was. As he looked at his dear student Lee, who was fighting shinobi of a higher rank off as best as he possibly could, the rain which was still pouring down burning ferociously on the clothing, necessitating quick movement between places to hide. He aimed a kick at the base of the neck, where even a jinchuriki would be knocked out, due to the chakra point that was located there at the spinal chord, which knocked everyone out, it being a documented way for highly advanced Taijutsu specialists to knock out Jinchuriki.

As he sprang to action, zooming towards Naruto's neck, he watched as Kakashi's arm raised itself, feeling nails dig into his foot as he was stopped and smashed into the roof tiles, looking with surprise as Kakashi raised himself, the demonical glee within his eyes being apparent as he saw that the Sharingan, once being only an unevolved version of the Sharingan, but now a fully evolved one, blood dripping out of the eye socket, even as the other eye glowed with a crimson flame flickering within it, as he threw Gai away. "My eternal rival, what is this!"

"GRAAAAAAAAAH!" the demonically enhanced Kakashi growled, as he looked at the new opponent, all previous beliefs and instincts wiped clean once more, as his loyalty shifted from the village towards Kyuubi and Naruto, the look of pure malice that he sent at the green clad Jounin being one that was apparently inherent, as he began to form seals, a wall of mud advancing on the Jounin, the green beast smashing it aside with a kick, even as the blood within kakashi's veins began to cook, a fire jutsu spewed from the mouth, a baleful blue ball of fire which stuck to whatever it hit being launched at Gai, who summoned a tortoise to intercept the ball of fire, the agonized screech of the summon being music to his eyes.

Naruto looked around for the women of his life, those who had made it especially pleasurable to be alive, hoping to see at least one of them still alive. As his eyes scanned the directions of the village, he could no longer really sense the snaky chakra that he attributed to Anko, the woman likely being still in combat or in a meditative state, as it was still there, but barely. Advancing forwards into the village, he spotted a trio of Sound Shinobi standing around someone who was clearly injured enough to be pretty much of a burden to any normal shinobi team. He spotted the chakra of the person, noticing it to be Anko. As he formed his hand into the familiar seal for the Kage Bunshin, he looked closer at the condition Anko was in. It didn't look good, so he did what he thought was best, finish it fast. The feeling of the chakra through his coils was exhilarating, especially now that he was the one that would be exacting a small measure of vengeance to those who'd hurt one of his women. With a faint thought about Haku, he made the killing strokes in the air, the waves of air cutting through anything in their path.

He knelt next to Anko's body, which was already being consumed by the bloody rain, a tear rolling down his cheek as he closed the woman's eyes, writing it off as a casualty in his mind, before getting up and then continuing on his way, as the chakra tore more and more through his body, the blood that dripped down his body being his own instead of the chakra rain that Kyuubi had caused. His eyes glowed with the power that was contained within his body, another pang going through his heart as he felt the chakra of the women he held dear to his blackened and shriveled heart go lower and lower. Haku's icy chakra was getting lower and lower, a sure sign that she was in combat, his mother's chakra being severely depleted, bit by bit, knowing that she was doing jutsu to make sure that she stayed alive against the enemy.

It filled him with a terrible rage, a rage that could not be contained, even as the sky ahead swelled with thunder, as his rage reached a peak and he screamed a beastly cry of rage and anguish, as he grabbed the very air and pulled it down, the clouds pulled towards the ground, the electrical charge that was already within the clouds, along with the malicious chakra expanding slowly, as he began to build it up and up, the lightning crackling more and more, those within the clouds feeling small tingles coming over their bodies, those who knew how to blow the clouds away being safe, as jolts of power ran through them, the lightning generated by the chakra searing through the clouds, the people hit by it dying a ghastly death as their hearts and bodies were electrocuted and fried, the blood within their veins turning to ashes as the demonical lightning became their end, screams being heard by Naruto only serving to make him increase the lightning even more.

