The Three Brothers who did!

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Chapter 1

It was a summer day like any other day at the Weasley home. All of the children got up and went to eat. Mrs. Weasley was singing to her self like always and Mr. Weasley was reading the daily prophet as usual. Over the summer Ron thought a lot and he discovered that he was gay. He already knew that Fred and George were gay, but he didn't dare telling them that he was gay because of the fact that he didn't want them to start to say that him and Harry were a couple even though he had thought about it and he got the chills every time. He thought ewww how wrong would that be hitting on his best friend. Anyways he would often write letters to Harry and Hermione, he told Hermione that he was gay and not to tell a soul, which in fact she didn't. He never got around to telling Harry because he was scared of being rejected by his best friend. Ron and Hermione would go back and forth on telling Harry and why she thought that they would make a good couple. Ron on the other hand thought that she was crazy and didn't mind her.

The next day, Ron had heard strange noise coming from the twin's room. He thought well they must have brought home some guys. So Ron went up to see some guy action to get aroused but when he opened the door he never thought he would be in it. Ron opened the door shocked at what he saw. He saw Fred with his dick in George's butt. The twins just looked at Ron like a mousse caught in the headlights. For a few moments of staring Ron backed up and closed the door. He thought to him self did I just see what I thought I saw? So he listen threw the door he heard Fred say " Oh George harder, harder!" At this Ron was shocked to see that he got a boner. So to clam it down he ran into his room and closed the door.

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