A silence came as he released his grip on the air and he hunched over, seemingly tired, shinobi rising from the debris, to focus on him. "GET HIM!" the cry was echoed by Konohagakure and Sunagakure Shinobi, who set aside the current invasion to deal with him. Naruto looked at them and then, with a hand gesture, the earth rose and smashed itself down once more, the blood from those crushed caking against the exterior of the houses that the debris had once been. Naruto looked at the devastation that he had once caused. "IS it really my destiny to be lonely?" the voice from his demonic partner in crime replied without fail. "Yes." A silence stretched after that, making him look up to the sky, where the rain had once started again, the sound of things being crushed being very loud, Kyuubi's roars of irritation being also one of the things, but he paid it no mind.

He was a god now, a man who controlled the nine tailed biju, Kyuubi. He could not live without her, but also not with her in a sense. It was good to be in a relationship with her, but also hurtful, as you never knew what would happen to them in the long run. Here he was, 14 years old and already destroying the village that had not given him kindness, but abuse. As he thought about it, he spotted his old Academy sensei, Iruka come up to him, the headband that he wore being brightly displayed, even though his face looked grim, an umbrella in hand to shield himself from the rain. "Naruto?"

"Iruka-sensei?" a shiver worked its way through his body, as he looked at his old Academy Sensei with the shiver still going through his body. "The village is under attack. Are you frightened?" Naruto shook his head, looking at the Chuunin. "Aren't you afraid of me?" it was a question which was reasonable, but Naruto saw nothing but kindness from the man. "Why would I? Naruto, there are times when a man has to look to others and see what is right. Here, have my umbrella, it's raining." Iruka smiled and handed Naruto the umbrella, which he took without a word. "I guess that you'll be having a nice life now, Naruto. You always were… my favourite." The rain poured down onto Iruka's face, the flesh being eaten away by the chakra, the muscles being laid bare, but still the man would not flinch or stop speaking. "It was fun for you, in the Academy, right? Always being the goofball, always being such a cheerful kid. I bet you knew that I was only chasing you for my own exercise, right?"

Iruka's right hand had almost been cleaned of all muscle tissue due to the chakra rain, to which the man looked for a moment. "It's interesting, this chakra rain. It hurts a lot and not much can be done about it." Naruto could feel how a hot liquid worked it's way down his cheeks, even as the man before him stood there, looking at him with a smile on his face, though the flesh was already molten away, the hair being almost incinerated by now.

"Naruto… You were… Always… My… Bro…Ther." The words came out barely, as Iruka collapsed, the skin of his face being eaten away now, the internal muscles being gone by now due to the rain, Naruto standing there looking at the body of the man who had faith in him, tears falling down his face now as he realized that not everyone had truly forsaken him.

He looked at the remains of the village around him, then at Kyuubi, who rampaged somewhere south of him, his eyes scanning the remaining shinobi with a critical eye. A finger moved on his hand and he made a hand seal, then another one. Tiger dragon cat cat dragon weasel fox fox. That was the order of seals that he made, until he placed his hand onto the ground, the blood within his hand freezing, as the ground around him froze, his eyes beginning to shine with a heavenly light as the chakra that was his own surged through his body, the body of the Yondaime Hokage freezing for a moment, as he was about to execute another shinobi, to stare in the direction of Naruto with surprise showing in his eyes, even as the shinobi he was about to execute stared at the blonde man, kunai still posed to slit his throat, a shudder going through the shinobi's body, as Arashi finished off the job he had started, the blood spilling onto the ground, together with the blood of the fellows of that shinobi.

Kyuubi turned her head towards the area where Naruto was, shock visibly written within her eyes as she realized what her beloved was doing, the Demoness being shocked at the amount of chakra that he was forcing into the very ground, sending more and more of her own chakra into the body of the young one, to reinforce him for what he was trying to do.

Naruto groaned softly as he pushed the last of his chakra out, the demonic chakra in which he had bathed being now the dominant force, his chakra being forced into the ground, towards the body of the shinobi formerly known as Iruka, the body being encased within a block of solid ice, the flesh being restored upon the body to become whole once more, though life could never be given again. Naruto stood there before the grave of his former sensei, looking upon it with his eyes growing wet with every passing second, crying tears of compassion for the man who had dared to be one of the only friends that he had had within this world.

Gai screamed as he fought the demon Kakashi, whose attacks no longer consisted of long range jutsu but of a mix of jutsu like effects mixed within attacks, which kept the Taijutsu master on edge, the blood that ran through his veins being filled with adrenalin, his heartbeat being greatly increased. In this state, opening the gates would grant him victory, but for how long he did not know. The new Kakashi managed to regenerate broken bones within seconds, the chakra which ran through his body being taken from him by every attack that the demon made.

Sakura was confused at all the madness, the sky crying bloody tears which burned, along with the fact that there was a gigantic fox, said to be dead by her elders and the books rampaging through the streets once more, let alone that there had been a gigantic lightning storm literally in the street, the bodies of shinobi she vaguely had seen lying there unresponsive, twitching in some cases, making her feel so afraid that she might have been really in over her head. She looked at Ino, who was giving her a similar frightened glance, the look on her face being notwithstanding in this environment.

"Sakura, Ino, we've found a way to the street to not attract attention." Shikamaru looked grimmer now that Chouji had been electrocuted by the clouds, the fat boy shielding Shikamaru from the lightning moments later. "I'm sorry about Chouji, Shikamaru."

"He was a true friend." Tears ran down Shikamaru's cheeks as he tried to steel himself, only for a figure to appear in the dooropening, looking at them there, the shadow being made contact of by Shikamaru's by a quick work, the body freezing up at that time. "Kill him! I can't hold him for that long."

Naruto looked at Shikamaru with a rather annoyed glance, his ethereal tails being in passive mode, where they would not appear to the common eye. He looked at Sakura and Ino as they moved to his sides, playing along with the thought that such a shadow bind could immobilize him. "It's Naruto!"

"It's your death." He muttered, as he moved his hands to the sides into a stabbing form, hitting Into right through the ribcage, her mouth oozing blood as he pushed upwards, the head falling to the side, whilst Sakura was being choked to death by his hand, the grip on her neck being tight and unforgiving, his eyes looking straight at Shikamaru as he kicked a small bit of debris at the young one, knocking him out at least with the force which had been behind it.

Shikamaru came back to the waking world as he heard the screams of pain of a female. His eyes scanned the dimness of the room, only to come to look at a scene which could fit perfectly well in any horror scene. Hunched over a screaming and trashing Sakura sat Naruto, his hands stained with the crimson blood belonging to Sakura, one arm weakly hanging idle, the look of concentration that lay on his face being one that made him not want to watch, as Naruto brought a piece of muscle to his mouth and ate it, whilst Sakura was crying and screaming at him to stop, to please stop with eating her.

Naruto savoured the taste of raw human meat, the sensation being not unlike the Genin he had ate in the Forest of Death. The flesh was somewhat low on nutrients, likely due to the diet that Sakura had, which meant that she didn't eat that much to maintain a good figure, though as a shinobi, one shouldn't pay attention to their figure. If you did that too much, you'd end up dead.

"You taste rather lovely, Sakura." His voice was gentle, or so he thought. Sakura's face was twisted by her crying and screaming, the screams of pain being hurtful to his ears even though he supposed that it was only natural for one whose body was being eaten. There was of course also the fact that she was being eaten slowly. "YOU MONSTER! AUGHHH!"

"A monster? Well, that's a term you don't toss around lightly. But I suppose you're right, Sakura…" he punctuated that statement by placing his mouth on her right breast and then gnawing, the blood that filled his mouth, even from the small mound, being more delicious than the body from which it came, his eyes looking at Sakura with a statement within them, that she had been judged and had failed to measure up. With a thwack, her head exploded, even as his middle finger dented the ground, the chakra spike that he had driven into her head being dissolved by the stone.

Then he turned to Shikamaru, spitting out a piece of flesh which landed against his forehead with a wet smacking sound. Then, Naruto sprang to action. Within two seconds he had crossed the distance between himself and Shikamaru, only to find that he had been frozen in place by something, unable to move at all. "Not so fast, kid. Nobody lays a hand to my son." Naruto turned around, the chakra dispersing the shadow easily enough, as it lit up the area, driving the shadows away from him. "Oh really? Then I am not a nobody… I'm a demon…" there was a strange satisfaction in his voice as he avoided a kunai thrown from behind by Shikamaru, who made the effort, but watched like in slow motion how Naruto dodged the kunai and then leveled such a killing intent towards his father that even his father, a steeled shinobi, froze up for a moment, the kunai being pulled from it's trajectory, going straight for his father's throat, the man being unable to snap himself out of the killing intent's freezing technique, receiving the kunai to his neck, to which the man crumpled, the hands going to the Kunai, a gurgle coming from the man's lips later as he twitched a few times, spewing blood into the air, the look on Shikamaru's face being one of incredulity as he had watched the kunai change its trajectory, even without Naruto's imput. He must have miscalculated the angle somehow, or maybe there had been another factor, by which he had accidentally injured and possibly even killed his father.

"You killed your father Shikamaru. That's not a good boy, now is it?" Naruto's reproachful voice came closer, as Shikamaru wrapped his hands together and cracked the joints once, his hands forming seals for a jutsu, even as he let the tears stream down his face, saying the name of the Jutsu, which was drowned out by the sound as he literally exploded into a mass of shadow, a shadowy form jetting into the shadows, Naruto feeling a pull on his hair as he literally felt the shadows reach out, a shadowy version of Shikamaru being there, telling him that there was nothing more than him as the truth and that nothing else should be existing.

"You've gone down the deep end Shikamaru… but remember, shadows can be dispelled by light." A cackle was heard by the shadowy genin, whose cackle seemed to be quite demented, even though the shadow could also deform the sound. A shiver went through Naruto's body as he felt how a kunai slit through his throat, the sensation being painful as he realized that the shadows behind him would have given Shikamaru a good opportunity, choking on his own blood as it filled his throat, though the wound sealed itself almost immediately afterwards, it was slower than usual due to Kyuubi being out there and not personally attending his wounds. His anger once again chilled his blood and he thrust himself up from the ground again, the shadowy form of Shikamaru being surprised at his survival, scared even as Naruto began to bathe himself in the glow of Kyuubi's infinite chakra, the blood within the room beginning to boil as he called upon the power and blasted open the roof with a two sealed jutsu, the power being directed upwards blasting it open and letting the muddled sunlight stream into the room, the shadowy form of Shikamaru visibly screaming and twitching in agony, though no sound was issued, for once.

"I figured that that was a somewhat of a suicide jutsu that you used, Shikamaru. Along with your insane behavior, I figured that if I exposed you to sunlight, you should be more than vulnerable to it, along with the rain that my lovely Kyuubi is letting rain down on this village, making you scream in agony. Now, for the final blow. Katon:Housenka no jutsu." The flames quickly extinguished the life within the body of the shadowmaru, or Shikamaru, as he had previously been known. No body was left, as the shadows dispersed by the fiery doom, the shadowy existence perishing with them.

Naruto looked at the remnants then watched the fight between Hokage and Snake Sannin, the Hokage keeling over moments later, a feeling of sympathy coming to the fore, even as Kyuubi annihilated that area with a blast of energy that wiped out everything behind it too, the blast being apparently unexpected, as no shinobi had anticipated that or moved out of the way.

There he stood, looking at the ashes, as the crimson rain pelted down onto him, like the blood of those who had fallen. There were some people still alive, but they were few. His father appeared on the stone beside him, Kyuubi appearing at his other side.

"We are the only ones that are left. The Ichiraku family still lives. That is all." There was a silence as Naruto looked at the clouds as they dissipated and the sun shone down on the ruins that was Konoha. "I guess…" Naruto muttered as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Who's up for some ramen?" Kyuubi said as she dusted herself off a little bit, the body that she had created from chakra being nude but still fully functional. "I thought I was the ramen addict…" Naruto muttered, Kyuubi merely grinning. "I like the stuff." Arashi nodded. "Let's go see whether the Ichirakus still make their wonderful broth." And so the somewhat happy family of crazed insane demons and one ex-Hokage went to see whether there was some ramen to be found.

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Demon God of Chaos walks unto a stage and coughs a few times.

"Well, I hope you have enjoyed this story. It was a pleasure working on it for all those years, though it had a bit of a hiatus. Know that when a story is not updated regularly, that is because people do not incite my attention to it. I often forget things, so if you would kindly send me messages lkike emails or reviews, that would snap my attention. Thank you."

Demon God of Chaos bows and then departs to parts unknown.


It is done. Kyuubi no Kitsune is finished.

It was a good run.

Thank you for your support.

Demon God of Chaos